Kansas City Bier Company

310 West 79th Street, Kansas City, Missouri, USA 64114
Tue thru Fri: 2 to 11 pm
Sat: 11 am to 11 pm
Sun 12 noon to 9 pm
Mon closed

Associated place: Kansas City Bier Company

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KC Bier Apfel 6.14/9/2015Rate 3.162
KC Bier Burkemper Schwarzbier 5.09/4/2016Rate 3.111
KC Bier Der Bauer 7.756/22/2015Rate 3.365
KC Bier Der Hammer 7.512/12/2017Rate 3.182
KC Bier Doppel Alt 6.254/9/2015Rate 3.194
KC Bier Doppelback 7.259/23/2014Rate 0
KC Bier Dunkel 5.12/9/2014Rate 3.319533
KC Bier Dunkelweizen 5.02/28/2017Rate 3.041
KC Bier Dunker-Klein 4.07/6/2018Rate 3.021
KC Bier Edel-Weiss 6.255/2/2018Rate 3.223
KC Bier Festbier 5.59/10/2014Rate 3.238
KC Bier German Farmhouse Ale -3/4/2014Rate 2.91
KC Bier Gose 5.22/19/2018Rate 3.041
KC Bier Hefeweizen 5.22/9/2014Rate 3.269218
KC Bier Helles 5.12/11/2014Rate 3.359815
KC Bier Hop Sticke 6.751/1/2019Rate 2.921
KC Bier HopfenDoof 6.52/11/2014Rate 3.076
KC Bier HopfenSack -5/21/2014Rate 0
KC Bier Maibock 6.24/24/2014Rate 3.298
KC Bier Oak Aged Festbier -11/3/2014Rate 2.861
KC Bier Oak Aged Maibock 6.55/21/2014Rate 0
KC Bier Oaked Dunkel -2/28/2017Rate 3.021
KC Bier Pils 5.05/21/2014Rate 3.319513
KC Bier Resilience Butte County Proud IPL 6.71/1/2019Rate 31
KC Bier Rot Rauch Roggen 6.27/6/2018Rate 3.041
KC Bier Sauer Weisse 4.02/23/2019Rate 0
KC Bier Weizenbock 7.52/11/2014Rate 3.286
KC Bier Winterbock 8.251/3/2015Rate 3.367
KC Bier Wunder Pils 8.252/28/2017Rate 3.163

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