Kent Falls / Bacchus (NY) Tiny House (2015) 4.01/11/2016Rate 3.25
Kent Falls / Baltic Bay Senescence 5.02/5/2018Rate 2.862
Kent Falls / Baltic Bay Spry 5.512/17/2017Rate 3.343
Kent Falls / Burial Fleur de la Mort 4.09/11/2016Rate 3.292318
Kent Falls / Casa Agria In Medias Res 5.42/5/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls / Casa Agria Just Gonna... 6.02/5/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls / Casa Agria Send It 6.010/13/2017Rate 3.322
Kent Falls / Grimm Lightning Fields 5.05/9/2016Rate 3.43513
Kent Falls / Hudson Valley Tiny House (2016) 4.011/24/2016Rate 3.467121
Kent Falls / Kinsmen Get More Likes 8.05/3/2017Rate 3.072
Kent Falls / Proclamation Floyd 6.510/25/2016Rate 3.413818
Kent Falls / Steady Habit Sparkle Boots 7.08/2/2016Rate 3.213
Kent Falls 2016 5.21/11/2016Rate 3.57
Kent Falls 2017 5.21/21/2017Rate 3.435
Kent Falls 2018 4.92/5/2018Rate 2.811
Kent Falls Air Guitar at Work While No One Is Watching 5.01/19/2017Rate 3.213
Kent Falls Ales for ALS IPA 6.89/20/2015Rate 3.517
Kent Falls Almost 7.912/7/2016Rate 3.213
Kent Falls Alternate World 4.68/1/2015Rate 3.699725
Kent Falls Anachronism 5.012/13/2015Rate 3.162614
Kent Falls Anomaly 1 7.311/18/2018Rate 3.151
Kent Falls Apricot Gose 4.69/24/2016Rate 3.518519
Kent Falls Are You Single - MI Copper 6.02/28/2016Rate 3.34
Kent Falls Awkward Hug 7.08/12/2015Rate 3.333
Kent Falls Az I Am 4.81/13/2018Rate 3.396
Kent Falls Batch 100 5.06/14/2017Rate 0
Kent Falls Berry Mint Gose 4.63/21/2018Rate 2.921
Kent Falls Bewilderment 8.04/17/2016Rate 3.288
Kent Falls Blueberry vs. Blackberry 5.06/1/2016Rate 2.856
Kent Falls Breaking Bread 3.02/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Buckwheat Grisette 4.05/14/2016Rate 3.385226
Kent Falls Buddy Sprinkles Saves The Day 7.011/11/2017Rate 3.111
Kent Falls Chocolate Spelt Porter 5.66/8/2016Rate 3.376215
Kent Falls Coffee Milk Stout 7.04/23/2016Rate 3.314
Kent Falls Coffee Table Beer 4.52/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Coffeemaker 5.68/12/2015Rate 3.362021
Kent Falls Coffeemaker - Bourbon Barrel 5.65/2/2016Rate 3.052
Kent Falls Common Table Beer 4.01/13/2016Rate 3.45809
Kent Falls Cranberry Rye Gose 4.612/30/2017Rate 3.252
Kent Falls Dekkera 4.01/10/2016Rate 3.354821
Kent Falls Doubly Awkward Hug 8.22/3/2018Rate 3.131
Kent Falls Ekuanot 4.612/6/2017Rate 3.235
Kent Falls Elevated Reformation 5.42/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Ellita 3.08/28/2018Rate 3.262
Kent Falls Equinox 4.810/30/2015Rate 3.446819
Kent Falls Fallow 5.86/14/2017Rate 3.131
Kent Falls False Imperative 5.011/2/2017Rate 3.092
Kent Falls Farmer's Table 3.85/16/2015Rate 3.548452
Kent Falls Farmer's Table - El Dorado Double Dry Hopped 3.812/6/2016Rate 3.262
Kent Falls Field Beer Saison (Batch 2 - Oats) 5.24/18/2015Rate 3.337
Kent Falls Field Beer Saison (Batch 3 - Spelt) 5.25/23/2015Rate 3.364815
Kent Falls Field Beer Saison (Batch 4 - Spelt) (alias) 5.27/16/2015
Kent Falls Field Beer Saison (Batch 5 - Wheat) 5.28/28/2015Rate 3.354825
Kent Falls Field Beer Saison (Batch 6 - Rye) 5.210/23/2015Rate 2.936
Kent Falls Field Beer Spelt 5.26/16/2017Rate 3.223110
Kent Falls Fingerprint 5.210/20/2016Rate 3.586313
Kent Falls Flourish 5.610/5/2018Rate 3.343
Kent Falls Fresh Mootz 4.82/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Getaway 6.06/11/2017Rate 3.295
Kent Falls Glitter Rainbow 6.01/11/2016Rate 3.262
Kent Falls Gratitude 5.05/27/2017Rate 3.327
Kent Falls Haircuts for Everybody 6.09/28/2016Rate 3.467323
Kent Falls Hawaiian Brunch 5.02/6/2017Rate 3.559410
Kent Falls Hibiscus 5.23/23/2016Rate 3.497712
Kent Falls Honey Oat Gose 4.62/28/2016Rate 3.155
Kent Falls Horse Mask Party 5.612/17/2016Rate 3.15
Kent Falls I am Table 4.05/24/2016Rate 3.486
Kent Falls Infinite Worlds 4.89/23/2015Rate 2.981
Kent Falls Juicemaker - Mango 5.88/12/2015Rate 3.436218
Kent Falls Juicemaker - Orange 5.68/9/2017Rate 3.265
Kent Falls Juicemaker - Pineapple 5.65/10/2016Rate 3.294112
