Hi-Wire / Against the Grain Dark Coffee Lager 5.52/19/2018Rate 3.557
Hi-Wire / Asheville Happy New Beer 7.91/15/2015Rate 3.084
Hi-Wire / BirdSong Bird on a Wire 8.04/21/2015Rate 3.144
Hi-Wire / Black Abbey Saaz Smash Pils 4.55/14/2018Rate 3.273
Hi-Wire / Blackberry Farm A Wee Bit More Hops Tropical Saison 6.22/17/2018Rate 3.526
Hi-Wire / Burial Firebreather 9.612/15/2013Rate 3.488034
Hi-Wire / Durty Bull Lemongrass Ginger IPA 6.85/21/2016Rate 2.961
Hi-Wire / Hardywood Oatmeal Brown Ale 5.03/5/2017Rate 3.023
Hi-Wire / Holy City Carolina Coastal Black Rye Lager 5.83/5/2017Rate 3.091
Hi-Wire / Pour Blood Orange IPA 5.34/9/2017Rate 3.033
Hi-Wire / Raleigh Times Grapefruit IPA 5.49/22/2017Rate 3.041
Hi-Wire / Trophy Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale 7.02/18/2018Rate 3.497
Hi-Wire / White Labs WLP815 Belgian Rye Pilsner 5.711/18/2017Rate 2.891
Hi-Wire 10W-40 8.01/15/2017Rate 3.767318
Hi-Wire 10W-40 (Bourbon Barrel) 8.03/7/2018Rate 3.465
Hi-Wire 10W-40 (Horchata) 8.07/28/2018Rate 3.296
Hi-Wire 2xIPA 7.36/2/2013Rate 2.871
Hi-Wire A Very Tasty Beverage 5.75/20/2017Rate 3.191
Hi-Wire Acrobat Spring Ale 5.76/10/2013Rate 2.922
Hi-Wire Aerialist Hoppy Lager 5.55/19/2016Rate 3.365423
Hi-Wire Apricot Sour Ale 8.510/14/2017Rate 3.262
Hi-Wire Baltic Porter 7.03/29/2014Rate 3.33
Hi-Wire Bed of Nails Brown Ale 6.16/3/2013Rate 3.2668100
Hi-Wire Black Rye Lager 5.82/23/2017Rate 3.253
Hi-Wire Blackberry Sour 8.25/6/2017Rate 3.191
Hi-Wire Blueberry Sour 7.512/8/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Bock -3/6/2016Rate 3.213
Hi-Wire Bohemian Dark Lager -1/15/2016Rate 3.153
Hi-Wire Brett IPA 7.512/9/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Brett Pale Ale 4.4512/9/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Brett Pale Ale (Dry Hopped w/ Hallertau Blanc & Citra) 4.4512/28/2017Rate 3.162
Hi-Wire Brett Saison (Foeder Aged) 6.512/9/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Brett Saison (Passion Fruit & Hibiscus) 5.911/11/2017Rate 3.162
Hi-Wire Cabernet Barrel Aged Belgian IPA 9.86/8/2014Rate 2.881
Hi-Wire Cherry Flanders Red 6.212/9/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Cherry Strawberry Wheat 4.85/3/2016Rate 2.981
Hi-Wire Citra Gose 4.25/19/2017Rate 3.447424
Hi-Wire Dark Belgian Table Beer 2.93/12/2016Rate 2.981
Hi-Wire Dark Berry Sour 6.911/30/2017Rate 3.212
Hi-Wire Death Defying Spring Ale 6.02/2/2016Rate 3922
Hi-Wire Dopplebock 103/28/2016Rate 3.094
Hi-Wire Dortmunder 5.75/3/2016Rate 2.92
Hi-Wire Dry Hopped Gose 4.35/26/2016Rate 3.171
Hi-Wire Dunkelweisen 6.38/25/2014Rate 2.831
