HumanFish Brewery

Grilcev Grič 16, Vrhnika, Slovenia SI-1360
Group bookings - min 10 persons - normally with walk-in visitors allowed on Friday afternoon and weekends.

Associated place: HumanFish Brewery Taproom
The vanguard of Slovenian Craft Brewing.
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HumanFish / Birrificio Dada BockPaPou 5.74/1/2019Rate 2.961
HumanFish / Zmajska PIvovara DragonFish Dubbel 6.93/28/2018Rate 3.184524
HumanFish 151,88 7.05/31/2017Rate 3.153
HumanFish 2013 Harvest SIPA 6.510/20/2013Rate 3.393
HumanFish 2014 Harvest SIPA 7.010/10/2014Rate 3.073
HumanFish 2015 Harvest SIPA 6.310/13/2015Rate 3.44
HumanFish 2016 Harvest SIPA 6.110/1/2016Rate 3.334719
HumanFish 2017 Harvest SIPA -10/15/2017Rate 33
HumanFish Amber Ale 4.010/19/2011Rate 2.772
HumanFish Anniversary IPA 7.84/12/2016Rate 3.286
HumanFish Baltic Porter 6.54/13/2018Rate 3.267
HumanFish Blood Orange Imperial Porter 9.64/8/2019Rate 3.131
HumanFish Combat Wombat 4.85/16/2014Rate 3.4279101
HumanFish CTRL+ALT+DEL 5.45/7/2019Rate 2.972
HumanFish Cull of the Unicorns 5.210/9/2016Rate 3.27
HumanFish Cull of the Unicorns (Extra Spicy) 5.210/17/2016Rate 2.961
HumanFish Dvopivka 6.54/17/2014Rate 2.923
HumanFish Fatt Irish 7.53/17/2017Rate 3.345
HumanFish Fatt Matt's Hard Ginger Beer 6.06/23/2019Rate 3.072
HumanFish Fatt Matt's Hard Lemonade 5.09/8/2019Rate 3.072
HumanFish Full Irish Breakfast 5.025/31/2019Rate 2.851
HumanFish Gorilla's Beard (alias) 5.225/17/2015
HumanFish Imperial IPA 9.65/2/2015Rate 3.444236
HumanFish Intergalactic Tolerance 3.83/3/2019Rate 2.961
HumanFish Irish Red Ale 4.411/20/2009Rate 2.912
HumanFish Italijanček 6.512/3/2017Rate 3.021
HumanFish Mudpuppy 7.710/12/2016Rate 3.494532
HumanFish Oberlaibacher Gose 3.58/11/2018Rate 3.34
HumanFish Oberlaibacher Weisse 3.45/27/2018Rate 3.298
HumanFish Pale Ale 4.511/20/2009Rate 3.319647
Humanfish Phenolic Nightmare 5.24/30/2018Rate 3.135
HumanFish Responsible IPA 0.58/18/2019Rate 2.831
HumanFish Russian Imperial Stout 8.42/27/2016Rate 3.75950
HumanFish Seasonal 4.52/26/2018Rate 2.891
HumanFish SIPA (Slovenian IPA) 5.83/11/2013Rate 3.354884
HumanFish Sir William's Pub 20th Anniversary Beer (alias) 5.22/10/2018
HumanFish Stout 5.03/21/2011Rate 3.549078
HumanFish Uberfisch 4.54/16/2016Rate 2.864
HumanFish Witty Fish 4.28/24/2013Rate 3.125939
HumanFish Zombie Goat Lager 4.85/26/2013Rate 2.752
Patrick's 7 Hop IPA 5.812/10/2015Rate 3.091

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