Koch Pruulikoda

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 74/100 373 ratings
Lootsi 10, Tallinn, Estonia 10151
Associated place: Kochi Aidad
At the heart of tavern “Kochi Aidad” is located Koch’s microbrewery, which uses the highest quality German and Czech equipment chosen by the most acclaimed Estonian brewmaster, Enn Kärblane. Our filling machines come from United States. Lagering and serving tanks used have been prepared by Czech, and kettles by German masters. The chosen control automation is the best by Allen-Bradley Compact Logix. Of course, thanks to these best technological solutions, knowledge, quality raw materials and equipment, we are able to brew the best beer, offering something special for every beer lovers’ taste!
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Koch 1872 Pilsner 5.05/18/2013Rate 2.743726
Koch Blond 6.04/29/2015Rate 2.922733
Koch Bruno Brown Ale 6.04/5/2017Rate 2.912
Koch Confucius 5.52/19/2016Rate 3.135821
Koch Jaanipäeva Eripruul 7.06/25/2016Rate 2.822910
Koch Joachim 5.05/18/2013Rate 2.83128
Koch Jõuluporter 9.02/1/2014Rate 3.024
Koch Munk 6.06/6/2013Rate 2.973830
Koch Nebula 5.211/18/2016Rate 2.925
Koch Nipperkin 9.01/2/2016Rate 3.051732
Koch Nisu 5.25/18/2013Rate 3.045630
Koch Porter Eripruul 7.52/22/2015Rate 3.11634
Koch Ronk 4.55/18/2013Rate 3.032334
Koch Salapuna 6.52/14/2017Rate 2.975
Koch Sour Cherry Stout 8.84/4/2017Rate 2.924
Koch Talveporter (alias) 8.012/27/2014
Koch Tammevaadi Imperial Stout 10.311/11/2016Rate 3.05210
Koch Tammevaadi Odravein 10.812/5/2016Rate 3.038
Koch Tammevaadi Old Ale 10.84/19/2017Rate 0
Koch Vana Tom EPA 5.14/4/2017Rate 2.933
Koch Volbriöö Eripruul 7.04/22/2016Rate 2.953511
Koch Vunk 5.05/18/2013Rate 2.653627
Kochi Ait Aida Kali 1.05/25/2012Rate 2.926
Kochi Ait Aida Klassik 5.03/23/2013Rate 2.592
Kochi Ait Aida Hele Õlu 5.06/30/2012Rate 2.454
Kochi Ait Aida Tume Õlu 5.05/25/2012Rate 2.714

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