Intracoastal Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 82/100 251 ratings
652 W. Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne, Florida, USA 32935
Thur: 5 to 10 pm
Fri: 5 to 11 pm
Sat: 12 noon to 11 pm
Sun: 1 to 8 pm

Associated place: Intracoastal Brewing
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Intracoastal 0% PaelO Ale 5.29/16/2013Rate 2.841
Intracoastal 6 Pack American Pale Ale 5.43/28/2015Rate 2.861
Intracoastal 7 Peppers in Heaven 5.53/25/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal Albatross Pale Ale 5.610/1/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Amber Staves of Grain 5.32/1/2014Rate 2.841
Intracoastal Amberica 5.58/9/2015Rate 2.981
Intracoastal Apricot & Peach Hefe 5.26/27/2016Rate 2.982
Intracoastal Apricot Hefe 5.23/15/2016Rate 3.052
Intracoastal Baby H 7.512/31/2014Rate 2.82
Intracoastal Baby Rhesus (Peanut Butter Porter) 6.19/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Baltic Porter 8.57/22/2016Rate 3.061
Intracoastal Belgain IPA 6.312/20/2015Rate 3.021
Intracoastal Belgian Dubbel Trubbel 7.42/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Belgian Pale Ale 5.87/9/2016Rate 3.133
Intracoastal Biere de Garde 7.76/27/2016Rate 3.111
Intracoastal Biggest Little Stout in the Southeast 3.611/14/2015Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Black and Blue (Blueberry Porter) 5.78/1/2014Rate 3.052
Intracoastal Black Out 6.28/16/2014Rate 2.841
Intracoastal Black Pepper Bacon 6.06/18/2016Rate 3.052
Intracoastal Black Saison with Pink Peppercorns 5.92/18/2015Rate 3.192710
Intracoastal Black Walnut Amber Lager 4.83/15/2016Rate 3.091
Intracoastal Blitzen Belgian Strong 9.01/10/2014Rate 2.732
Intracoastal Blonde Bombshell 4.811/14/2013Rate 2.962
Intracoastal Blonde Stout 6.63/28/2015Rate 3.283
Intracoastal Blowfish Brown (alias) 5.611/14/2013
Intracoastal Blueberry Floridaweisse 3.55/14/2016Rate 32
Intracoastal Bohemian Blonde 5.32/23/2014Rate 2.811
Intracoastal Boobie Beet Wheat 5.210/30/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Booby Berry Berliner 3.711/6/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Boss Hefe (alias) 5.22/4/2017
Intracoastal Brevard Brown 5.57/9/2016Rate 3.041
Intracoastal Brewschetta 5.310/1/2014Rate 2.572
Intracoastal Brittle N Bits 6.011/29/2014Rate 2.881
Intracoastal Bro’s Kolsch 5.012/27/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Cascade SMASH 5.83/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Channel Marker Red (alias) 5.23/29/2014
Intracoastal Chasing Some Pale 6.13/14/2014Rate 2.931
Intracoastal Cherry Sour Stout 6.01/2/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Cherry Waves Mild 3.82/23/2014Rate 3.114
Intracoastal Chocolate Bacon 6.06/29/2015Rate 3.162
Intracoastal Chocolate Coffee Stout 7.210/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Cinnamon Toast Crunch Ale 8.18/5/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series # 21 IPA 6.511/6/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series # 29 IPA 7.25/7/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #11 IPA 7.011/14/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #18 IPA 6.99/5/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #2 IPA 6.412/22/2014Rate 2.871
Intracoastal Coastal Series #20 IPA -10/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #25 IPA 6.81/2/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #26 IPA 6.61/16/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #27 IPA 7.02/4/2017Rate 3.061
Intracoastal Coastal Series #28 IPA 6.93/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Coastal Series #4 IPA 6.82/18/2015Rate 3.417
Intracoastal Coastal Series #8 IPA 7.38/10/2015Rate 31
Intracoastal Coastal Series Sweet #16 IPA 6.76/4/2016Rate 2.941
Intracoastal Coffee & Maple Bacon Stout 6.86/18/2016Rate 3.052
Intracoastal Coffee Stout 7.32/1/2014Rate 2.881
Intracoastal Cousin Rye 6.16/15/2014Rate 2.861