Hi-Wire Enchanter Baltic Porter 8.51/3/2016Rate 3.546429
Hi-Wire English Bitter 5.51/15/2015Rate 3.084
Hi-Wire English Dark Ale 5.09/21/2015Rate 3.061
Hi-Wire Farmhouse Series Volume 1: Belgian Saison 4.99/21/2015Rate 34
Hi-Wire Farmhouse Series Volume 2: Peach Rye Saison 5.811/20/2015Rate 3.072
Hi-Wire Flanders Red 5.87/9/2017Rate 3.395
Hi-Wire Foeder Brett Saison 6.53/15/2017Rate 3.596213
Hi-Wire Gimme The Brut 8.011/21/2018Rate 3.183
Hi-Wire Gin Barrel Fizz 8.159/14/2018Rate 3.213
Hi-Wire Ginger Cayenne Gose 4.24/30/2018Rate 3.041
Hi-Wire Good Vibes 9.09/6/2016Rate 3.021
Hi-Wire Gose 3.53/6/2016Rate 3.294458
Hi-Wire Hazy & Hoppy & Juicy & Fresh - Azacca, Mosaic, Amarillo 7.59/20/2018Rate 3.43289
Hi-Wire Hazy & Hoppy & Juicy & Fresh - Simcoe & Loral 7.56/24/2018Rate 3.375
Hi-Wire Hazy & Juicy & Hoppy & Fresh 7.53/31/2018Rate 3.564810
Hi-Wire Hi-Pitch IPA 6.76/3/2013Rate 3.375088
Hi-Wire Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA 6.712/31/2016Rate 3.364964
Hi-Wire Hop Circus Vol. 1: Single Hop Simcoe 4.82/13/2015Rate 3.066
Hi-Wire Hop Circus Vol. 2: El Dorado & Azacca 7.09/21/2015Rate 3.182
Hi-Wire Hop Circus Vol. 3: Passion Fruit White IPA 9.752/2/2016Rate 3.273
Hi-Wire Hop Circus Vol. 4: Imperial Rye IPA Brewed with Lemongrass 9.010/11/2016Rate 3.264
Hi-Wire Hop Circus Vol. 5: Tropical White IPA 6.010/30/2018Rate 3.335
Hi-Wire Hoppy Wheat 4.58/14/2015Rate 3.193
Hi-Wire Horchata Sour 8.88/31/2018Rate 3.33
Hi-Wire Hot Sauce Porter 8.012/23/2015Rate 3.232
Hi-Wire Imperial Mocha Milk Stout 8.05/21/2016Rate 3.261
Hi-Wire Imperial Smoked Porter 7.03/5/2017Rate 3.111
Hi-Wire India Brown Ale 5.58/10/2015Rate 2.981
Hi-Wire Juniper Saison (Gin Barrel Aged) 6.68/25/2014Rate 3.264
Hi-Wire Lager 4.66/2/2013Rate 3.058763
Hi-Wire Lion Tamer Red Rye 7.08/5/2013Rate 3.549842
Hi-Wire Lo-Pitch Juicy IPA 4.91/16/2017Rate 3.34846
Hi-Wire Maibock 7.06/11/2016Rate 2.932
Hi-Wire Man Eater Imperial IPA 8.33/9/2014Rate 3.371921
Hi-Wire Mango IPA 5.03/5/2017Rate 3.252
Hi-Wire Mango Lime Gose 4.45/26/2016Rate 3.111
Hi-Wire New England IPA 6.64/30/2018Rate 3.061
Hi-Wire Oak Fermented Dark Rye Saison 6.99/21/2015Rate 3.111
Hi-Wire Oatmeal Pale Ale 4.59/21/2015Rate 3.418
Hi-Wire Oude Brett Saison 6.67/7/2018Rate 3.424
Hi-Wire Passion Fruit IPA 4.711/15/2016Rate 2.831
Hi-Wire Pimm's Berliner Weisse 4.22/23/2017Rate 3.13
Hi-Wire Pink Drink 4.210/7/2016Rate 3.3610
Hi-Wire Pre-Prohibition Corn Lager 6.03/12/2016Rate 2.763
Hi-Wire Prime Time Pale Ale 5.56/3/2013Rate 3.346966
Hi-Wire Pulcinella 9.012/26/2015Rate 3.483017
Hi-Wire Pumpkin Lager 6.09/5/2016Rate 3.253
Hi-Wire Pumpkin Sour Ale 8.69/17/2017Rate 3.253
