High Hops Brewery

6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, Colorado, USA 80550
Tue - Thu 2:00 - 8:00 PM
Fri & Sat 12:00 - 9:00 PM
Sun 12:00 - 7:00 PM

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High Hops A Shot in the Dark 6.56/24/2018Rate 3.111
High Hops Agave Jalapeno Wheat -5/29/2013Rate 2.771
High Hops Bad Mama Java 8.52/13/2017Rate 3.433
High Hops Barrel Aged Honeyed One 7.111/19/2014Rate 3.327
High Hops Barrel Aged Red (alias) 7.112/8/2015
High Hops Blueberry Wheat 4.87/20/2013Rate 3.02519
High Hops Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry Quad -8/9/2013Rate 2.81
High Hops Bourbon Barrel-Aged Black Star 8.55/8/2017Rate 0
High Hops Brown Dog IPA 7.512/25/2015Rate 3.191
High Hops Chernobley 10.55/29/2013Rate 3.055
High Hops Chernobley (Bourbon Barrel) 10.58/26/2013Rate 3.113
High Hops Cherry Vanilla Dark One 6.512/6/2017Rate 3.252
High Hops Dark Days of December Coconut Milk Stout -12/28/2015Rate 2.891
High Hops Dark Days of December Cookie Porter 7.812/28/2015Rate 3.054
High Hops Dark Days of December Dark Edi -12/28/2015Rate 3.111
High Hops Dark Days of December Dark Nut Cup -12/28/2015Rate 2.871
High Hops Dark Days of December Keg Nog -12/28/2015Rate 2.891
High Hops Dark Days of December Sriracha Stout -12/28/2015Rate 2.581
High Hops Dark Days of December The Dark Juan -12/28/2015Rate 3.041
High Hops DemiGod 6.47/20/2013Rate 2.871
High Hops Di’Sijoos 6.511/4/2017Rate 3.091
High Hops Dirt McGurt 8.97/11/2017Rate 3.231
High Hops Dr. Pat's Chinook 8.63/7/2017Rate 2.941
High Hops Dr. Pat's Double IPA 8.610/20/2012Rate 3.312144
High Hops Eastern Star 7.06/3/2018Rate 3.091
High Hops El Dorado 6.38/8/2014Rate 2.91
High Hops El Pollo Loco 4.87/8/2015Rate 3.041
High Hops ESBZB 7.81/15/2013Rate 2.861
High Hops Fake Brews IPA -8/30/2017Rate 2.811
High Hops Fresh Hop -5/29/2013Rate 2.741
High Hops Fruhling Bock 8.55/8/2017Rate 0
High Hops Gluten Free IPA 4.85/8/2017Rate 2.831
High Hops Gluteus Mintimus 4.28/22/2017Rate 0
High Hops Habanero Hunny -11/2/2017Rate 3.091
High Hops High Hopes 6.88/14/2014Rate 2.954
High Hops Hinter Winter 7.112/28/2015Rate 3.122
High Hops Honey Habenero 6.89/15/2013Rate 3.155
High Hops Hoppy Stout 6.210/4/2012Rate 0
High Hops Little Big Cookie Porter -1/6/2018Rate 3.061
High Hops Match Made in Hefen 4.86/19/2016Rate 2.961
High Hops Monster Mash (Bourbon Barrel) -10/4/2014Rate 3.092
High Hops Nit Wit 4.210/6/2013Rate 2.924
High Hops Oro Imperial 8.03/10/2018Rate 2.961
High Hops Peach Larone 7.810/6/2013Rate 3.156
High Hops Phunkatron Saison 6.56/19/2016Rate 3.042
High Hops Picea Pale Ale 7.012/28/2015Rate 3.46
High Hops Piney the Brutal 6.09/17/2018Rate 2.981
High Hops Plum Dubb 7.812/12/2013Rate 2.892
High Hops Political Rescue 7.16/19/2016Rate 3.262
High Hops REDemption Ale 8.69/25/2017Rate 3.262
High Hops Root Shoot Copper Ale 6.56/12/2017Rate 3.091
High Hops Russian Imperial Stout 12.512/8/2015Rate 2.972
High Hops Saison Pants 6.94/16/2018Rate 3.061
High Hops Sour Diesel: Blackberry 6.05/8/2017Rate 3.182
High Hops Sour Diesel: Blackcurrant 6.06/10/2018Rate 0
High Hops Spray Tan 7.09/12/2018Rate 2.972
High Hops Sweetie Pie 103/14/2014Rate 0
High Hops The Cold One 5.06/19/2016Rate 2.895
High Hops The Dark One 6.51/15/2013Rate 3.436329
High Hops The Destro 8.511/13/2016Rate 3.131
High Hops The Foot Warmer 10.55/29/2013Rate 3.165
High Hops The Golden One 5.710/4/2012Rate 2.943922
High Hops The Honeyed One 7.11/15/2013Rate 3.136124
High Hops The Noble One 10.61/15/2013Rate 3.02614
High Hops The Pink One 4.012/8/2015Rate 3.254
High Hops The Power Of Zeus 7.010/4/2012Rate 3.184222
High Hops The Weize One 5.05/29/2013Rate 3.078
High Hops The Witty One 4.81/15/2013Rate 3.075
High Hops Triple Tally 11.16/19/2016Rate 3.041
High Hops Weisse So Serious 4.45/18/2018Rate 3.061
High Hops Windsor's Wee Heavy 9.05/29/2013Rate 3.38716
High Hops Wonderbaar 9.08/15/2014Rate 0

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