Black Oak X House Ales Antipodean American Wheat
Brewed by/for Black Oak Brewing
-9/30/2012Rate 2.936
Great Lakes Brewery X Chantecler Wet-Hopped Pale Ale 5.59/20/2015Rate 3.112
House Ales Lil' Jonny 6.02/8/2011Rate 3.033
House Ales "Nick" 5.812/28/2014Rate 3.182
House Ales "The Nug" 6.33/27/2014Rate 3.375
House Ales 10th Day Saison -9/16/2011Rate 3.015
House Ales 2 Billz 10.58/31/2013Rate 3.085
House Ales 21 Years Deep Smoked Out Porter -8/14/2011Rate 3.024
House Ales 25th Anniversary Barley Wine -1/11/2014Rate 3.474910
House Ales 587 Barleywine (alias) 1210/1/2013
House Ales 7th Day Saison -7/30/2011Rate 3.247
House Ales Abbey Normal 8.05/24/2011Rate 3.275
House Ales Abbey Normal (Cabernet Franc) 8.08/21/2012Rate 3.298
House Ales Abbey Normal (Funkified) -9/9/2011Rate 3.196
House Ales Above the Clouds -9/13/2014Rate 3.165
House Ales Aguirre 3.912/19/2012Rate 3.158
House Ales Alexanderplatz 3.59/1/2011Rate 3.146
House Ales All City 4.51/15/2011Rate 3.244311
House Ales Back in the Day 4.21/27/2011Rate 3.219612
House Ales Backhanded Bitter 5.44/9/2011Rate 2.894
House Ales Belgian Blonde 5.18/3/2014Rate 2.871
House Ales Belgian Porter 7.82/1/2013Rate 3.237
House Ales Belgian Porter (Brett) 8.09/15/2013Rate 3.043
House Ales Bike Insurance 6.310/15/2015Rate 0
House Ales Bike Thief 4.17/8/2014Rate 3.128
House Ales Block 9 3.22/13/2011Rate 3.077
House Ales Breakfast Stout (alias) -10/10/2013
House Ales C5 IPA 5.84/26/2011Rate 3.27
House Ales Castagna 3.24/3/2011Rate 2.943
House Ales Civil Servant 4.510/18/2015Rate 3.182
House Ales Crack of Noon 7.03/28/2013Rate 3.094
House Ales Dampfbier 5.09/1/2011Rate 3.118
House Ales Diavolo Blend 4.46/4/2011Rate 3.023
House Ales Dirty Blonde -12/7/2011Rate 3.268311
House Ales Dumb Pig 5.55/14/2011Rate 3.178
House Ales East Side 6.32/20/2011Rate 3.558814
House Ales El Duche -10/10/2012Rate 2.912
House Ales Eric 6.710/1/2013Rate 3.24399
House Ales Facing Worlds Belgian IPA -12/3/2011Rate 3.168
House Ales Fermium -1/22/2012Rate 3.779733
House Ales Flying Solo (Waimea) -9/1/2014Rate 0
House Ales Flying Solo IPA (Galaxy Hop) 6.48/26/2014Rate 2.831
House Ales Fred's Not Here 6.51/1/2011Rate 3.097
House Ales Freya's Tears 4.23/26/2012Rate 3.136
House Ales Fumonero 5.51/2/2016Rate 3.063
House Ales Giacca di Pele 9.07/27/2016Rate 3.184
House Ales Golden Rod 8.012/31/2012Rate 3.153
House Ales Golden Rod (Brett) 8.09/15/2013Rate 3.175
House Ales Golden Rod (Cinnamon and Vanilla) 8.01/7/2013Rate 2.741
House Ales Gucci Brown 5.43/8/2013Rate 3.49314
House Ales Hard in the Paint 5.07/9/2012Rate 2.893
House Ales Hip-Hop Series #1 RUN ESB 5.212/31/2010Rate 3.479821
House Ales Hip-Hop Series #2 Tu-Hop 5.01/17/2011Rate 3.478522
House Ales Hip-Hop Series #3 Rockaway Rye 5.82/20/2011Rate 3.357913
