HopTop Brewery

Maglódi Road, Budapest, Hungary 1106
With all of our efforts we are working on to create high quality craft-beers.
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Dimbo Lab Ghost Dog
Brewed by/for Dimbo Lab
5.72/6/2018Rate 3.074
Dimbo Lab India Porter
Brewed by/for Dimbo Lab
6.42/22/2017Rate 3.388
Dimbo Lab Red Currant Gose
Brewed by/for Dimbo Lab
5.010/17/2016Rate 3.172817
HopTop / RothBeer Habibi White IPA 6.09/7/2017Rate 2.961
HopTop Black Knight 5.55/3/2017Rate 2.934013
HopTop Ceylon Buddy 9.112/15/2017Rate 3.218
HopTop Chill Pill 5.24/6/2017Rate 2.921
HopTop Double Check 8.08/14/2016Rate 3.43330
HopTop Figgy Trick 4.55/23/2018Rate 3.123
HopTop Green Zone 6.48/14/2016Rate 3.162231
HopTop Ivory 5.53/11/2017Rate 32211
HopTop Mangose 5.55/23/2018Rate 3.183
HopTop Midnight Express 6.08/14/2016Rate 3.212733
HopTop New England IPA 6.53/5/2018Rate 0
HopTop PASO Ska IPA 8.06/5/2018Rate 0
HopTop Sunset 5.78/14/2016Rate 2.91618
HopTop Tenno 9.05/23/2018Rate 3.243
HopTop Tropical Swinger Club 8.05/19/2017Rate 3.372919
HopTop Uluru 4.58/14/2016Rate 3.065126
HopTop Wild Cherry 6.37/10/2017Rate 2.921
Mohácsi Sörmanufaktúra Faragatlan APA 5.511/2/2017Rate 2.981
Spirit Druid Superfluid
Brewed by/for Spirit Brewery
6.33/8/2018Rate 32

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