Boddingtons Cask
Brewed by/for AB InBev UK
4.13/22/2001Rate 2.66956
Mackeson Stout
Brewed by/for AB InBev UK
2.89/19/2002Rate 2.939174
Beer Studio Amber Dawn 4.09/20/2014Rate 2.831
Beer Studio Arctic Blonde 6.012/8/2014Rate 2.741
Beer Studio Burnt Sienna 5.02/27/2013Rate 2.912714
Beer Studio Calypso Cassata 3.87/28/2016Rate 2.792
Beer Studio Cara Bronze 4.69/25/2015Rate 2.921
Beer Studio Citra Chinook 4.75/7/2015Rate 3.015
Beer Studio Copper Cascade 4.23/20/2014Rate 3.052
Beer Studio Crystal Chestnut 6.02/5/2014Rate 2.831
Beer Studio Dark Odyssey 4.42/25/2014Rate 3.12631
Beer Studio Dark Umber 5.22/5/2014Rate 2.841
Beer Studio Fiery Phoenix 5.212/31/2014Rate 2.761
Beer Studio Flaxon Flagon 4.65/16/2016Rate 32
Beer Studio Ginger Poperinge 3.911/4/2016Rate 0
Beer Studio Glacier Blonde 4.32/13/2015Rate 2.711
Beer Studio Golden Galena 4.23/21/2016Rate 3.021
Beer Studio Golden Ochre 4.26/28/2014Rate 2.771
Beer Studio Hearty Herkules 6.012/25/2015Rate 2.932
Beer Studio Liberty Brulle 4.36/11/2016Rate 2.862
Beer Studio Millennium Crystal 4.99/10/2015Rate 2.952
Beer Studio Mount Lublin 5.01/18/2017Rate 0
Beer Studio Muscavado Mocha 4.03/1/2014Rate 2.772
Beer Studio Opal Wheat 4.22/13/2016Rate 2.981
Beer Studio Pacifica Pearl 4.88/14/2016Rate 2.961
Beer Studio Pale Propino 4.26/26/2014Rate 2.771
Beer Studio Pale Riwaka 5.59/10/2015Rate 2.932
Beer Studio Perle Essence 5.03/29/2015Rate 2.791
Beer Studio Ruby Amarillo 4.911/15/2015Rate 2.932
Beer Studio Ruby San Juan 4.62/6/2017Rate 0
Beer Studio Seared Saaz 4.29/14/2014Rate 2.771
Beer Studio Sharp Motueka 4.74/16/2016Rate 3.15899
Beer Studio Spicy Santiam 4.510/24/2015Rate 2.831
Beer Studio Sterling Zest 3.87/23/2015Rate 2.871
Beer Studio Styrian Aurora 4.43/28/2015Rate 2.912
Beer Studio Tasman Sauvin 3.94/8/2015Rate 2.692
Beer Studio Tillicium Concerto 4.09/25/2016Rate 0
Beer Studio Tomahawk Challenger 3.911/21/2016Rate 0
Beer Studio Topaz Cluster 4.31/23/2017Rate 31
Beer Studio Upkeeper 5.59/27/2014Rate 2.61
Beer Studio Venetian Red 4.76/24/2013Rate 2.71
Beer Studio Vermillion Hue 4.512/9/2013Rate 1
Beer Studio Winsome Blonde 4.012/17/2015Rate 2.871
Beer Studio Yakima Palisade 4.71/9/2016Rate 3.053
Hydes 1863 3.52/28/2005Rate 2.944637
Hydes Alsace 4.611/29/2015Rate 2.835
Hydes Amazing Grace 4.14/3/2011Rate 2.661
Hydes Atomic 4.911/6/2007Rate 3.048
Hydes Autumn Goldings 4.52/26/2004Rate 2.972
Hydes Bells & Whistles 4.17/10/2008Rate 2.768
Hydes Berry Good Ale 4.512/30/2009Rate 2.773
Hydes Black 3.53/13/2004Rate 2.917