House Ales Hip-Hop Series #4 Notorious I.P.A. 6.04/26/2011Rate 3.254411
House Ales Hip-Hop Series #5 Gangsters Para-Weiss 6.59/1/2011Rate 3.176
House Ales Hip-Hop Series #6 Big Hoppa 9.03/13/2012Rate 3.463213
House Ales In Limbo Rye Saison -2/13/2012Rate 3.36529
House Ales Jason (alias) -10/1/2013
House Ales Jenna 4.910/3/2014Rate 2.861
House Ales Jens Uncommon -10/11/2011Rate 3.15
House Ales Johnny Boy 8.412/24/2010Rate 3.34328
House Ales Last Call in Blandsdown 5.47/10/2013Rate 3.157
House Ales Last Call In Kreuzberg 3.57/9/2012Rate 3.14
House Ales Left Of The Dial Mild 4.63/1/2011Rate 3.28859
House Ales Lil Swag 5.612/19/2012Rate 3.348
House Ales Lil Swag (Vanilla and Espresso) 6.211/30/2012Rate 2.912
House Ales Market Session Ale 4.48/3/2015Rate 3.163
House Ales Matt's Marathon Mild 2010 3.69/29/2010Rate 3.088
House Ales Matt's Marathon Mild 2011-Batch 1 3.710/9/2011Rate 2.984
House Ales Matt's Marathon Mild 2011-Batch 2 4.510/9/2011Rate 3.198310
House Ales Matt's Marathon Mild 2012 4.010/24/2012Rate 3.146
House Ales Matt's Marathon Mild 2015 3.610/26/2015Rate 3.155
House Ales Mezza Notte Espresso 6.53/26/2012Rate 3.599815
House Ales Mid Day Mild 3.54/26/2011Rate 2.967
House Ales Mild High 3.64/26/2011Rate 3.025
House Ales Muddy Waters -7/28/2012Rate 3.158
House Ales Munson Rye Pale Ale 6.03/3/2013Rate 3.068
House Ales Mutts Nuts 8.010/22/2012Rate 3.056
House Ales No Side IPA 6.54/22/2011Rate 3.238
House Ales Otto's Jacket 6.05/19/2013Rate 3.147
House Ales Park Bench 3.75/15/2014Rate 3.227
House Ales Pas-de-Calais 6.02/27/2011Rate 3.026
House Ales Paul & Harry O.F.A. 6.06/28/2011Rate 3.335510
House Ales Pound Cake 3.411/28/2013Rate 3.368
House Ales Punters Gold 5.05/19/2011Rate 3.389716
House Ales Ralph's Bitter 3.65/22/2011Rate 3.39910
House Ales Raving Ghouls (alias) -10/30/2012
House Ales Reale 3.87/5/2016Rate 3.144
House Ales Robust Porter 6.08/17/2015Rate 3.1915
House Ales S.O.B. 6.04/25/2011Rate 3.167
House Ales Saison de Filles 5.53/26/2012Rate 3.096
House Ales Saison de Filles with Brett 5.53/26/2012Rate 3.177
House Ales Saskatoon Berry Stout 5.82/23/2011Rate 3.035
House Ales Servizio Civile 4.52/16/2016Rate 3.212
House Ales Session Rye -4/17/2014Rate 2.953
House Ales Shicki Micki 4.09/1/2011Rate 3.156
House Ales Sickly Sour 5.07/9/2012Rate 3.013
House Ales Southside Brett IPA 5.07/2/2016Rate 3.252
House Ales Spiced Porter 5.111/30/2014Rate 2.91
House Ales Staff Brew'it 4.55/2/2014Rate 2.811
House Ales Swag Out Stout -9/24/2011Rate 3.443312
House Ales Swag Out Stout (Bourbon Barrel-Aged) (alias) -11/1/2012
House Ales Swag Out Stout (Brett) 7.29/19/2015Rate 3.422
House Ales Swag Out Stout (Canadian Oak-Aged) -1/2/2012Rate 3.377
House Ales Swag Out Stout (Coffee) 8.010/9/2011Rate 3.063
House Ales Swag Out Stout (Jack Daniel's) -11/1/2012Rate 3.27
