Hook Norton

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 94/100 3353 ratings
Brewery Lane, , Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England OX15 5NY
Places associated: Olde Reine Deer (Hook Norton), Hook Norton Brewery Visitor Centre, Eagle Tavern (Hook Norton), Three Conies (Hook Norton), Elephant & Castle (Hook Norton), Castle Inn (Hook Norton), Roebuck (Hook Norton), Coach and Horses (Hook Norton), Butchers Arms (Hook Norton), Pear Tree Inn (Hook Norton), Bell Inn (Hook Norton), Castle Tavern (Hook Norton)
Founded in 1849, uses a traditional purpose buit tower brewhouse built in 1900. A steam engine is used to pump liquor. Brewery owns 47 pubs.
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Hook Norton / Ballast Point San Diego Pale Ale 4.55/23/2015Rate 3.296424
Hook Norton / Birrificio del Ducato A.F.O. 5.411/30/2015Rate 2.881826
Hook Norton / Birrificio MC-77 Mild The Gap 4.52/18/2017Rate 3.298731
Hook Norton / Brew Moon Real Antipodean Ale 4.010/3/2014Rate 3.224732
Hook Norton / Fat Headís Yakima Sun 5.09/10/2015Rate 3.279328
Hook Norton / Mountain Goat Hightail Ale 4.53/18/2015Rate 3.047419
Hook Norton / Wychwood / Oxbrew Oxford Red 4.55/5/2017Rate 3.061
Hook Norton / Yeastie Boys Nerdherder Pale Ale 4.66/12/2016Rate 3.24516
Hook Norton 168 6.85/2/2017Rate 31
Hook Norton 303AD (Cask) 4.12/4/2002Rate 3.259734
Hook Norton 303AD (Bottle) 4.06/10/2002Rate 3.189575
Hook Norton 80/- 5.08/22/2015Rate 2.981
Hook Norton 812 Flying Fortress 3.55/2/2017Rate 2.981
Hook Norton A Shining Light 4.58/13/2010Rate 2.886
Hook Norton Amarillo Gold 4.73/19/2017Rate 3.269215
Hook Norton Amarillo Red 4.73/10/2014Rate 2.941
Hook Norton Autumn Ale 4.411/12/2015Rate 0
Hook Norton Banbury 400 (Bottle) 4.76/8/2008Rate 3.112
Hook Norton Banbury 400 (Cask) 4.75/10/2008Rate 33
Hook Norton Beefys Bitter (Cask) 4.59/30/2006Rate 3.022
Hook Norton Beer Jam 4.07/3/2015Rate 31
Hook Norton Best Bitter (Bottle Conditioned) 3.911/10/2004Rate 3.037610
Hook Norton Best Mild 3.05/31/2002Rate 2.862011
Hook Norton Celebration 5.22/15/2004Rate 3.083
Hook Norton Charter 400 (Bottle) 4.55/9/2006Rate 3.173
Hook Norton Charter 400 (Cask) 4.55/7/2006Rate 3.034
Hook Norton Cheers Darling (alias) 4.84/5/2008
Hook Norton Chinook Gold 4.75/9/2014Rate 3.174724
Hook Norton Copper Ale 4.83/10/2003Rate 3.228351
Hook Norton Copper Head 3.911/5/2016Rate 3.021
Hook Norton Cotswold Pale 4.45/14/2016Rate 2.943
Hook Norton Crafty Fox 5.02/27/2016Rate 34319
Hook Norton Cromwellís Revenge 4.510/27/2015Rate 0
Hook Norton Diamond Reserve 6.05/11/2012Rate 2.974
Hook Norton Double Barrelled (Bottle) 4.37/22/2008Rate 2.965310
Hook Norton Double Barrelled (Cask) 4.37/26/2008Rate 2.828
Hook Norton Double Stout (Cask & Bottle Conditioned) 4.82/23/2003Rate 3.5490170
Hook Norton Double Stout (Pasteurised Bottle & Keg) 4.85/10/2002Rate 3.587326
Hook Norton Draymanís Drop 3.74/11/2016Rate 2.741411