Kent Falls Kid Funk's Funtime Barrel Adventure 6.92/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Kiwi Melon Gose 4.69/24/2017Rate 3.35539
Kent Falls Lade Ol 4.08/9/2016Rate 3.285
Kent Falls Lemon Coconut Gose 4.68/1/2016Rate 3.248
Kent Falls Lime Zest Gose (alias) 4.612/23/2015
Kent Falls Lychee Tangerine Gose 4.610/19/2016Rate 3.182721
Kent Falls Maybe Both 7.02/28/2016Rate 3.538610
Kent Falls Multiverse (Batch 1) 9.12/5/2018Rate 3.423
Kent Falls Multiverse (Batch 2) 8.112/13/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Napkins 7.21/14/2016Rate 3.35
Kent Falls Nature 5.22/10/2016Rate 3.393418
Kent Falls No Funny Stuff 7.01/11/2016Rate 0
Kent Falls Objective Reality 4.06/14/2017Rate 3.211
Kent Falls One Hop. Everyone Knows the Rules 6.52/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Orchard Noire 7.21/30/2018Rate 3.061
Kent Falls Pancaketown 6.07/19/2017Rate 3.182
Kent Falls Papaya Lemongrass Brett IPA 6.09/11/2017Rate 3.131
Kent Falls Partagé 3.011/18/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Partage de Pêche 3.31/16/2018Rate 3.393
Kent Falls Patrick Hazy 7.07/3/2017Rate 3.191
Kent Falls Poe's Law 5.52/5/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Prickly Pear Gose 4.66/14/2017Rate 3.42689
Kent Falls Prochronism 8.01/11/2016Rate 0
Kent Falls Prosper 7.05/6/2018Rate 3.111
Kent Falls Proverbial 4.86/14/2017Rate 3.111
Kent Falls Resisting the Obvious 6.45/14/2017Rate 3.131
Kent Falls Second Cutting 5.02/15/2017Rate 3.186
Kent Falls Second Nature - Cherries 5.29/12/2015Rate 3.586411
Kent Falls Second Nature - Peaches 5.212/15/2015Rate 3.52489
Kent Falls Secret Menu Item 4.22/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Semblance 4.89/16/2016Rate 3.243319
Kent Falls Shadow Pyramids 5.86/14/2017Rate 3.438
Kent Falls Shoots 6.011/2/2017Rate 3.283
Kent Falls Shower Beer 4.69/12/2015Rate 3.599326
Kent Falls Shruggie - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 6.21/11/2016Rate 3.294
Kent Falls Solstice - Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale 4.82/28/2016Rate 3.598913
Kent Falls Some Vague Reassurance That Everything's Going to be Alright 6.01/11/2016Rate 3.26
Kent Falls Some Zep on the Jukebox 6.210/4/2015Rate 3.266
Kent Falls Substrate 5.02/5/2018Rate 3.133
Kent Falls Subtext 5.012/21/2017Rate 3.151
Kent Falls Super Sparkle 6.01/11/2016Rate 3.386
Kent Falls Sweatpants 5.01/11/2016Rate 3.36729
Kent Falls Table 2 4.09/23/2015Rate 3.42648
Kent Falls Tell Me What My Dreams Mean 5.54/3/2018Rate 3.232
Kent Falls Temporal Confusion 4.92/5/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls The Barrel Fermented Gose - Peach 5.12/5/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls The Gardener's Tale 5.29/2/2015Rate 3.22910
Kent Falls The Hollow 5.03/20/2017Rate 3.289415
Kent Falls The Unicorns Are Making Us Do This 8.06/20/2017Rate 3.484
Kent Falls The World Is How You Perceive It 5.41/16/2018Rate 3.111
Kent Falls This Isn't Even My Final Form 6.26/1/2016Rate 3.548412
Kent Falls Trapped in Habitual Nostalgia - Cascade and Mosaic 4.511/21/2018Rate 31
Kent Falls Trapped in Habitual Nostalgia #1 - Centennial and Simcoe 4.57/19/2017Rate 3.325
Kent Falls Trapped in Habitual Nostalgia #2 - Centennial and Citra 4.59/19/2017Rate 3.041
Kent Falls Trapped in Habitual Nostalgia #3 - Columbus and Mosaic 4.512/13/2017Rate 3.142
Kent Falls Variant 2 8.02/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Variant 3 8.011/24/2016Rate 3.061
Kent Falls Variant 4 8.02/15/2017Rate 3.45749
Kent Falls Variant 5 8.02/4/2018Rate 0
Kent Falls Waffle World 6.08/30/2017Rate 3.122
Kent Falls Walking Away in Slow Motion as the Car Explodes Behind You 7.01/11/2016Rate 3.599316
Kent Falls Wanna Experiment? 5.510/20/2016Rate 3.273
Kent Falls Waymaker 5.66/26/2015Rate 3.524219
Kent Falls When Life Gives You Grape Must 6.012/17/2016Rate 3.247
Kent Falls When Life Gives You Grapefruits 5.411/24/2015Rate 3.213
Kent Falls Yeesh! 5.09/29/2018Rate 3.183

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