High Water Brewing

Brewer rating: 99/100 2116 ratings
20 Independence St, Chico, California, USA 94565

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High Water Another Kind of Phrog... Revisited 7.29/2/2014Rate 3.025
High Water Aphotic Imperial Porter with Cacao Nibs 10.52/23/2017Rate 3.463
High Water Barrel Aged Campfire Stout (2016) 10.810/21/2016Rate 3.553912
High Water Campfire Stout (5.5% Nitro) 5.512/19/2015Rate 3.424
High Water Cucumber Kolsch 5.46/4/2016Rate 3.339614
High Water Pono Pale Ale 6.212/22/2014Rate 3.394
High Water ReinheitsgeNot Oktober-Phest 5.811/14/2014Rate 3.077215
High Water Retribrewtion 126/11/2016Rate 3.253
High Water Sunshine Daydream 5.49/11/2016Rate 3.183
High Water Tributary Series: Pharmer’s Daughter 6.25/16/2015Rate 3.27
High Water Tributary Series: The Aristocrat 9.81/22/2015Rate 3.586611
High Water West Meets East 6.08/9/2016Rate 3.57
High Water Aphotic Baltic Porter 2011 9.31/10/2012Rate 3.739240
High Water Aphotic Baltic Porter 2012 9.52/15/2013Rate 3.68314
High Water Aphotic Barrel Aged Baltic Porter 9.311/13/2011Rate 3.79014
High Water Arroz con Agrio 4.24/28/2013Rate 2.932
High Water Berliner "Reisse" (alias) 4.04/8/2012
High Water Blind Spot 8.21/10/2012Rate 3.419385
High Water E.B. Breakfast Bitch 5.52/2/2013Rate 3.276
High Water Left Hand Monkey Wrench 8.27/20/2012Rate 3.317
High Water Mild Wild Dark Berliner "Reisse" 4.04/12/2012Rate 3.639123
High Water Olallieberry Sour 4.09/14/2014Rate 3.46
High Water Anniversary Doppelsticke 7.53/31/2012Rate 3.6210031
High Water Brandy Barrel Aged Doppelsticke -7/27/2012Rate 2.932
High Water Brandy Barrel Stout 7.59/14/2014Rate 2.911
High Water Decadent Delight 8.08/27/2011Rate 32
High Water Depot 13 -5/2/2013Rate 2.861
High Water Le Petit Diablotin 6.08/2/2014Rate 3.89350
High Water Le Petit Diablotin (Test Batch) 7.07/11/2012Rate 3.16159
High Water Old & In The Way Barley Wine (Buffalo Trace Barrel) 10.53/27/2012Rate 3.698941
High Water Old & In The Way Barley Wine (Heaven Hill Barrel) 1111/13/2011Rate 3.41479
High Water Old & In The Way Barley Wine 2011 10.51/21/2011Rate 3.628445
High Water Old & In The Way Barley Wine 2012 112/8/2013Rate 3.668439
High Water Pom Cherry Bomb 7.07/16/2011Rate 3.318931
High Water Rio d’Oro (Red Wine Barrel) 8.56/11/2013Rate 3.063
St. Eve’s Belgesque Goldish Strong Revolutionary Ale (alias) 9.53/1/2012
High Water Aphotic Imperial Porter 9.311/23/2013Rate 3.7583120
High Water Barrel Aged Campfire Stout (2014) 6.51/25/2014Rate 3.116
High Water Blondes Have More Fun 6.27/13/2015Rate 3.348
High Water Blueberry Sour 4.23/18/2015Rate 3.042
High Water Boom Boom Out Gose The Lights 7.33/4/2016Rate 3.243819
High Water Campfire Stout 6.54/8/2012Rate 3.7599332
High Water Central Valley Breakfast Sour 6.28/14/2015Rate 3.728458
High Water Chocolate Raspberry Tart 4.09/14/2014Rate 3.012
High Water Dark Sour 7.02/18/2013Rate 3.298
High Water Hop Logic 9.56/11/2013Rate 3.6579123
High Water Hop Riot IPA 7.31/21/2011Rate 3.6292279
High Water Hoppyrighted 9.92/7/2016Rate 3.282
High Water No Boundary IPA 6.59/13/2011Rate 3.7197121
High Water Nyctophiliac Dark Sour 6.25/14/2015Rate 3.758827
High Water Old & In The Way Barley Wine 2013 118/12/2014Rate 3.566528
High Water Ramble on Rose 6.08/2/2014Rate 3.545020
High Water Retribütion Imperial IPA 9.51/21/2011Rate 3.7491179
High Water Rio d’Oro 8.510/11/2012Rate 3.427047
High Water Rio d’Oro en Cote d’Or 8.51/8/2016Rate 3.061
High Water S’moa Please 6.29/27/2015Rate 3.343
High Water Stella Blue 6.05/13/2016Rate 3.514713
High Water Sugaree Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie 9.81/16/2015Rate 3.769477
High Water Tranquil Eyes 7.81/19/2016Rate 3.254017
High Water / Magnolia Workingman’s Ale 4.69/14/2014Rate 3.283
High Water Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy 9.11/2/2013Rate 3.274
High Water / Triple Voodoo Slice of Darkness 7.73/5/2015Rate 3.123
Band of Gypsies (2014) Whiskey Thief 9.23/10/2015Rate 3.365426
High Water / Uncommon Brewers Flamenco Roja 6.65/13/2016Rate 3.575939
High Water Belgian Tramp (alias) 10.53/3/2013

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