House Ales Table 7 -6/29/2012Rate 3.024211
House Ales The Good Life 5.67/2/2014Rate 2.841
House Ales The Juice 5.512/11/2013Rate 3.164
House Ales The Orb 6.211/30/2014Rate 2.861
House Ales Tim's Way 6.22/22/2011Rate 3.228
House Ales Tim's Way 2012 -10/25/2012Rate 3.015
House Ales Until Death 6.66/20/2012Rate 3.267710
House Ales Venti 5.72/13/2011Rate 3.083
House Ales West Side 213 6.54/13/2011Rate 3.689628
House Ales West Side 213 (Brett) 6.49/21/2011Rate 3.267
House Ales West Side Punter 5.711/24/2014Rate 2.791
House Ales Wheat Wine 9.04/28/2014Rate 3.033
House Ales Wild Style 1.0 -1/22/2012Rate 3.024
House Ales Wild Style Mild 4.82/22/2011Rate 3.095012
House Ales Wild Style Mild (Cacao and Vanilla) -2/25/2012Rate 2.954
House Ales X 5 Paddles Belgian IPA -9/25/2013Rate 3.365
House Ales X Amsterdam LK 2.0 IPA -4/24/2012Rate 3.377
House Ales X Amsterdam Lk 3.0 IPA 6.55/5/2013Rate 3.15
House Ales X Amsterdam One Love 5.07/9/2012Rate 2.993
House Ales X Animal Farm "The Dogs" -8/19/2012Rate 3.298
House Ales X Animal Farm Murial 5.09/27/2012Rate 3.22939
House Ales X Animal Farm Napolean 8.79/27/2012Rate 3.133
House Ales X Animal Farm Snowball -7/20/2012Rate 3.27
House Ales X Animal Farm The Sheep -7/20/2012Rate 3.213312
House Ales X Bartle & Roach Gold Dust 5.610/26/2011Rate 3.158
House Ales X Beau's Rye's Above -4/3/2012Rate 3.054
House Ales X Beau's Rye's Above (with Brett) 6.59/27/2012Rate 3.185
House Ales X Bellwoods Abbeynaut 8.09/1/2011Rate 3.155
House Ales X Biergotter Black Tongue Imperial Porter -10/31/2011Rate 3.228
House Ales X Biergotter Caustic Commencement 6.09/5/2010Rate 3.297
House Ales X Biergotter Hopocalypse -10/25/2012Rate 3.287
House Ales X Biergotter Saison In The Abyss 5.46/26/2011Rate 3.148
House Ales X Biergotter The Punishment Due IRA 6.09/5/2010Rate 3.257
House Ales X Biergotter V 5.510/31/2010Rate 3.41449
House Ales X C'est What? Mildly Bitter 4.210/26/2011Rate 3.198111
House Ales X Charlevoix X Biergotter Viva la Vida Cocoa 5.09/5/2010Rate 3.133510
House Ales X Cheshire Valley Paul 3.610/1/2013Rate 2.823
House Ales X Community Beer Works Rudy 4.210/1/2013Rate 3.165
House Ales X Dieu Du Ciel! X Biergotter Lendemain De Veille 6.510/31/2010Rate 3.46410
House Ales X Duggan's Perfect Ratio 4.310/26/2011Rate 3.129110
House Ales X Dunham X Great Lakes Brewing Found In Translation 4.08/23/2015Rate 3.145
House Ales X Erica Graholm Glasrasten Dampfbier 5.510/2/2013Rate 2.861
House Ales X Erica Graholm Soft Hand IPA 6.510/1/2013Rate 3.215
House Ales X F & M George 3.710/1/2013Rate 2.913
House Ales X Flying Monkeys Imperial Oatmeal Stout -6/25/2012Rate 3.337
House Ales X Great Lakes California Love 6.02/28/2011Rate 3.298
House Ales X Half Pints The Other White House 8.010/1/2013Rate 3.096
