Jekyll 'Merican Amber 5.89/16/2013Rate 3.449733
Jekyll 'Merican Amber (Casked) 5.87/28/2014Rate 2.911
Jekyll 2017 Jack Daniels Barrel Aged Copious Imperial Stout 9.51/24/2019Rate 3.361
Jekyll 4Hundy 5.910/4/2017Rate 3.384
Jekyll All Rice, All Rice, All Rice! 6.04/7/2019Rate 3.021
Jekyll Big Creek Kölsch 5.08/12/2013Rate 3.269236
Jekyll Big Creek Kölsch (Habañero and Pear) 6.012/28/2015Rate 31
Jekyll Big Creek Kölsch (Pear) 5.06/10/2016Rate 3.18
Jekyll Boosgiving 6.012/30/2017Rate 3.091
Jekyll Browning Out 7.71/8/2019Rate 3.211
Jekyll Cattywampus 6.33/10/2016Rate 3.316
Jekyll Chai Tea Cooter Brown 6.01/24/2019Rate 3.111
Jekyll Cocoa Puff Daddy 5.41/9/2019Rate 3.151
Jekyll Coco-Piña Hop Dang 6.712/30/2017Rate 3.041
Jekyll Coffee Cooter Brown 6.011/4/2016Rate 3.287
Jekyll Conniption Wit 5.45/9/2018Rate 3.061
Jekyll Convergent 6.21/8/2019Rate 3.091
Jekyll Cooter Brown Aged in Bourbon Barrels 6.01/8/2019Rate 3.061
Jekyll Cooter Brown Ale 6.08/12/2013Rate 3.59646
Jekyll Copious Imperial Stout 9.512/16/2015Rate 3.394
Jekyll DIPA 8.04/7/2019Rate 3.211
Jekyll Dodo Party 6.05/1/2018Rate 3.151
Jekyll Dry Hopped Cider 5.04/7/2019Rate 3.111
Jekyll Erin Go Braugh 5.71/8/2019Rate 3.131
Jekyll Export Stout 8.04/11/2014Rate 3.486012
Jekyll Export Stout (Coffee & Peppermint) (alias) 8.05/17/2014
Jekyll Fixin' To 4.93/11/2016Rate 3.46911
Jekyll Flightless Fowl 6.410/4/2017Rate 3.354
Jekyll Golden Pawn 6.03/21/2015Rate 0
Jekyll Hoot'n & Holler'n Double IPA 8.04/9/2014Rate 3.596417
Jekyll Hootin & Hollerin Double IPA (alias) 8.04/12/2014
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA 6.78/12/2013Rate 3.5890110
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA (Pineapple Habañero) 6.76/5/2015Rate 3.354821
Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA (Pineapple) 6.72/10/2017Rate 0
Jekyll Hop Shan Diggity 4.65/27/2018Rate 3.085
Jekyll Innes Gee 6.11/24/2019Rate 3.091
Jekyll Jaded Blonde -1/15/2014Rate 3.125
Jekyll Joe Dirtay 5.25/9/2018Rate 3.091
Jekyll JR Series: Lemon Drop Kick Ur Mama 5.510/8/2015Rate 31
Jekyll JR Series: Pale Ale 5.36/14/2015Rate 2.961
Jekyll JR Series: Peppercorn Amber 5.89/5/2014Rate 2.91
Jekyll July in Christmas 6.212/30/2017Rate 3.111
Jekyll Kinship 6.33/11/2016Rate 3.317
Jekyll Lager 4.62/7/2017Rate 3.26
Jekyll Late Riser 6.51/8/2019Rate 3.061
Jekyll Major Horton Export Stout 8.04/16/2018Rate 3.041
Jekyll Mama Pajama 4.24/10/2019Rate 3.163
Jekyll Mango Flightless Fowl 6.44/7/2019Rate 3.211
Jekyll Minutemen 5.94/7/2019Rate 3.111
Jekyll Nard Dog 5.84/7/2019Rate 2.912
Jekyll Off the Grid 10.811/1/2014Rate 3.514812
Jekyll Pacifica 6.41/8/2019Rate 3.111
Jekyll Pineapple Convergent 6.21/8/2019Rate 3.111
Jekyll Pony Ride Pale Ale 5.45/6/2018Rate 3.296
Jekyll Redneck Christmas Stout 8.012/18/2014Rate 3.457
Jekyll Resilience Butte County Proud IPA 6.81/24/2019Rate 31
Jekyll Secret Apollo 6.012/30/2017Rate 3.446811
Jekyll Seven Bridges 5.310/11/2014Rate 3.249318
Jekyll Slow N' Low Smoked Porter 6.41/15/2014Rate 3.58612
Jekyll Southern Juice 6.312/10/2016Rate 3.487733
Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice 6.011/10/2017Rate 3.357
Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice with passion fruit 6.01/21/2018Rate 3.111
Jekyll Southern Session 4.89/16/2013Rate 3.056021
Jekyll Spiked Collar Black Rye Ale 5.310/2/2015Rate 3.191
Jekyll Tart Vise 4.54/2/2017Rate 3.344610
Jekyll Tribe 6.510/4/2017Rate 3.061
Jekyll Tropical Juice 6.04/26/2018Rate 3.091
Jekyll Tug O' War 8.810/4/2017Rate 3.041
Jekyll Vibe 6.64/7/2019Rate 3.212
Jekyll Wheat on Wheat 6.04/7/2019Rate 3.171

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