Hydes Brass Monkey 4.11/17/2015Rate 2.82
Hydes Brewery Bitter 3.512/21/2009Rate 0
Hydes Celebration 4.17/30/2005Rate 2.745
Hydes Celsius 4.17/23/2015Rate 2.933
Hydes Clever Endeavour 4.510/23/2001Rate 3.151
Hydes Cloud Nine 4.45/17/2004Rate 2.862
Hydes Copa Do Mundo 4.06/26/2014Rate 2.671
Hydes Cutty Shark 4.17/6/2006Rate 2.884112
Hydes Dark Mild (alias) 3.56/6/2004
Hydes Doctors Orders 4.45/28/2006Rate 2.846
Hydes Dublin (alias) 4.111/21/2016
Hydes Eager Beaver 4.45/17/2008Rate 3.146
Hydes Finders Keepers 4.72/1/2009Rate 2.777
Hydes Fine & Dandy 4.23/12/2004Rate 2.774
Hydes Finest 4.59/10/2013Rate 2.826
Hydes First Frost 3.810/28/2014Rate 2.741
Hydes Fit as a Fiddle 4.08/16/2004Rate 3.13
Hydes Free Spirit 4.81/24/2006Rate 2.832
Hydes Friendship 4.57/27/2014Rate 2.852
Hydes Giggle And Titter 4.110/24/2015Rate 2.891
Hydes Golden Brown 4.47/2/2007Rate 2.933
Hydes Golden Find 4.18/4/2009Rate 2.955510
Hydes Golden Lion 4.13/23/2016Rate 2.871
Hydes Harem Scarem 4.71/16/2008Rate 2.844
Hydes Heads & Tails 4.61/28/2010Rate 2.838
Hydes Heavenly Draught 4.23/24/2006Rate 2.894
Hydes Hidden Treasure 4.59/23/2006Rate 2.746
Hydes High & Dry 4.912/3/2009Rate 2.924
Hydes Hits The Spot 4.08/21/2009Rate 2.813
Hydes Hokkaido 4.01/7/2016Rate 2.92
Hydes HPA 5.012/4/2004Rate 2.892411
Hydes Hubble Bubble 4.45/28/2003Rate 2.83
Hydes Hunky Dory 4.82/17/2004Rate 3.13
Hydes Inspiration 4.59/26/2005Rate 2.895
Hydes Insulation 5.012/4/2005Rate 3.034
Hydes IPA 6.05/22/2011Rate 2.841
Hydes Jekyllís Gold (Cask) 4.35/8/2002Rate 2.914141
Hydes Jekylls Gold (Bottle) 4.312/21/2009Rate 2.724
Hydes Jumpin Jack 4.72/4/2007Rate 3.245
Hydes Kalt Lager 3.512/21/2009Rate 0
Hydes Light 3.57/9/2003Rate 2.855
Hydes Loose Cannon 4.08/2/2010Rate 2.75
Hydes Lowry 4.54/14/2015Rate 3.065
Hydes Malt & Mash 4.52/6/2003Rate 2.832
Hydes Manchesterís Finest (Bottle) 4.74/1/2002Rate 3.018
Hydes Manchesterís Finest (Cask) 4.710/11/2004Rate 34119
Hydes Merry Berry 4.012/7/2014Rate 2.761
Hydes Mild 3.58/23/2002Rate 33419
Hydes Mumbo Jumbo 4.910/26/2008Rate 3.031922
Hydes MŁnchen 5.09/12/2015Rate 2.934212
Hydes Nelson 4.55/9/2015Rate 2.933
Hydes No Resolve 3.92/3/2017Rate 0
Hydes OíFinneganís Irish Stout 4.13/19/2011Rate 2.965
Hydes Old Amarillo 4.55/28/2014Rate 2.761
Hydes Old Indie 3.53/27/2016Rate 32
Hydes Original (Bottle) 3.812/21/2009Rate 0
Hydes Original Bitter (Cask) 3.88/19/2002Rate 3.046747
Hydes Original Smooth 4.05/17/2004Rate 2.811
Hydes Outcast 4.39/20/2014Rate 2.741
Hydes Over A Barrel 4.13/16/2010Rate 2.82814
