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Brewer rating: 80/100 1388 ratings
Bolskovvej 11, Vitved, Skanderborg, Denmark 8660
No brewery on the premises, all beers are contract brewed elsewhere.
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Klosterbryggeriet Bolskov Blue Tree 5.44/23/2016Rate 2.45112
Klosterbryggeriet Bolskov Falling Owl 6.78/4/2016Rate 2.35010
Klosterbryggeriet Bolskov Mole Trapping 7.78/4/2016Rate 2.514
Klosterbryggeriet Bolskov The Last Goldfish 6.88/4/2016Rate 2.0209
Klosterbryggeriet Dark Lager 5.19/3/2016Rate 2.782911
Klosterbryggeriet E.S.B 5.29/3/2016Rate 2.4309
Klosterbryggeriet Kælder Øl 2.73/13/2016Rate 2.92
Klosterbryggeriet Kroens Egen Øl 6.411/24/2016Rate 2.961
Klosterbryggeriet Økologisk Årsøl IPA 6.23/16/2017Rate 2.985
Klosterbryggeriet Sundowner 6.43/16/2017Rate 2.957
Klosterbryggeriet U.S. IPA 5.210/1/2016Rate 2.598
Klosterbryggeriet Kloster Abbedisse Bryg 9.84/5/2015Rate 2.86522
High Five (alias) 6.01/21/2012
Ikast Øl (alias) 6.011/9/2011
Klosterbryggeriet Julerød 7.011/26/2011Rate 2.953334
Klosterbryggeriet Black Imperial Russian Stout 10.511/11/2015Rate 2.98118
Klosterbryggeriet Byg Øko 6.28/29/2013Rate 2.711215
Klosterbryggeriet Christian 3 Biere de Garde 9.07/1/2009Rate 3.023949
Klosterbryggeriet Christian 3 Dubbel Ale 6.07/1/2009Rate 2.951952
Klosterbryggeriet Christian 3 Kloster Humle 5.43/1/2010Rate 2.984424
Klosterbryggeriet Christian 3 Kloster Jul 6.010/19/2009Rate 3.014242
Klosterbryggeriet Christian 3 Kloster Stout 8.07/1/2009Rate 3.584254
Klosterbryggeriet Forår 6.54/23/2014Rate 2.92129
Klosterbryggeriet Fru Møllers Mølleri 6.011/15/2013Rate 2.831
Klosterbryggeriet Havre Øko 5.98/29/2013Rate 2.842017
Klosterbryggeriet Hvede Øko 5.28/29/2013Rate 2.793221
Klosterbryggeriet Jul Over Gudhjem 7.011/1/2011Rate 2.983641
Klosterbryggeriet Øko Jul 6.812/6/2015Rate 3.038
Klosterbryggeriet Øko Pilsner 5.010/18/2015Rate 2.633413
Klosterbryggeriet Påske 7.22/26/2012Rate 34634
Klosterbryggeriet Sol Over Gudhjem 5.96/25/2011Rate 3.072242
Klosterbryggeriet Sorte Alken 9.47/24/2014Rate 3.181335
Klosterbryggeriet Spøttrup Borg Mørk Ale (alias) 6.09/4/2010
Odder Øllen 6.07/23/2011Rate 3.034540
Scullery Brew American Brown Ale 5.95/28/2011Rate 3.297531
Scullery Brew Christmas Extra Stout 7.511/9/2011Rate 3.557244
Scullery Brew Dark IPA 5.95/28/2011Rate 3.11752
Scullery Brew Kultivator (alias) 7.52/26/2012
Scullery Brew Pacific IPA 7.25/28/2011Rate 3.244142
Skanderborg Øllen (alias) 6.07/17/2012
Trøjborg Øllen (alias) 6.09/5/2013
Mikrobryggeriet Aftenøllen 5.53/12/2011Rate 2.674539
Mikrobryggeriet Dagøllen 5.53/12/2011Rate 2.462538
Mikrobryggeriet Jul (2012) 5.511/5/2011Rate 2.672130
Mikrobryggeriet Natøllen 5.53/12/2011Rate 2.83641
Klosterbryggeriet Abbed Gunners Juleale 6.19/14/2008Rate 3.024353
Klosterbryggeriet Abbed Peders Jul 8.310/19/2009Rate 3.274637
Klosterbryggeriet Årsøl 6.55/23/2008Rate 2.953571
Klosterbryggeriet Hamborgøl 8.05/23/2008Rate 2.861163
Klosterbryggeriet Humle Hyld 5.27/5/2010Rate 34243
Klosterbryggeriet Oluf Kviter 7.01/24/2009Rate 3.034152
Klosterbryggeriet Skt. Søren 4.91/29/2009Rate 2.812844
Klosterbryggeriet Spøttrup Borg Lys Ale (alias) 5.29/4/2010
Klosterbryggeriet Svendeøl 5.35/23/2008Rate 2.741359

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