Hi-Wire Purple Punch 4.29/25/2017Rate 3.187
Hi-Wire Red Lager 6.65/3/2016Rate 2.921
Hi-Wire Ringmaster's Reserve: Belgian IPA (Red Wine Barrel) 8.55/24/2014Rate 3.489510
Hi-Wire Ringmaster's Reserve: Dry-Hopped Belgian Style Ale 7.59/10/2015Rate 3.021
Hi-Wire Ringmaster's Reserve: Raspberry Wheat Wine 133/1/2016Rate 3.123
Hi-Wire Ringmaster's Reserve: Russian Imperial Stout (Barrel Aged) 8.510/21/2014Rate 3.513813
Hi-Wire Roggenbier 5.04/30/2018Rate 3.061
Hi-Wire Rye Kolsch 5.81/2/2016Rate 3.021
Hi-Wire Saison 7.56/2/2013Rate 2.692
Hi-Wire Saison (Hibiscus & White Grapes) 8.06/19/2016Rate 3.212
Hi-Wire Sam's Hazelnut Porter 6.012/14/2018Rate 3.061
Hi-Wire Serialist 5.55/12/2016Rate 3.061
Hi-Wire Session IPA -9/5/2016Rate 3.133
Hi-Wire Session IPA (Double Dry Hopped) 5.011/26/2016Rate 3.282
Hi-Wire Sideshow Brown IPA 6.15/9/2015Rate 2.981
Hi-Wire Single Barrel #04: Oak Fermented Tart Saison 5.82/9/2018Rate 3.111
Hi-Wire Single Barrel #07: Oak Fermented Mosaic Wheat Ale 5.05/28/2017Rate 3.151
Hi-Wire Single Barrel #08: Brettanomyces Patersbier 4.71/29/2017Rate 2.941
Hi-Wire Single Barrel #12: Brett Table Saison Dry Hopped w/ El Dorado Hops 3.87/5/2017Rate 31
Hi-Wire Single Barrel #13: Oak Fermented Spring Saison w/ Brettanomyces 8.07/5/2017Rate 3.212
Hi-Wire Single Barrel #14: Oak Fermented Brett Rye Saison 5.87/5/2017Rate 3.041
Hi-Wire Smoked Mexican Lager 4.911/30/2015Rate 3.236
Hi-Wire Snake Dancer Saison 5.86/2/2014Rate 2.967
Hi-Wire Sour Blonde (Lemon & Rosemary) 7.512/8/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Sour Blonde (Red Wine Barrel) 7.6512/1/2016Rate 3.495
Hi-Wire Southern Hemisphere IPA 7.18/25/2017Rate 3.16
Hi-Wire Strongman Coffee Milk Stout 5.311/16/2013Rate 3.649651
Hi-Wire Strongman Coffee Milk Stout (Habanero) 5.312/24/2017Rate 3.294
Hi-Wire Strongman Coffee Milk Stout (Raspberry Mocha) 5.312/18/2017Rate 3.194
Hi-Wire Strongman Coffee Milk Stout (Single Origin Coffee) 5.33/18/2018Rate 3.33
Hi-Wire The Contortionist Black IPA 6.01/7/2014Rate 3.293018
Hi-Wire The Long Goodbye 7.49/5/2016Rate 3.112
Hi-Wire Tropical Fruit Golden Strong Ale 11.31/3/2016Rate 3.489611
Hi-Wire Tropical Sour Weisse 4.25/8/2017Rate 3.164
Hi-Wire Twice as Nice 1011/25/2015Rate 3.559019
Hi-Wire Uprisin' Hefeweizen 5.07/5/2013Rate 3.269226
Hi-Wire Vintage Sour Ale 8.112/8/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire White Grape Grisette 5.57/5/2017Rate 3.122
Hi-Wire Wild Grape Ale 7.112/9/2018Rate 0
Hi-Wire Wild Rye IPA 6.7511/26/2016Rate 3.586110
Hi-Wire Zirkusfest 6.09/21/2015Rate 3.339628

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