Intracoastal Cranpaw Tarted Again! 5.81/16/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Cuban Coffee Crisis 5.72/7/2016Rate 3.131
Intracoastal Cucumber Delight 5.18/9/2015Rate 3.041
Intracoastal Cucumber Lime Blonde 5.08/9/2015Rate 3.223
Intracoastal Curtis Kolsch 4.85/14/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Cut-Off Jean Schwarz 5.010/18/2013Rate 3.022
Intracoastal D’Alt Bier 5.15/26/2016Rate 2.981
Intracoastal Dampfbier 5.110/1/2014Rate 2.962
Intracoastal Dankaroo IPA 7.210/1/2014Rate 3.072
Intracoastal Dat Ye Olde Ale Tho 8.23/15/2016Rate 2.882
Intracoastal Dave Tripelle 9.06/11/2017Rate 31
Intracoastal Decompression Session 4.611/22/2015Rate 3.153
Intracoastal Doppelgänger (Belgian Blonde) 6.58/1/2014Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Double Black IPA 8.02/4/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Dragon Point IPA 6.59/6/2013Rate 3.093
Intracoastal Dry Hopped Berliner Weisse 3.73/15/2017Rate 3.111
Intracoastal Dry Hopped Blonde 5.82/4/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Dunkel Buck (alias) 5.210/7/2016
Intracoastal Easy Order Porter (alias) 5.53/25/2014
Intracoastal Eau Gallie Short Bus 6.512/28/2013Rate 2.964
Intracoastal Eau Gallie Weiss (alias) 5.22/7/2016
Intracoastal Empire Strikes Back (ESB) 6.14/1/2014Rate 2.792
Intracoastal English Barleywine 10.24/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal English Mild 4.33/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Espress Oh! Porter 6.111/14/2013Rate 2.972
Intracoastal Express Yo Self! 5.88/9/2015Rate 3.041
Intracoastal Extra Pale Ale 6.05/14/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Fashionably Late Egg Nog 6.21/2/2017Rate 3.122
Intracoastal First Batch Pale Ale 5.76/12/2017Rate 2.981
Intracoastal Five Alive 6.412/26/2014Rate 2.973
Intracoastal Flaming Irish Stout 5.66/11/2017Rate 2.941
Intracoastal Florida Common 6.08/1/2014Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Frail Snail Pale Ale 6.112/27/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Fruity Pebbles IPA 7.010/30/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Ghost of Annie (Ghost Pepper Dragon Point IPA) 6.89/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Ginger Twist Saison 5.62/1/2014Rate 2.952
Intracoastal Gingerbread Stout 8.02/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Gluten Reduced Pale Ale 5.63/4/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Gose the Gozerian 4.910/1/2014Rate 2.982
Intracoastal Grandma’s Oatmeal Stout 5.612/21/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Granny Smyth Apple Pie 5.911/29/2014Rate 2.912
Intracoastal Great White IPA 6.15/14/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Grisette 4.29/3/2016Rate 3.021
Intracoastal Hallertau Blanc SMaSH IPA 6.56/11/2017Rate 2.961
Intracoastal Happy Baby Brown (alias) 5.33/29/2014
Intracoastal Hazel’s Cocoa Nuts 5.51/10/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal Head-In-A-Weisse (Hefeweizen) (alias) 5.211/14/2013
Intracoastal Helluva Caramel Vanilla 6.25/2/2014Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Hitching Post Porter 5.712/27/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Hoppy American Wheat 5.85/26/2016Rate 2.981
Intracoastal Hoppy Sessions 4.75/22/2014Rate 2.871
Intracoastal How Now Hazelnut Brown 5.712/21/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Hugh Hefe 124/15/2017Rate 3.151
Intracoastal I Dream of Cream 5.110/18/2013Rate 2.771
Intracoastal I’ll Java Pumpkin Please 6.511/6/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Imperial Pils 7.52/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Indialantic Pale Ale (IPA) 6.93/25/2014Rate 2.892
Intracoastal Irish Car Bomb Stout 5.55/14/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Irish Samurai Dry Stout 5.02/23/2014Rate 2.952
Intracoastal Jackie Brown 5.74/27/2016Rate 2.941
Intracoastal James Blonde 4.58/16/2014Rate 2.881
