La Calavera, Microcervecería del Ripollés

Brewer rating: 92/100 279 ratings
Crta. de Sant Joan, Km 3.6, Ripoll (Girona), Spain
Associated place: Restaurante La Barricona

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La Pirata A Califòrnia no hi ha Guàrdia Civil
Brewed by/for Cerveses La Pirata
4.78/16/2014Rate 3.088
Kerunta Yellow Rocket
Brewed by/for Kerunta Brew Co.
5.69/14/2014Rate 2.841
La Calavera / Drunken Bros Hell To Glass 1010/16/2016Rate 3.45
La Calavera / Tro Ales Chipotle O Muerte: Venceremos 7.51/16/2016Rate 2.865
La Calavera A.C.A.B. 4.51/16/2016Rate 31
La Calavera Alice "The Fox" Is A Liar 7.55/25/2015Rate 33
La Calavera Alice ’The Dog’ Eats Melanoidin 7.62/8/2015Rate 3.051419
La Calavera Alice ’The Horse’ Eats Melanoidin 7.63/24/2015Rate 0
La Calavera Alice ’The Monkey’ Eats Melanoidin 7.63/24/2015Rate 0
La Calavera Batard 7.33/12/2016Rate 3.155
La Calavera Batard Chardonnay 8.73/12/2016Rate 3.377
La Calavera Batard Fruit 9.25/15/2016Rate 3.224
La Calavera BBF Llevat 2017 5.54/18/2017Rate 2.862
La Calavera Brettanojingo 6.29/16/2015Rate 2.973
La Calavera Doble Indian Brown Ale 8.07/2/2016Rate 33
La Calavera English Punk Ale (EPA) 5.62/12/2013Rate 3.066216
La Calavera Hattori Hanzo 6.04/10/2016Rate 3.25369
La Calavera Horse Piss 4.66/15/2016Rate 3.28
La Calavera Jingo 6.64/28/2013Rate 3.16018
La Calavera La Raimada 8.512/19/2016Rate 3.46
La Calavera Mad Cows 8.212/10/2014Rate 3.799716
La Calavera Medical Irish Republican Stout (Bushmills) 101/16/2016Rate 3.62469
La Calavera Medical Stout 8.51/24/2014Rate 3.695768
La Calavera Medical Vodka Stout 11.56/29/2015Rate 3.371811
La Calavera Piss Of Cat 9.03/22/2015Rate 3.322
La Calavera Rossa 5.07/2/2013Rate 2.954012
La Calavera Rossa (Love Blond Beer Hate Fascism) 5.13/12/2016Rate 3.065
La Calavera San Diego Hoppy Invaders 4.47/3/2015Rate 3.096
La Calavera Simone Black Panther Stout 6.11/22/2013Rate 3.318
La Calavera Sweet Shit 7.07/9/2016Rate 2.355
La Calavera The Abyss 9.44/26/2016Rate 3.473513
La Calavera The Rolling Beer Farmhouse Tercer Aniversari 4.54/4/2016Rate 31
La Calavera The Walking Coeliacs Gluten Free 5.55/15/2016Rate 2.975
La Calavera We Love Whisky 9.212/29/2016Rate 3.364

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