98 Rock 25 Silver Lager -5/29/2002Rate 2.422
BrewThru Big D's Awesome Ale -9/27/2001Rate 2.864117
BrewThru Big D's Summer Brew -3/19/2011Rate 2.546
Clipper City Balto MärzHon (alias) 5.810/9/2004
Clipper City Chesapeake Amber Ale -1/8/2003Rate 2.884
Clipper City Chesapeake Lager 5.27/7/2000Rate 3.062
Clipper City Heavy Seas Winter Storm DIPA (2003-2004) 7.511/19/2003Rate 3.6177123
Clipper City Hefeweizen 5.811/2/2004Rate 2.934
Clipper City One Eyed Woody 7.53/17/2011Rate 0
Clipper City Oxford Class Organic Amber 4.83/6/2001Rate 2.913454
Clipper City Oxford Hefeweizen 5.01/15/2006Rate 3.015267
Clipper City Oxford Organic Raspberry Wheat 4.52/4/2002Rate 2.7737165
Clipper City Porter 4.79/21/2000Rate 3.193
Clipper City Reserve IPA 5.96/16/2000Rate 3.34818
Clipper City Reserve Winter Ale 7.52/11/2002Rate 3.297921
Clipper City Two Eyed Woody 7.55/7/2011Rate 2.912
Clipper City Uber Pils (alias) 7.56/25/2004
Crab Crackin Ale 6.25/17/2013Rate 2.871
Hard Times Select Lager (Heavy Seas) 5.58/15/2007Rate 2.935
Heavy Seas / Cigar City Partner Ships IPL 7.88/9/2017Rate 3.479725
Heavy Seas / Devils Backbone Land Ho! Black Pilsner Style Lager 5.253/9/2012Rate 3.318290
Heavy Seas / MadTree Partner Ships: Wee Heavy 8.2511/7/2017Rate 3.558713
Heavy Seas / Maine Beer Partner Ships: Red IPA 7.253/20/2016Rate 3.528055
Heavy Seas / Manor Hill Partner Ships: Hazy IPA 6.511/7/2018Rate 3.061
Heavy Seas / NoDa Partner Ships: Hoppy Wheat Ale 5.08/12/2018Rate 3.112
Heavy Seas / Right Proper Cafe au Lait Stout 5.04/21/2018Rate 3.33
Heavy Seas / Stone Partner Ships Imperial Brown IPA 9.011/29/2016Rate 3.587526
Heavy Seas / Terrapin Partner Ships Rye Wit 6.09/11/2016Rate 3.419627
Heavy Seas / Troegs Hoppelbock 8.06/6/2016Rate 3.336628
Heavy Seas / Union Craft Partner Ships Olde Ale 8.52/4/2017Rate 3.497417
Heavy Seas / Yards Philtimore 5.54/21/2015Rate 3.329616
Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm (alias) 1012/8/2015
Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm - Red Wine Barrel 1012/16/2018Rate 0
Heavy Seas 23 Anniversary Ale 11.512/15/2018Rate 3.15611
Heavy Seas AARGHtoberfest! 6.08/31/2013Rate 2.985922
Heavy Seas AmeriCannon 5.751/29/2018Rate 3.163929
Heavy Seas Below Decks 12.23/29/2017Rate 3.122
Heavy Seas Below Decks - Sagamore Barrel 12.210/10/2016Rate 3.122
Heavy Seas Black Cannon 7.2511/22/2010Rate 3.4958278
Heavy Seas Bourbon Barrel Aged Siren Noire (alias) 9.53/17/2011
Heavy Seas Cascade Wet Hop Pale Ale (alias) 4.710/31/2012
Heavy Seas Citra Cannon 6.03/1/2019Rate 3.061
Heavy Seas Classic Lager 5.08/9/2001Rate 2.747144
Heavy Seas CrossBones - Oyster Stout 4.52/9/2012Rate 0
Heavy Seas CrossBones - Session IPA 4.512/22/2014Rate 3.236119
Heavy Seas Cutlass 5.259/19/2000Rate 3.0684363
Heavy Seas Cutlass Supreme 5.93/3/2016Rate 3.093
Heavy Seas Davy Jones' Lager 6.07/7/2013Rate 3.098416
Heavy Seas Deep Six 6.812/21/2014Rate 3.579391
Heavy Seas Desert Island: American Honey Amber 4.94/27/2015Rate 3.136312
Heavy Seas Desert Island: Dopple Sticke Alt 9.04/27/2015Rate 2.982
Heavy Seas Desert Island: New World Saison 6.54/27/2015Rate 3.276
Heavy Seas Desert Island: Schwarzbier 5.44/27/2015Rate 3.35909
Heavy Seas Desert Island: Smoked Dunkel 5.44/27/2015Rate 0
Heavy Seas Desert Island: Strong Scottish 8.02/22/2015Rate 3.31489
Heavy Seas Double Cannon 9.53/27/2015Rate 3.6169118
Heavy Seas Double Cannon - Barrel Aged 9.58/28/2017Rate 3.46419
Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon 7.2512/3/2010Rate 3.429297
Heavy Seas Fielder's Choice 5.07/30/2015Rate 2.775512
Heavy Seas Gold Ale 4.52/11/2002Rate 3.0351246
Heavy Seas Gold Ale - Honey & Peaches 4.57/25/2013Rate 2.953
Heavy Seas Gold Ale - Lemon & White Pepper 4.54/27/2015Rate 3.122
Heavy Seas Gold Ale - Max's 25th Christmas Blend 4.512/13/2011Rate 2.842
Heavy Seas Holy Sheet (1997-2012) 9.03/14/2007Rate 3.2250326
Heavy Seas Holy Sheet (Brandy Barrel Aged) (alias) 9.05/17/2014
Heavy Seas Joose Cannon 7.253/18/2019Rate 2.961
Heavy Seas Little DIPA -4/11/2010Rate 2.863
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Apple Wood & Pecan Wood 7.253/9/2016Rate 3.061
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Bourbon, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cherries 7.2512/16/2013Rate 2.982
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Caskmates 9.04/23/2018Rate 3.111
