Flatback IPA 6.510/18/2014Rate 2.957
Iron Spike American Wheat 5.010/18/2014Rate 2.61
Iron Spike Backdraught IPA 8.28/31/2014Rate 2.81
Iron Spike Barrel Aged Dark Territory 9.011/13/2016Rate 3.061
Iron Spike Cherry Ale 5.010/18/2014Rate 2.61
Iron Spike Dark Territory 8.53/14/2015Rate 3.091
Iron Spike De-Railed Ale 6.73/21/2014Rate 2.972
Iron Spike Handcar Hefe 4.94/17/2016Rate 3.084
Iron Spike Imperial Porter 8.810/18/2014 U  2.871
Iron Spike Light Rail 5.04/17/2016Rate 3.063
Iron Spike Lightning Slinger (Galesburg Golden Ale) 5.13/21/2014Rate 2.912
Iron Spike Midnight Express 5.510/18/2014Rate 2.873
Iron Spike Peanut Buster 6.012/25/2017Rate 2.762
Iron Spike Pullman's PV 8.87/3/2014Rate 2.952
Iron Spike Red Line Pale Ale 6.09/20/2018Rate 3.151
Iron Spike Screaming Thunderbox 9.93/21/2014Rate 3.092
Iron Spike Tequila Humpyard 7.54/5/2019Rate 3.091
Iron Spike The White Cliffs of Dover 6.58/31/2014Rate 2.871
Iron Spike Whistle Blowin' Wheat 6.23/21/2014Rate 2.952
Iron Spike Winter Dunkelweizen 7.03/14/2015Rate 0

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