Indslev Bryggeri / Ugly Duck Brewing co.

St. Landevej 13, Nr. Aaby, Denmark 5580
Fri: 14-17
sat: 10-14

Associated place: Tribeca Ugly Duck

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Beer Here / Ugly Duck Helmuth Kellerbier
Brewed by/for Beer Here
4.64/22/2013Rate 3.2792178
Bies Fyrkat Dunkel (alias)
Brewed by/for Beer Here
Bies Hobbie Pilsnerøl (alias)
Brewed by/for Beer Here
Bies Julebryg (2011-12)
Brewed by/for Bies Bryghus
6.011/26/2011Rate 2.82017
Bies Pullert Porter
Brewed by/for Bies Bryghus
6.011/26/2011Rate 2.951422
Djævlebryg Dark Beast 6.59/29/2011Rate 3.4959151
Coisbo Astoria Black (-2011)
Brewed by/for Coisbo Beer
5.012/20/2010Rate 3.224727
Croocked Moon Across The Universe
Brewed by/for Croocked Moon Brewing
6.09/12/2013Rate 3.376330
Croocked Moon Summertime Groove
Brewed by/for Croocked Moon Brewing
4.77/17/2014Rate 3.385533
Basement Lager (alias)
Brewed by/for Croocked Moon Brewing
Carlsens Kvarter Lecker Bier 5.13/31/2010Rate 2.864617
Fam. Ølgaard Sir Club Classic 4.63/14/2018Rate 3.041
Gendarm IPA 6.312/21/2017Rate 3.144
Indslev Enthusiator (forsøgsbryg T8) (alias) 8.53/20/2007
Indslev Bamberg 4.94/28/2014Rate 3.012046
Indslev Bryllupsbryg 4.46/25/2009Rate 2.815
Indslev Campus (alias) -6/4/2008
Indslev Cockney Pub Sommerhvede (alias) 4.46/25/2009
Indslev Flora Wit 4.48/16/2013Rate 2.53537
Indslev Fødselsdagsbryg 4.85/21/2008Rate 2.832717
Indslev Forsøgsbryg -10/19/2009Rate 2.822720
Indslev Frederiks Jul 8.010/16/2013Rate 3.163693
Indslev Frederiks Påske 5.52/24/2014Rate 2.94675
Indslev Frokost 3.73/18/2015Rate 2.719325
Indslev Frokost Hvede Årgang 2016 3.712/6/2016Rate 3.123
Indslev Hvede Bock 7.55/7/2006Rate 3.2748149
Indslev Hvede I.P.A. 5.53/19/2010Rate 3.1672171
Indslev Hvid 4.45/7/2006Rate 2.6711106
Indslev Hvid Granatæble 4.85/31/2013Rate 2.792812
Indslev Hvid Tranebær 4.85/31/2013Rate 2.631114
Indslev Julehvede 6.510/29/2006Rate 3.0762146
Indslev Middelfart Dubbel 7.05/30/2015Rate 3.062330
Indslev Middelfart Dubbel Fadlagret 7.012/2/2016Rate 3.194614
Indslev Mørk Hvede 4.94/26/2012Rate 2.963764
Indslev Påske Hvede 6.02/24/2007Rate 3.0659108
Indslev Sommerhvede (alias) 4.47/4/2009
Indslev Sort Hvede 6.59/23/2006Rate 3.3793234
Indslev Spelt Bock 7.03/20/2007Rate 3.2444162
Indslev Svane Hvede 5.35/7/2006Rate 2.9339161
Indslev Vends Herreds Årgang 2015 5.512/3/2015Rate 3.127825
Indslev White IPA 6.54/28/2016Rate 3.379332
Indslev Wit (Blåbær) 4.45/13/2012Rate 2.748
Indslev Wit (Granatæble) 4.45/10/2012Rate 2.856216
Indslev Wit (Hindbær/Hyldeblomst) 4.45/11/2012Rate 2.824
Indslev Wit (Jordbær/Hyldeblomst) 4.45/13/2012Rate 2.828
Indslev Wit (Rabarber/Vanilje) 4.46/13/2012Rate 2.874
Indslev Wit (Solbær) 4.45/10/2012Rate 2.765117
Krone Classic (alias) 4.69/21/2012
Krone Pilsner (alias) 4.69/23/2012
Rub & Stub Classic (alias) 4.611/17/2013
Taxa Pilsner (alias) 4.66/16/2012
Ugly Duck / De Molen Eendens & Molens (alias) 115/28/2015
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble 1110/31/2015Rate 3.868761
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing but Trouble - Barrel Aged Sherry (batch #2) 1212/6/2017Rate 3.194
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble Barrel Aged Cognac 1110/24/2015Rate 3.838435
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble Barrel Aged Jack Daniels 1110/24/2015Rate 3.929239
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble Barrel Aged Red Wine 1110/24/2015Rate 3.99040