Hydes Over The Moon 4.39/23/2004Rate 2.916
Hydes Owd Bill 4.59/20/2008Rate 2.986
Hydes Owd Oak 3.56/6/2004Rate 2.781139
Hydes Paddock Wood 4.53/5/2015Rate 2.944324
Hydes Perfection 4.52/21/2005Rate 2.824
Hydes Plum Treat 4.03/21/2011Rate 2.82619
Hydes Prague 4.81/13/2015Rate 2.81
Hydes Provenance Bovec Blonde 4.111/4/2016Rate 0
Hydes Provenance Bruges 4.32/23/2016Rate 2.954518
Hydes Provenance Dublin 4.111/21/2016Rate 2.952
Hydes Provenance Lebelski 4.410/9/2016Rate 2.831
Hydes Provenance West Coast Wheat Ale 4.01/18/2017Rate 0
Hydes Quays Gold 3.98/1/2013Rate 2.894
Hydes Racey Rudolph 4.011/25/2012Rate 2.77209
Hydes Rack n Ruin 4.18/31/2003Rate 3.133
Hydes Request 4.08/19/2014Rate 2.974
Hydes Reserve Premium Lager 5.212/21/2009Rate 0
Hydes Retired 3.66/16/2014Rate 0
Hydes Rocketeer 4.510/2/2009Rate 2.865
Hydes Rockin Robin 4.412/15/2007Rate 2.97509
Hydes Rompers Rein 5.011/29/2003Rate 3.412
Hydes Rose & Crown 4.34/17/2016Rate 2.941
Hydes Sacre Bleu 4.45/17/2009Rate 2.884
Hydes Satisfaction 4.24/13/2005Rate 2.691
Hydes Seventh Heaven 5.01/3/2005Rate 3.283
Hydes Ship Shape 4.26/4/2011Rate 2.745
Hydes Smooth Light 3.212/21/2009Rate 0
Hydes Spin Doctor 4.24/25/2009Rate 2.71410
Hydes Splash & Dash 4.43/4/2011Rate 2.833
Hydes Spring Symphony 4.24/12/2015Rate 2.771
Hydes St Georges Bitter 4.37/26/2007Rate 2.863
Hydes Stormtrooper 5.011/24/2006Rate 3.256
Hydes Stowaway 4.11/17/2013Rate 2.783
Hydes Styrian Spring 4.23/16/2004Rate 2.881
Hydes Summer Challenger 4.08/19/2002Rate 2.824
Hydes Summertime Blue 4.17/21/2007Rate 2.84299
Hydes Swift Delivery 4.07/28/2011Rate 2.887
Hydes The Crown 4.12/20/2016Rate 2.891
Hydes The Mill 4.52/5/2014Rate 2.82
Hydes The Ship 4.25/16/2016Rate 2.871
Hydes The Star 5.51/12/2017Rate 2.921
Hydes The Swan 3.91/9/2016Rate 2.891
Hydes Thirst Aid 4.39/29/2011Rate 2.772
Hydes Three Sheikhs to the Wind 4.512/10/2009Rate 2.812
Hydes Thriller 4.510/13/2007Rate 2.945
Hydes Tickety Boo 4.111/2/2004Rate 2.662
Hydes Tightrope 4.35/12/2010Rate 2.893
Hydes Triple Crown 4.02/14/2015Rate 2.761
Hydes Trojan Horse 4.23/16/2008Rate 2.671312
Hydes Vertigo 4.23/20/2007Rate 2.846
Hydes Voyager 4.29/23/2013Rate 2.812
Hydes What A Drop 4.49/10/2015Rate 2.891
Hydes Winter Fuggle 4.21/4/2012Rate 2.93710
Hydes Wollogong 4.36/11/2016Rate 2.981
Hydes XXXX 6.85/6/2007Rate 3.16509
Hydes Yakima IPA 5.53/7/2015Rate 3.063
Hydes Yule Be Back 4.312/5/2005Rate 2.892313
Hydes Yule Rejoice 4.012/16/2014Rate 2.812

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