Hub City Brewing

(Not In Production)
11352 40th Street, Stanley, Iowa, USA 50671
Out of business

Operated 2008 to May 30, 2012
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Hub City Amber Ale -11/20/2008Rate 2.46324
Hub City Belgian Dubbel -9/27/2009Rate 2.861
Hub City Brown Ale 4.35/19/2008Rate 2.66684
Hub City Cherry Cordial Stout 4.48/6/2009Rate 2.761
Hub City Cow Catcher Ale -5/22/2011Rate 31
Hub City Fireside Stout -5/2/2010Rate 2.74711
Hub City Franco-American IPA -8/6/2009Rate 0
Hub City Golden Ale -4/23/2008Rate 2.36339
Hub City Imperial Porter 8.511/10/2011Rate 2.831
Hub City Loco Lager -9/16/2010Rate 2.185919
Hub City Midnight Express 9.77/27/2010Rate 3.281115
Hub City Nutte -9/28/2013Rate 2.862
Hub City Oatmeal Stout 5.812/27/2007Rate 3.1428117
Hub City Olde Browne Porter 5.212/27/2007Rate 3.193562
Hub City Pale Ale 5.86/18/2009Rate 2.51228
Hub City Paradise Ale 6.29/16/2010Rate 2.991326
Hub City Sauer Weiss -11/10/2011Rate 2.933
Hub City Snowbunny 5.812/17/2009Rate 2.48936
Hub City Summer Ale 3.736/29/2008Rate 2.771
Hub City Suppai -9/28/2013Rate 2.792
Hub City Syrlig -11/10/2011Rate 2.741
Hub City Wheat Beer -12/27/2007Rate 2.561057

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