Iron Goat Back East New England IPA 6.98/13/2017Rate 3.243
Iron Goat Blackberry Apricot Sour 6.57/8/2015Rate 3.131
Iron Goat Bleating Red Ale 5.48/12/2012Rate 2.932
Iron Goat Brick & Steel IPA 6.79/17/2017Rate 3.091
Iron Goat Cap'n Kidd Scotch Ale 7.56/20/2013Rate 2.791
Iron Goat Cherry Sour 6.48/26/2016Rate 0
Iron Goat Citra Fresh Hop Session 4.811/5/2013Rate 2.81
Iron Goat Dageraad -11/7/2017Rate 2.981
Iron Goat Damn Hot Blonde 5.08/12/2012Rate 0
Iron Goat Dry Fly Barrel Aged Goatnik 1211/24/2016Rate 3.041
Iron Goat Dry Fly Gin Barrel-Aged Head Butt IPA 7.78/26/2016Rate 0
Iron Goat Farmhouse French Saison 6.25/4/2014Rate 2.861
Iron Goat Flying Irish Pale 6.05/4/2014Rate 2.871
Iron Goat Garbage Pale Ale 5.28/12/2012Rate 2.922
Iron Goat Goat Pith Lemon Sour 6.511/24/2016Rate 3.041
Iron Goat Goatmeal Stout 5.68/12/2012Rate 3.417210
Iron Goat Goatörhead Triple IPA 10.22/6/2015Rate 3.14
Iron Goat Head Butt IPA 6.78/12/2012Rate 3.324614
Iron Goat Impaler 8.59/8/2012Rate 3.261615
Iron Goat Lawn Mower ISA 4.85/4/2014Rate 2.61
Iron Goat Passion Fruit Guava Sour 7.210/22/2017Rate 3.131
Iron Goat Pro-Am IPL 4.710/22/2017Rate 3.061
Iron Goat Rhubarb Farmhouse Ale 6.28/26/2016Rate 3.151
Iron Goat Russian Imperial Stout 9.92/4/2013Rate 0
Iron Goat Spo-Hop Fresh Hop IPA 5.111/21/2015Rate 3.151
Iron Goat To Helles And Back 5.810/18/2017Rate 31
Iron Goat Trashy Blonde 5.06/20/2013Rate 2.993

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