JDub's 'Cuz I Got Rye 6.2511/1/2014Rate 2.933
JDub's / Cigar City Kettle Monster 6.667/27/2014Rate 3.064
JDub's / Terrapin Das Gloop 6.912/30/2014Rate 3.24811
JDub's 8-bitters 5.512/18/2016Rate 0
JDub's Albino's Blood 5.05/3/2014Rate 3.041
JDub's American Wild Barley Wine 1312/23/2015Rate 3.061
JDub's Another Damb Good 9.77/20/2016Rate 3.131
JDub's Balticmore Porter 8.54/8/2016Rate 33
JDub's Bavarian Forest 8.310/11/2015Rate 3.061
JDub's Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter 5.64/2/2016Rate 3.589557
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Blackberry 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.092
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Blueberry 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.021
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Blueberry Coffee 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.122
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Chai Tea And Mango 3.510/24/2015Rate 2.921
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Cherry Vanilla 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.122
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Coconut Pineapple Thai Curry 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.061
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Cranberry Lime 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.041
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Cucumber Ginger 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.041
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Grapefruit 3.910/24/2015Rate 3.022
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Hibiscus 3.910/24/2015Rate 31
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Kiwi Watermelon 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.041
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Lemon, Lime And Poblano 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.111
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Margarita 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.123
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Mosaic 3.510/24/2015Rate 31
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Muscadine Grapes 3.510/24/2015Rate 31
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Orange Turmeric 3.910/24/2015Rate 3.142
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Pineapple Passion Fruit 3.510/24/2015Rate 2.972
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Pumpkin and Allspice 3.510/24/2015Rate 31
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Starfruit 3.510/24/2015Rate 2.982
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Thai Curry 3.911/14/2015Rate 2.431
JDub's Berliner Weiss - Whiskey Soaked Wood 3.510/24/2015Rate 3.092
JDub's Berliner Weisse 3.56/14/2014Rate 3.214
JDub's Blonde de Sage 6.24/27/2014Rate 3.011
JDub's Blueberry IPA 6.75/21/2016Rate 3.334422
JDub's Casper -12/18/2016Rate 0
JDub's Chocolate Milk Stout 5.210/11/2015Rate 2.914
JDub's Chocolate Porter 5.62/14/2016Rate 3.131
JDub's Citra Sol 6.67/22/2016Rate 0
JDub's Citrus Thang 4.32/11/2014Rate 32
JDub's Crooked Coral 6.17/10/2016Rate 3.257
JDub's Damb Good Wee Heavy 1011/14/2015Rate 3.232
JDub's Das Alt 5.310/24/2015Rate 3.072
JDub's Detox Berliner Weisse (alias) 3.912/16/2015
JDub's Disambiguation 7.811/26/2014Rate 2.91
JDub's Doc Brown, Ph.D. 6.612/17/2016Rate 3.061
JDub's Double Decker 8.512/18/2016Rate 0
JDub's Double Up Top! IPA 8.011/1/2014Rate 3.224
JDub's Drifter In the Dark 11.59/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Drunk Uncle 5.57/20/2016Rate 3.283
JDub's Dub-ious One 8.311/14/2015Rate 0
JDub's Dulce Brown 5.08/4/2015Rate 3.061