Hook Norton Early Mist 4.34/8/2010Rate 3.239521
Hook Norton Easy Weasel 4.510/19/2010Rate 3.098228
Hook Norton First Light (Bottle) 4.37/7/2015Rate 2.851
Hook Norton First Light (Cask) 4.35/31/2002Rate 3.087830
Hook Norton Flagship (Cask & Bottle Conditioned) 5.310/1/2005Rate 3.1567138
Hook Norton Flagship (Keg) 5.39/30/2013Rate 2.91
Hook Norton Giddy Goose (Bottle) 4.510/27/2011Rate 2.813
Hook Norton Golden Jubilee 4.56/2/2002Rate 2.74
Hook Norton Greedy Goose 4.211/29/2014Rate 3.015613
Hook Norton Harvest Hop 3.58/13/2016Rate 33
Hook Norton Haymaker (Bottle) 5.06/13/2002Rate 3.2485285
Hook Norton Haymaker (Cask) 5.07/19/2003Rate 3.39340
Hook Norton Hooky (Bottle) 3.57/23/2002Rate 2.9950166
Hook Norton Hooky (Cask) 3.54/30/2002Rate 3.148885
Hook Norton Hooky Dark (Bottle) 3.25/22/2006Rate 2.735
Hook Norton Hooky Dark (Cask) 3.25/16/2004Rate 2.851446
Hook Norton Hooky Gold (Bottle) 4.28/20/2006Rate 3.171201
Hook Norton Hooky Gold (Cask) 4.24/23/2006Rate 3.168255
Hook Norton Hooky Mild 2.86/28/2012Rate 3.165613
Hook Norton Hop To It 3.83/30/2016Rate 3.142
Hook Norton Hoppily Ever After 4.010/29/2016Rate 2.981
Hook Norton Hopsidedown 4.011/17/2016Rate 3.041
Hook Norton Inspired (Bottle) 4.59/16/2007Rate 2.723
Hook Norton Inspired (Cask) 4.29/16/2007Rate 3.148422
Hook Norton Jackpot (Cask) 3.410/25/2008Rate 2.883820
Hook Norton January Joker 4.01/20/2017Rate 2.941
Hook Norton Light Out 9.51/24/2016Rate 3.131
Hook Norton Lion (Bottle) 4.28/1/2006Rate 3.098135
Hook Norton Lion (Cask) 4.08/1/2006Rate 2.974874
Hook Norton [email protected] (Cask) 3.87/15/2007Rate 3.071
Hook Norton Mane Tail 3.74/22/2017Rate 2.975
Hook Norton Merchantís Merula 5.25/18/2015Rate 3.054
Hook Norton Nice Try 3.82/13/2015Rate 3.023
Hook Norton Oatmeal Stout 5.22/25/2015Rate 2.91
Hook Norton Old Hooky (Bottle) 4.611/23/2001Rate 3.2688387
Hook Norton Old Hooky (Cask) 4.62/4/2002Rate 3.1979149
Hook Norton Olympic Ale 3.87/6/2004Rate 2.832
Hook Norton Outside Half (Cask) 4.02/22/2004Rate 2.665
Hook Norton Playing Hooky 4.75/14/2015Rate 3.072
Hook Norton Red Rye 4.711/17/2015Rate 3.146
Hook Norton SDM (Special Dark Mild) 4.65/6/2010Rate 3.298711
Hook Norton Silent Thunder 4.57/20/2003Rate 2.941
Hook Norton Steaming On 4.41/28/2003Rate 3.088
Hook Norton Striker 4.26/19/2004Rate 3.151
Hook Norton Summer Haze 4.58/9/2009Rate 2.927910
Hook Norton Summertime 4.18/20/2015Rate 2.891
Hook Norton The Finest Brew 4.27/31/2016Rate 3.091
Hook Norton Treason Tipple 4.010/22/2005Rate 3.111
Hook Norton Tuxedo Stout 5.04/22/2017Rate 3.184
Hook Norton Twelve Days (Bottle) 5.57/29/2002Rate 3.4392377
Hook Norton Twelve Days (Cask) 5.81/22/2003Rate 3.449464
Natural Brewing Co. Irresistible Premium Ale 4.312/19/2009Rate 2.954432
Marks & Spencer Cotswold Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.76/17/2015Rate 3.178426

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