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble Barrel Aged Sherry 1110/24/2015Rate 3.899148
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble Barrel Aged Smoked Whiskey 1110/24/2015Rate 3.746945
Ugly Duck / De Molen Nothing But Trouble Barrel Aged Whiskey 1110/24/2015Rate 3.899030
Ugly Duck / Ghost Golden Shower 5.911/6/2015Rate 3.278
Ugly Duck / Ghost West Coast IPA 6.57/19/2014Rate 3.385064
Ugly Duck / Hornbeer Export Lager 5.512/6/2014Rate 3.119240
Ugly Duck / Kolding Bryglaug Højsaison 7.52/20/2014Rate 3.436178
Ugly Duck / Kolding Bryglaug Højsaison (BA Chardonnay) 8.25/20/2014Rate 3.57846
Ugly Duck / Kolding Bryglaug Hr. Hjortbøl 11.32/26/2016Rate 3.363513
Ugly Duck / Kolding Bryglaug Milk The Duck 6.02/8/2018Rate 3.22319
Ugly Duck / Kolding Bryglaug Montezuma's Revenge -5/12/2017Rate 3.474711
Ugly Duck / Mikkeller 50 g/l 9.03/17/2018Rate 3.66812
Ugly Duck / Yankee & Kraut Øcto 8.22/1/2018Rate 3.474327
Ugly Duck Amarillo & Citra IPA 5.91/9/2013Rate 3.5584237
Ugly Duck Belgisk Blonde 5.55/10/2012Rate 2.973911
Ugly Duck Belgo 9.04/14/2012Rate 3.284653
Ugly Duck Berliner Weisse (version 1) 4.08/25/2016Rate 2.973
Ugly Duck Birch Beer 4.66/3/2013Rate 2.939918
Ugly Duck Black Swan 6.511/25/2017Rate 3.061
Ugly Duck Blueberry Sour 4.02/28/2018Rate 3.192
Ugly Duck Bugs Bunny 7.03/28/2018Rate 2.981
Ugly Duck Citra Kellerbier 4.65/22/2013Rate 3.379621
Ugly Duck DubStar 7.25/30/2013Rate 3.24749
Ugly Duck Fairbar Galaxy (alias) 4.64/11/2013
Ugly Duck Farmhouse Ale 6.52/19/2016Rate 3.413733
Ugly Duck Foxy Brown 5.95/25/2014Rate 3.3988106
Ugly Duck Full Re-Tart Berliner Weisse 4.010/3/2016Rate 3.233320
Ugly Duck Funk You 6.58/27/2013Rate 3.484485
Ugly Duck Galaxy Pale Ale 4.612/28/2012Rate 3.256229
Ugly Duck Golden Eye 5.910/29/2015Rate 3.298060
Ugly Duck Great American Nude 4.65/12/2017Rate 3.393413
Ugly Duck Great American Nude - Full Monty 4.65/12/2017Rate 3.368
Ugly Duck Hail Mary 11.25/18/2016Rate 3.297
Ugly Duck Hail Mary Quadrupel 114/27/2016Rate 3.424010
Ugly Duck Hans Across the Water (alias) 103/16/2012
Ugly Duck Hop Devil 7.52/28/2014Rate 3.6493149
Ugly Duck Hopfest 7.54/23/2012Rate 3.5686150
Ugly Duck Hoppy Christmas 5.910/18/2012Rate 3.5280146
Ugly Duck Imperial Pumpkin Ale 9.710/29/2016Rate 3.237425
Ugly Duck Imperial Red Ale 8.25/18/2016Rate 3.536526
Ugly Duck Imperial Red Ale (No dry hop) 8.28/25/2016Rate 3.213
Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter 103/27/2012Rate 3.7177321
Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter - Barrel Aged 105/28/2015Rate 3.788416
Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter - Tequila Barrel Aged 9.56/17/2017Rate 3.344
Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter (Colombia) 109/7/2014Rate 3.373
Ugly Duck Imperial Vanilla Coffee Porter (Guatemala) 108/31/2014Rate 3.134
Ugly Duck Juicy Pony 6.05/20/2017Rate 3.454226
Ugly Duck Kinky Cowboy 6.59/17/2017Rate 3.538225
Ugly Duck LemonHalfMoon Gose 4.05/13/2017Rate 3.396210
Ugly Duck Lovecraft 5.05/11/2018Rate 3.052
Ugly Duck Miami Vice 4.88/31/2013Rate 3.4181206
Ugly Duck Miami Weiss 4.75/18/2016Rate 3.238223
Ugly Duck Montezuma’s Pipe 129/23/2017Rate 3.142
Ugly Duck Mosaic Pale Ale 4.65/11/2013Rate 3.124320
Ugly Duck Nelson 4.64/23/2012Rate 3.3672143
Ugly Duck Obama 4.84/23/2016Rate 3.438457
Ugly Duck Papsø In The Tropics 7.55/6/2013Rate 3.659496
Ugly Duck Putin 8.95/1/2013Rate 3.6246156
Ugly Duck Putins 1010/1/2015Rate 3.584226
Ugly Duck Retro Double IPA 9.011/8/2015Rate 3.667874
