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Hilliard's / Redhook Ballard Brown 5.46/4/2015Rate 3.072
Hilliard's Amber Ale 5.58/30/2011Rate 2.9942130
Hilliard's Black Light Ale -6/23/2012Rate 2.691
Hilliard's Blonde 4.99/15/2013Rate 2.83
Hilliard's Cast Iron Stout -11/13/2011Rate 2.965
Hilliard's CDA 6.510/1/2015Rate 0
Hilliard's Contacto Sangriento 7.52/22/2014Rate 2.871
Hilliard's Count Strongula Abbey Dubbel -5/30/2013Rate 2.892
Hilliard's E.xtra S.pecial B.elgian 7.34/28/2012Rate 2.983514
Hilliard's El Bronco Blanco 5.49/17/2015Rate 32
Hilliard's Fino Countdown 6.211/28/2014Rate 2.885
Hilliard's Grand Inquisitor 8.01/18/2014Rate 2.871
Hilliard's India Pale Lager 7.71/28/2015Rate 2.892
Hilliard's Indomitable Stout -10/13/2011Rate 0
Hilliard's Jameson Whiskey Barrel Sour 5.57/23/2015Rate 0
Hilliard's Murdered Out Stout 5.111/8/2012Rate 3.244420
Hilliard's Nautical Reference Pale Ale 5.07/9/2012Rate 3.08379
Hilliard's Old Crow Vanilla Show 5.12/21/2016Rate 3.091
Hilliard's One-Run Series: Imperial IPA 8.410/5/2015Rate 3.061
Hilliard's One-Run Series: Penumbra CDA 6.111/5/2015Rate 0
Hilliard's Opulator Doppelbock 7.54/13/2014Rate 2.852
Hilliard's Original Singe 5.32/28/2014Rate 3.146
Hilliard's Pils (Hill's Pils) 5.911/13/2011Rate 3.058113
Hilliard's Roxanne Sour Flanders Red Ale -8/12/2014Rate 2.733
Hilliard's Saison 6.68/30/2011Rate 3.223166
Hilliard's Saison - Bourbon Barrel (Suffering Bastard) 7.68/24/2014Rate 3.324413
Hilliard's Saison - Chardonnay (Oak Aged) 7.52/22/2014Rate 3.255
Hilliard's Saison Reposado 7.65/28/2016Rate 2.961
Hilliard's Scottish Blonde -10/13/2011Rate 2.973210
Hilliard's Seasonal IPA 7.22/8/2015Rate 2.81
Hilliard's The 12th Can Pale Ale 4.59/13/2013Rate 2.8618

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