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Coffee 7.258/17/2011Rate 2.881
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Fiery Foods & Firkins 2012 7.2511/9/2012Rate 2.912
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Grapefruit Zest 7.259/19/2014Rate 3.226
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Juniper -6/7/2014Rate 2.892
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Max's 25th Christmas Blend 7.2512/13/2011Rate 3.042
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Oak & Birch Aged 7.258/13/2011Rate 2.932
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Oak Aged 7.251/28/2011Rate 3.145
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Pear Wood 7.258/11/2014Rate 2.911
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - TnC 7.258/9/2014Rate 3.184
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon - Vanilla, Dried Apricot & Fig 7.258/17/2011Rate 2.911
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon (Hop3) 7.259/29/2005Rate 3.69971366
Heavy Seas Märzen (Max's 25th Christmas Blend) 5.7512/13/2011Rate 2.812
Heavy Seas Märzen Beer (alias) 5.253/27/2013
Heavy Seas Märzen Beer (2012 Fiery Foods & Firkins) 5.7511/9/2012Rate 2.872
Heavy Seas McHenry Old Baltimore Style Beer (alias) 4.57/10/2003
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Aarsh Red Ale 7.012/3/2010Rate 3.242750
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Below Decks 1012/7/2005Rate 3.2824457
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Below Decks Bourbon Oak 104/1/2010Rate 3.6379157
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Below Decks Cabernet Barrel Aged 105/16/2010Rate 3.6582138
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Big DIPA (-2012) 10.65/27/2009Rate 3.5863260
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Davy Jones' Lager (- 2012) 7.012/3/2010Rate 3.017449
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Hang Ten 106/17/2007Rate 3.4585361
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Hop Haarvest Ale 5.07/18/2011Rate 3.47443
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Letter of Marque 2010: Rye Porter 7.81/18/2010Rate 3.5949124
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Letter of Marque 2011: Belgian Dubbel 8.06/1/2011Rate 3.428962
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Letter of Marque 2012: Tripel Wit 8.05/23/2012Rate 3.113026
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Oak Aged Prosit! 8.09/12/2009Rate 2.984
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank I: Olde Style English Ale 8.03/4/2011Rate 3.49088
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II (2012 Fiery Foods & Firkins) 8.011/9/2012Rate 2.962
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II (Apples & Vanilla) 8.03/31/2012Rate 2.811
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II (Strawberry, Ginger & Vanilla) 8.54/6/2012Rate 2.91
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II (Vanilla & Molasses) 8.54/6/2012Rate 2.981
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II: Doppelbock Style Lager 8.53/20/2012Rate 3.539491
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Prosit! 8.07/8/2009Rate 3.395170
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Rye Porter (alias) 7.88/26/2010
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Smoke On The Water (Oak Aged) -8/14/2010Rate 2.671
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet The Great Pumpkin 8.07/8/2009Rate 3.4393243
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Über Abbey Ale (alias) 9.05/30/2011
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Yule Tide (- 2012) 108/4/2009Rate 3.3880162
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet: Siren Noire 8.012/23/2009Rate 3.4120203
Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet: Smoke On The Water 8.03/4/2010Rate 3.6396160
Heavy Seas Pale Ale (alias) 4.754/27/2002
Heavy Seas Pale Ale (2012 Fiery Foods & Firkins) 4.7511/9/2012Rate 2.892
Heavy Seas Pale Ale (Max's 25th Christmas Blend) 4.7512/13/2011Rate 2.932
Heavy Seas Peg Leg 8.08/24/2004Rate 3.2910902
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - 2012 Fiery Foods & Firkins 8.011/9/2012Rate 2.972
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Allspice/Pimento Wood, Soft Maple Wood 8.08/11/2014Rate 2.911
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger Root, Vanilla 8.011/12/2011Rate 2.871