Ugly Duck Rolfert 102/18/2013Rate 3.392520
Ugly Duck Rye Porter 7.82/25/2012Rate 3.5546139
Ugly Duck Rye Porter Cherry 7.811/5/2014Rate 2.932
Ugly Duck Saison 6.19/2/2013Rate 3.142011
Ugly Duck Saison De Bruxellensis 8.01/27/2018Rate 3.343
Ugly Duck Saison du Chardonnay (alias) 7.52/5/2018
Ugly Duck Simcoe & Chinook IPA 5.97/21/2012Rate 3.4771214
Ugly Duck Simcoe IPA 6.56/13/2012Rate 3.246
Ugly Duck Sorachi Aced 4.63/24/2012Rate 3.13390
Ugly Duck Tequila Barrel Aged Double Retro 9.05/18/2017Rate 3.312113
Ugly Duck Tribeca Hoppy Lager 5.06/17/2017Rate 3.243416
Ugly Duck Tribeca Raspberry Sour 4.06/17/2017Rate 3.446310
Ugly Duck Tribeca Weizen 4.72/19/2018Rate 2.831
Ugly Duck Tripel Saison (alias) 7.59/3/2014
Ugly Duck Ugly Christmas 7.511/1/2013Rate 3.398888
Ugly Duck Undertoad 7.05/11/2017Rate 3.497438
Ugly Duck Wheat Wine 11.45/18/2016Rate 3.097
Ugly Duck White Rabbit 7.02/19/2016Rate 3.497444
Ugly Duck White Rabbit Sauternes BA 8.06/15/2017Rate 3.314
Ugly Duck X-Mas Anomali 7.55/13/2017Rate 3.32279
Klosterbryggeriet Abbed Gunners Juleale
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
6.19/14/2008Rate 3.054255
Klosterbryggeriet Abbed Peders Jul
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
8.310/19/2009Rate 3.274637
Klosterbryggeriet Årsøl
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
6.55/23/2008Rate 2.943473
Klosterbryggeriet Hamborgøl
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
8.05/23/2008Rate 2.851065
Klosterbryggeriet Humle Hyld
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
5.27/5/2010Rate 2.994144
Klosterbryggeriet Oluf Kviter
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
7.01/24/2009Rate 3.024053
Klosterbryggeriet Skt. Søren
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
4.91/29/2009Rate 2.812844
Klosterbryggeriet Spøttrup Borg Lys Ale (alias)
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
Klosterbryggeriet Svendeøl
Brewed by/for Klosterbryggeriet
5.35/23/2008Rate 2.731260
Den Gyldne Krone
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
4.67/6/2015Rate 3.124
Fam. Ølgaard Carlsens Kvarter 7212 Kellermärzen
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
5.61/29/2012Rate 2.792525
Fam. Ølgaard Classic
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
4.69/21/2012Rate 2.591154
Fam. Ølgaard Dunkel
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
4.67/19/2013Rate 2.546
Fam. Ølgaard Halvmørk
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
5.02/26/2012Rate 3.016
Fam. Ølgaard Jul
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
5.312/8/2010Rate 2.815421
Fam. Ølgaard Orange Moon
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
5.47/29/2016Rate 2.717
Fam. Ølgaard Påske (alias)
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
Fam. Ølgaard Pilsner
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
4.55/11/2009Rate 2.773679
Fam. Ølgaard Sort Pilsner
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
4.41/18/2012Rate 3.084623
Indslev Fairbars Økologiske Pilsner (alias)
Brewed by/for Ølgaard
Raasted Black Gold Coffee Stout
Brewed by/for Raasted Bryghus
6.02/13/2009Rate 3.418380
Raasted Dunkel
Brewed by/for Raasted Bryghus
4.68/19/2009Rate 3.015560
Raasted Hvede
Brewed by/for Raasted Bryghus
4.68/25/2009Rate 2.944634
Raasted Kaffe Stout
Brewed by/for Raasted Bryghus
6.03/8/2010Rate 3.153755
Raasted Weissbier (alias)
Brewed by/for Raasted Bryghus

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