Intracoastal Jasmine Green Tea Pale Ale 5.65/7/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Java Pumpkin Latte 7.011/6/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Jolly Good Ale (English Style Pale Ale) 6.08/1/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal Kentucky Common 5.111/6/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Kentucky Derby Day Pie (Brown Ale) 5.75/14/2016Rate 3.111
Intracoastal Kiss Me I’m Stout 4.811/6/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Krissy and the Kolsch 4.89/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Lager 5.14/15/2017Rate 2.921
Intracoastal Lawnmower Lite 4.55/2/2014Rate 3.015
Intracoastal Lemon City Saison 6.03/28/2015Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Lemon Shandy 4.011/6/2016Rate 31
Intracoastal Lemongrass & Ginger Saison 5.63/3/2014Rate 2.91
Intracoastal Lichtenhainer 4.06/12/2017Rate 3.091
Intracoastal Lime Cerveza 5.34/2/2017Rate 2.941
Intracoastal Lonely And Corny (Mex Corn Beer) 5.53/29/2014Rate 2.82
Intracoastal Magic School Bus Saison 5.811/22/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Mango Berliner Weisse 3.89/3/2016Rate 3.021
Intracoastal Mango Datil Pepper Dragon Point IPA 6.89/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Mango Dragon Point IPA 6.89/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Mango Hefe 5.47/22/2016Rate 3.021
Intracoastal Maple Bacon 5.76/28/2015Rate 3.123
Intracoastal MawMaw’s Pale Ale 5.84/9/2016Rate 3.052
Intracoastal Mayor Brown 5.42/23/2014Rate 2.972
Intracoastal McStouty 4.710/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Mexican Delight 7.83/28/2015Rate 2.91
Intracoastal Milk Stout 5.75/7/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Milkstache 6.27/5/2016Rate 3.131
Intracoastal MLB’s Non Stop Porter (alias) 6.04/15/2017
Intracoastal Morning Punch 7.16/15/2014Rate 2.841
Intracoastal Mosaic SMaSH 6.56/27/2016Rate 3.061
Intracoastal Mr. D’s Dunkel 5.22/1/2014Rate 2.742
Intracoastal Neapolitan Cream Ale 6.02/4/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Nectarine Berliner Weisse 4.03/15/2016Rate 2.961
Intracoastal Negra Ryedelo 5.411/6/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal Next Door Amber 5.512/20/2015Rate 2.961
Intracoastal No Pump’kintended 8.411/6/2014Rate 3.44
Intracoastal O.E. Brown Ale 5.41/2/2017Rate 3.273
Intracoastal Oak Aged Stout 8.04/9/2016Rate 3.092
Intracoastal Oatmeal Pale Ale 4.810/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Oats ma Goats 6.03/28/2015Rate 2.961
Intracoastal Oktoberfestivus 5.710/1/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal Orange Berliner Weisse 4.03/15/2017Rate 3.091
Intracoastal Orange-A-Peel 5.37/6/2014Rate 3.022
Intracoastal P ’Ale’ Sner 5.09/6/2013Rate 2.892
Intracoastal Pale Rye-der 5.611/14/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Pappy’s Smoked Red 5.91/2/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Passion of the Fruit 5.39/9/2015Rate 3.261
Intracoastal Passion On a Pedestal 6.24/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Peanut Butter Jelly Time 5.45/7/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Petey’s Wheaty 5.38/9/2015Rate 2.871
Intracoastal Play On Saison 6.54/9/2016Rate 3.091
Intracoastal Port Hopper 7.53/15/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Port St. Bitter 4.53/28/2015Rate 2.811
Intracoastal Port Wine Barrel Aged Baltic Porter 7.97/6/2014Rate 2.841
Intracoastal Porter Canaveral 6.09/6/2013Rate 3.164
Intracoastal Pout (Porter/Stout Hybrid) 6.810/30/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Pretty Fly for a Wit Guy 5.38/10/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Prickly Pear Gose -6/11/2017Rate 3.041
Intracoastal Pucker Up 6.88/4/2014Rate 2.82
Intracoastal Pumpkin Ain’t Easy (Pumpkin Ale) 5.311/14/2013Rate 2.841
Intracoastal Razzmanian Devil 4.212/22/2014Rate 2.72