JDub's Eagle Ale 5.29/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's East Kent Gold Ribbon -12/12/2015Rate 3.041
JDub's Elly Mae's Razz-Matazz Sour Wheat 3.93/13/2015Rate 2.945
JDub's En Haut 6.54/26/2016Rate 3.171
JDub's Esperanza 8.02/27/2015Rate 3.448
JDub's Evan's Doppelganger 7.17/20/2016Rate 3.041
JDub's Foxy Brown 5.27/9/2014Rate 2.811
JDub's French Oak Helter Spelter 5.29/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Frenchie French 8.99/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Ginger Wheat (alias) 5.97/22/2016
JDub's Good Shuckin' Stuff 8.612/18/2016Rate 0
JDub's Guid Mornin' Wee Heavy 7.811/1/2014Rate 3.125
JDub's Hail Dale Pale Ale 5.97/9/2014Rate 3.225
JDub's Heerlijker 6.39/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Helter Spelter 5.39/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Hensel's One Eye 4.27/20/2016Rate 3.041
JDub's Hold The Effin Jam! 9.53/12/2016Rate 2.891
JDub's Holy Mole 6.012/16/2015Rate 0
JDub's Honey Habanero Alt Beer 5.22/11/2014Rate 3.273
JDub's Honeydew Ya Wanna Go To the Pool? 5.08/25/2018Rate 0
JDub's Hot Chocolate 5.24/5/2014Rate 3.021
JDub's House Pale Ale 5.04/5/2014Rate 3.26
JDub's I’m Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa 9.56/14/2018Rate 3.091
JDub's Imperial Bell Cow 107/20/2016Rate 3.262
JDub's Juice Box Wheat 3.98/4/2015Rate 3.091
JDub's Kaweka Double IPA 9.26/26/2014Rate 3.053
JDub's Kill WHIT-ey 5.62/11/2014Rate 2.871
JDub's Kitten Mittens 9.812/18/2016Rate 0
JDub's Left on Lido 5.37/5/2016Rate 3.137
JDub's Legacy 3 107/19/2016Rate 3.061
Jdub's Less Than Jake Orange Wheat 4.53/30/2018Rate 3.191
JDub's Lido Leap 5.612/16/2015Rate 0
JDub's Lychee IPA 6.77/20/2016Rate 3.092
JDub's Macaroon Porter 6.01/9/2016Rate 3.021
JDub's Milk Stout 4.07/9/2014Rate 3.165
JDub's Mocha Stout 117/22/2016Rate 3.111
JDub's Mr. Weiss Guy 3.912/5/2015Rate 3.193
JDub's Naked @ Midnight 7.59/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Night Ryeder 5.811/1/2014Rate 2.982
JDub's Ol' Smokey 5.011/1/2014Rate 3.063
JDub's Orange IPA 7.03/23/2016Rate 3.023
JDub's Pairs Well With Your Gnomies 4.77/22/2016Rate 3.021
JDub's Passion Wheat 4.210/11/2015Rate 3.278737
JDub's Patrick Swayzion 4.511/26/2014Rate 2.831
JDub's Playa Roja 5.012/16/2015Rate 2.812
JDub's Poolside Kölsch 5.09/26/2014Rate 3.035447
JDub's Quad-z-Moto 7.77/9/2014Rate 2.771
JDub's Randy Reaver Chocolate Dessert Stout -3/23/2014Rate 3.092
JDub's Raspberry IPA 6.512/3/2016Rate 3.274
JDub's Red Hole Sun 6.63/23/2018Rate 2.961
JDub's Right On Siesta Citra Pale Ale 6.04/15/2017Rate 3.091
JDub's Rock Da House 5.911/1/2014Rate 2.92
JDub's San Cristobal 10.512/28/2015Rate 3.44
JDub's Say Wheat 5.04/5/2014Rate 3.163
JDub's Season's Greetings 5.71/4/2018Rate 3.535
JDub's Sexy Lexow 5.98/4/2015Rate 2.972
JDub's Sinister Monk 12.22/29/2016Rate 3.253
JDub's Smoke Trail 5.510/11/2015Rate 0
JDub's Smoked Chunk Porter 9.01/16/2015Rate 3.155
JDub's Son of Yam 6.49/17/2014Rate 3.01449
JDub's Sour Apricot: A Quest for Brewaroo 6.77/22/2016Rate 31
JDub's Spooky Stout 5.812/14/2015Rate 3.091
JDub's Stella Obscura 10.66/13/2018Rate 3.091
JDub's Swartzinator -12/12/2015Rate 3.091
JDub's Tao Cow 5.76/14/2018Rate 31
JDub's The Flow 7.18/25/2018Rate 3.264
JDub's Titan: The Solar Warrior 8.011/26/2014Rate 2.881
JDub's Touch of Grey 5.29/9/2018Rate 0
JDub's Uncle Jethro's Mud Whata 122/11/2014Rate 2.871
JDub's Up Top IPA! - French Oak 6.51/5/2017Rate 3.182
JDub's Up Top! IPA 6.53/8/2014Rate 3.364994
JDub's Volume Four 7.23/23/2016Rate 3.021
JDub's Wake Up Coffee Stout 6.810/11/2015Rate 0
JDub's Wee Heavy (alias) 8.04/5/2014
JDub's When Pigs Fly 6.77/22/2016Rate 0
JDub's Xolo 4.97/20/2016Rate 3.183
JDub's Zugspitze 6.17/20/2016Rate 3.273

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