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Bourbon 8.01/26/2013Rate 3.271315
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Cherry Wood, Cherries, Cocoa Nibs 8.09/13/2017Rate 3.131
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Chocolate Nibs, Vanilla, Simcoe, Fuggle 8.010/30/2012Rate 2.881
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Cocoa, Coffee & Vanilla 8.09/4/2015Rate 0
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Fuggles & White Ash 8.011/19/2015Rate 3.132
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Ghost Chili 8.011/3/2012Rate 3.022
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Montmorency Cherries 8.09/28/2011Rate 2.92
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Oak Aged 8.010/28/2010Rate 3.198
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - Oak Aged & Coffee -3/2/2016Rate 3.111
Heavy Seas Peg Leg - White Oak Chips 8.04/29/2015Rate 3.192
Heavy Seas Pounder Pils 5.03/31/2016Rate 3.239154
Heavy Seas Powder Monkey 4.754/28/2002Rate 3.1275323
Heavy Seas Powder Monkey - Orange Peel -6/7/2014Rate 2.881
Heavy Seas Red Sky At Night 7.55/19/2004Rate 3.2434576
Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night (Rum, Lavender, & Orange Peel) 7.512/16/2013Rate 2.922
Heavy Seas Red V 7.57/28/2013Rate 2.831
Heavy Seas Riptide 7.253/30/2013Rate 3.46096
Heavy Seas Salted Caramel Blackbeard's Breakfast 103/21/2019Rate 3.191
Heavy Seas Sea Nymph Summer Ale 4.57/1/2010Rate 2.682059
Heavy Seas Shell Raiser 4.82/18/2015Rate 3.127311
Heavy Seas Single Cannon 6.02/1/2018Rate 3.094
Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning (w/ Dried Strawberries and Lemon Peel) 7.08/17/2011Rate 2.831
Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Über Pils 7.03/11/2004Rate 3.3587728
Heavy Seas Smooth Sail 4.54/10/2015Rate 3.014646
Heavy Seas Snow Storm 113/28/2018Rate 3.499536
Heavy Seas Stoop Sitter 6.112/13/2015Rate 3.096
Heavy Seas Thank You, Thank You Very Much 8.011/5/2010Rate 3.454239
Heavy Seas The Alpha Effect 7.03/8/2017Rate 3.558654
Heavy Seas Treasure Fest 6.07/30/2016Rate 3.289446
Heavy Seas TropiCannon 7.254/1/2016Rate 3.3447127
Heavy Seas Tuzeneu's Gold Ale 4.511/5/2011Rate 0
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: 21 Anniversary Imperial ESB 10.59/22/2016Rate 3.549626
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: 22 Anniversary Ale 10.512/31/2017Rate 3.326212
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Blackbeard's Breakfast 105/8/2015Rate 3.879495
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Grand Crew 8.59/12/2018Rate 3.168
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Holy Sheet (2013-) 9.05/16/2013Rate 3.629773
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Holy Sheet (2014 Bourbon Cask) 9.05/16/2014Rate 3.156
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Phantom Ship 9.53/10/2015Rate 3.568855
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Plank III 8.57/20/2014Rate 3.529337
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Plank IV 10.53/13/2016Rate 3.586637
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Red Sky at Morning 107/2/2015Rate 3.518049
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Schnee Boot 1311/25/2018Rate 3.547113
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Siren Noire 9.53/17/2011Rate 3.8384208
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: The Big DIPA (2013) 10.53/5/2013Rate 3.424464
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: The Big DIPA (2014) 10.57/30/2014Rate 3.555832
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: The Great'ER Pumpkin 1012/6/2009Rate 3.6499259
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Yule Tide (2013) 9.09/18/2013Rate 3.384657
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Yule Tide (2014) 9.011/21/2014Rate 3.387219
Heavy Seas Uncharted Waters: Yule Tide (2015) 9.011/26/2015Rate 3.69826
Heavy Seas Winter Storm - 2012 Fiery Foods & Firkin 7.511/9/2012Rate 2.993
Heavy Seas Winter Storm - 5 C's Winter Warmer -11/12/2011Rate 3.193
Heavy Seas Winter Storm (2005-) 7.511/27/2003Rate 3.4995577
Obrycki's Lager -5/2/2010Rate 2.872510
Phillips Amber Ale -6/5/2003Rate 2.974034
Phillips Ocean City Lager 4.57/21/2003Rate 2.333
Vineyard Amber (alias) -9/8/2016

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