House Ales X In The Weeds House In The Weeds 5.511/17/2014Rate 2.91
House Ales X Kliber Grätzer Ale 4.111/28/2011Rate 3.035
House Ales X Le Trou Du Diable Hopscotch 8.02/22/2011Rate 3.056
House Ales X LTM X Biergotter Ceci N'Est Pas Une Pipe 6.510/31/2010Rate 3.39429
House Ales X Matt Tweedy Autumn Bock 7.010/1/2013Rate 3.044
House Ales X Murdoch Night Train -4/29/2012Rate 3.386810
House Ales X Murdoch Night Train with Fruit -7/1/2012Rate 2.972
House Ales X Murdoch Night Train Funk 8.29/26/2012Rate 3.114
House Ales X Notes On A Beermat -There's Gold In That There Cask 4.610/26/2011Rate 3.2939
House Ales X Old Brew Ladyfingers 5.05/25/2016Rate 2.981
House Ales X Sawdust City G8 Summit 5.510/26/2012Rate 3.247
House Ales X Sawdust City Spinney 5.410/1/2013Rate 3.023
House Ales X Shacklands Flip Side 5.59/21/2014Rate 2.886
House Ales x Shacklands Saison du Pigeon 6.67/13/2014Rate 3.144
House Ales X Shacklands Saison du Pigeon Raspberry Brett Saison 7.09/21/2014Rate 3.054
House Ales X Spearhead Heart Of Darkness (alias) 6.05/14/2011
House Ales X Square Peg Dual Citizen 6.02/22/2011Rate 3.137
House Ales X St. Andre Burton Ale #1 4.12/18/2011Rate 2.996
House Ales X St. John Gin & Juice 5.83/16/2012Rate 3.187
House Ales X St.Andre Jobs Parti-Gyle 1.1 3.210/25/2010Rate 3.13929
House Ales X St.Andre Wozniak Parti-Gyle 1.0 6.510/31/2010Rate 3.128
House Ales X Station Cold Brew Lady Fingers 5.06/14/2016Rate 32
House Ales X Stillwell Pikkolo 3.87/5/2016Rate 3.041
House Ales X Toronto Brewing Powerstance 7.83/29/2013Rate 3.19219
House Ales X Toronto Brewing Zack 6.510/1/2013Rate 3.165
House Ales Zilla Nero 4.51/9/2016Rate 3.174
Toronto Brewing X Durham Home brew Club Sick Day IPA 7.04/25/2012Rate 2.884
Amsterdam X House Ales Hey Day Robust Porter -10/1/2013Rate 3.235
Amsterdam X House Ales Left Of The Dial Mild ( B-Side ) 5.06/4/2011Rate 3.38889
Flying Monkeys X House Ales Sebastien
Brewed at Flying Monkeys
4.110/1/2013Rate 3.14
House Ales X Flying Monkeys Cause of Death
Brewed at Flying Monkeys
146/27/2011Rate 2.977
House Ales X Granite Brewery Ron 4.010/1/2013Rate 2.943
Great Lakes Brewery X House Ales Raffaellus Amerilleus 3.310/1/2013Rate 3.234
House Ales X Great Lakes Brewery California Love Remix 5.56/4/2011Rate 3.246
House Ales X Indie Alehouse Export Stout (alias) 7.010/22/2018
House Ales X Indie Alehouse Export Stout (CherryBerry) 7.010/22/2018Rate 3.232
House Ales X Indie Alehouse Export Stout (Coffee Cake) 7.010/22/2018Rate 3.122
House Ales X Indie Alehouse Export Stout (Ralph's Nuts) 7.010/22/2018Rate 3.343
Indie Alehouse Export Stout V. 4 CherryBerry 7.010/20/2018Rate 3.182
Indie Alehouse X House Ales Ralph's Nuts 7.010/1/2013Rate 3.336
Nickel Brook X House Ales Black India Session Ale 4.610/1/2013Rate 3.154

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