Intracoastal Red Dragon Point 6.55/14/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Red IPA 6.74/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Red Widow 6.72/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Rice Krispies Treat Cream Ale 6.011/22/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Rice Rice Baby 5.57/5/2016Rate 2.952
Intracoastal Right Hand Milk Stout 6.21/3/2014Rate 2.853
Intracoastal Rye Are You So Dericious 7.59/6/2013Rate 2.91
Intracoastal Rye of the Tiger 6.68/10/2015Rate 2.941
Intracoastal Ryetious Stout 7.710/18/2013Rate 2.861
Intracoastal Sac Brux IPA 7.33/4/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Shade Tree Pale Ale (Black Pale Ale) 6.27/6/2014Rate 2.81
Intracoastal Shandelicious 3.29/16/2013Rate 0
Intracoastal Shellfish Warning Saison 5.87/2/2015Rate 3.131
Intracoastal Sloppy Sessions IPA 4.81/10/2014Rate 2.811
Intracoastal Smack My Black Ale 8.011/14/2013Rate 2.811
Intracoastal SMaSH Hops Down (Hoppy Calypso SMaSH) 6.22/1/2014Rate 2.731
Intracoastal Smoked Red Dawn 5.59/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Smokey the Porter 5.72/1/2014Rate 2.81
Intracoastal Smokey the Porter - Bourbon Barrel Aged 106/4/2016Rate 3.151
Intracoastal Smooth Hopperator 9.12/23/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal Sore Amber 5.59/6/2013Rate 3.022
Intracoastal Sour Blonde Smash 6.29/3/2016Rate 3.021
Intracoastal Sour IPA 6.16/27/2016Rate 2.882
Intracoastal Space Oddity Lite 5.02/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Spank the Manny 5.55/14/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal Stand Up and Stout 6.41/2/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Staves of Grain (alias) 5.32/23/2014
Intracoastal Straight Up Stout 6.62/26/2017Rate 2.891
Intracoastal Strong Like Bull 8.57/6/2014Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Summer Centennial Sessions 4.82/11/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal Summer School Session Saison 3.98/10/2015Rate 3.021
Intracoastal SuperStar Fruit! 5.43/14/2014Rate 3.024
Intracoastal Taproot 8.06/27/2016Rate 3.061
Intracoastal Tart This Way 6.512/20/2015Rate 2.771
Intracoastal That’s One Funky Peach 4.11/10/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal That’s Plum Tart (Saison) 5.810/7/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal The Elvis 5.86/18/2016Rate 3.022
Intracoastal The Greeper 8.410/1/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal The Hoffmeister 5.110/1/2014Rate 0
Intracoastal The John Lithgow (Triple IPA) 9.412/20/2015Rate 2.871
Intracoastal The Lime Gose 4.27/4/2016Rate 2.921
Intracoastal The Quad 9.69/4/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal The Repeater 8.411/6/2016Rate 0
Intracoastal The Rupert Holmes 5.410/30/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal The Schwarz Awakens 5.012/21/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal The Schwarz is with You 7.08/9/2015Rate 31
Intracoastal The Walking Red 4.93/3/2014Rate 2.934
Intracoastal The Way Too Early Imperial Egg Nog Cream Ale - Barrel Aged 104/9/2016Rate 2.832
Intracoastal The Weasley (Ginger Beer) 6.03/15/2017Rate 0
Intracoastal This is Americ’Ale’ 5.02/1/2014Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Told You Once Black Rye IPA 7.73/3/2014Rate 2.931
Intracoastal Tripel Threat 9.04/27/2016Rate 2.941
Intracoastal Turn That Frown Upside Down Brown (alias) 5.311/14/2015
Intracoastal Wastin’ Hops 8.06/11/2017Rate 3.324
Intracoastal Watermelon Summer Ale 5.77/19/2016Rate 2.831
Intracoastal Watermelon Wheat 5.28/10/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal Weizenbock 7.810/30/2015Rate 0
Intracoastal What GOSE Around 4.83/15/2016Rate 3.072
Intracoastal White IPA 5.98/16/2014Rate 2.881
Intracoastal Wit Boys Can Brew 4.93/5/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal XXX Strong Ale 10.59/6/2013Rate 2.932
Intracoastal Yellow Belly 7.76/15/2014Rate 2.791
Intracoastal Yule Log Egg Nog (alias) 6.23/16/2014

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