Riegrova 619, Hořice, Czech Republic 508 01
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Legal address: Dobrá Voda 224, 507 73 Dobrá Voda u Hořic. Contract brewing out at Zichovec and Podřípský from 2015, JungBerg opened their own plant in on Jun 1st 2017 at the former Pivovar Hořice (1873-1976) grounds.
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Černý Potoka Access Denied
Brewed by/for Černý Potoka
7.61/5/2019Rate 3.497
Černý Potoka Apo Jr.
Brewed by/for Černý Potoka
6.28/16/2018Rate 3.524611
Černý Potoka Cloud Scanner
Brewed by/for Černý Potoka
6.64/30/2018Rate 3.698714
Černý Potoka Early Glory
Brewed by/for Černý Potoka
8.512/8/2017Rate 3.367
Černý Potoka Imperializm
Brewed by/for Černý Potoka
8.512/15/2017Rate 3.254
Černý Potoka Misty Mountain
Brewed by/for Černý Potoka
4.97/12/2018Rate 3.463812
Crazy Clown Akuma
Brewed by/for Crazy Clown
6.23/29/2019Rate 3.23110
Crazy Clown All Cats Are Beautiful
Brewed by/for Crazy Clown
6.12/8/2019Rate 3.188
JungBerg 300 KURVEN 10° 4.17/6/2019Rate 3.25
JungBerg Gothard 16° 6.54/1/2018Rate 3.021
JungBerg Hořický ležák PP 12° 4.911/27/2017Rate 3.319311
JungBerg LUCIPA 14° 5.89/16/2018Rate 3.072
JungBerg PetrAle 10° 4.212/21/2017Rate 3.218
JungBerg Uzená perla 13° 5.59/17/2019Rate 3.122
JungBerg Wendy 13° 5.29/16/2018Rate 2.831

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