Hockley Classic 5.09/29/2013Rate 2.571019
Hockley Valley 100 4.26/13/2013Rate 2.23335
Hockley Valley Amber 4.26/26/2012Rate 2.943752
Hockley Valley Big Jugs Ale -12/6/2011Rate 2.861
Hockley Valley Black and Tan 4.73/28/2010Rate 3.034469
Hockley Valley Black Forest Stout -10/18/2008Rate 3.223411
Hockley Valley Black Russian Stout 4.21/8/2012Rate 2.91
Hockley Valley Chocolate Dip Strawberry Ale -2/17/2010Rate 2.893
Hockley Valley Classic Lager 5.06/4/2016Rate 2.613
Hockley Valley Coconut Cream Pie -11/1/2010Rate 3.18
Hockley Valley Dark 5.02/12/2004Rate 3.2465246
Hockley Valley Dark with Vanilla Bean -10/21/2007Rate 3.45919
Hockley Valley Gold 5.06/25/2003Rate 2.45850
Hockley Valley Heavenly Hash Dark Ale 5.010/23/2014Rate 0
Hockley Valley Holé Molé Stout 4.22/14/2010Rate 2.984
Hockley Valley Jaffa Cake Ale -10/10/2013Rate 3.042
Hockley Valley Peanut Butter and Jam Ale 5.111/1/2009Rate 3.096010
Hockley Valley Stout 4.23/14/2007Rate 3.0833123
Hockley Valley Traditional Ale (alias) 5.010/28/2010
Georgian Bay Beer (Dipper)
Brewed by/for Midland Beer Works
5.06/13/2008Rate 2.52861
Legends of the Bay Captain Tripp
Brewed by/for Midland Beer Works
5.01/15/2016Rate 3.042
Legends of the Bay Ghosts of Hope Island
Brewed by/for Midland Beer Works
5.04/4/2015Rate 2.795
Legends of the Bay Giant's Tomb
Brewed by/for Midland Beer Works
5.012/13/2014Rate 2.752014
Legends of the Bay The Waubuno
Brewed by/for Midland Beer Works
5.02/10/2017Rate 2.952

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