La Cumbre El Jugo 6.57/23/2017Rate 3.122
La Cumbre 'Merica 5.89/30/2017Rate 3.091
La Cumbre / Modern Times Postcards from Hell 8.012/28/2017Rate 3.191
La Cumbre / New Beligum May's Maize 7.75/25/2013Rate 0
La Cumbre / Ska Cinco Cincuenta 5.57/10/2016Rate 3.163
La Cumbre 1/2 Nelson 5.28/20/2012Rate 3.163
La Cumbre 2nd Anniversary Stout 11.512/10/2012Rate 3.133
La Cumbre 3 Continents Pils 5.41/27/2012Rate 3.073
La Cumbre 3rd Anniversary 1012/17/2013Rate 2.952
La Cumbre 4th Anniversary 10.512/13/2014Rate 3.656
La Cumbre 505 Collaboration Beer 2016 5.65/31/2016Rate 0
La Cumbre A Gringo From Bombay 6.05/9/2014Rate 3.032
La Cumbre A Slice of Hefen 5.18/31/2011Rate 3.489978
La Cumbre Acclimated IPA 8.83/27/2012Rate 3.77937
La Cumbre Across The Pond 6.59/7/2014Rate 3.033
La Cumbre Ahh, Hell Yes 4.711/21/2014Rate 0
La Cumbre Albus Quercus 8.612/27/2016Rate 3.314411
La Cumbre Ales for ALS IPA 7.29/19/2017Rate 3.151
La Cumbre All That I Need 5.59/2/2017Rate 3.232
La Cumbre Alternate Personality 5.911/19/2011Rate 2.811
La Cumbre America on Trent 5.26/13/2011Rate 3.123
La Cumbre Anniversary IPA 8.912/9/2011Rate 3.123
La Cumbre Autumn Breeze 6.012/10/2012Rate 2.841
La Cumbre Barley's Wine 10.81/7/2012Rate 3.436
La Cumbre BEER 5.110/14/2011Rate 3.059918
La Cumbre Blanche de Burque 4.87/11/2012Rate 3.389610
La Cumbre Blue Collar 5.512/13/2017Rate 3.111
La Cumbre Breaking Bread 7.33/21/2014Rate 0
La Cumbre C3PA 6.211/21/2014Rate 2.91
La Cumbre Cabra Fuerte' 6.112/12/2013Rate 2.871
La Cumbre Cafe Con Leche 6.01/7/2012Rate 3.89932
La Cumbre Cascade Hop Back 5.03/21/2016Rate 3.142
La Cumbre Cerro Blanco 5.011/8/2010Rate 3.17
La Cumbre Chew & Swallow 6.53/20/2012Rate 2.871
La Cumbre Chinook Pale Ale 5.27/8/2013Rate 33
La Cumbre Citrus Pale Ale 6.110/12/2016Rate 31
La Cumbre Crystal Pale Ale 6.311/8/2011Rate 3.093
La Cumbre Dubbel Entendre 6.92/20/2012Rate 2.861
La Cumbre Dunkel Jefe 5.712/3/2011Rate 2.993
La Cumbre El Dorado Pale Ale 6.32/18/2013Rate 3.022
La Cumbre El Negro RIS 10.85/12/2011Rate 3.594714
La Cumbre Elevated IPA 7.211/8/2010Rate 3.98100337
La Cumbre Father Nelson 10.64/21/2014Rate 3.759115
La Cumbre Fievre D'Abricot 8.08/20/2012Rate 3.59640
La Cumbre Full Nelson 8.51/5/2013Rate 4.029930
La Cumbre Full Pint Pale Ale 5.01/29/2014Rate 3.042
La Cumbre Gracias Por Fumar 7.07/24/2012Rate 3.69516
La Cumbre Grange's Red Card 4 ALS 8.66/16/2014Rate 3.032
La Cumbre Heirloom IPA 6.811/3/2012Rate 3.063
La Cumbre Hell Froze Over 6.39/18/2013Rate 2.862
La Cumbre Hibiscus Quercus 8.68/4/2017Rate 3.324
La Cumbre Home On La Grange 6.16/8/2013Rate 3.134
La Cumbre Hoppy & Weiss 5.69/19/2013Rate 3.143
La Cumbre Hoppy Hippy Organic Pale Ale 6.010/20/2012Rate 3.123
La Cumbre Hot Shots Rauch 5.412/10/2012Rate 3.285
La Cumbre In The Money DIPA 8.51/22/2018Rate 3.171
La Cumbre Irish Red Ale 4.73/21/2012Rate 2.831
La Cumbre Irish Red Lager 4.63/10/2013Rate 2.911
La Cumbre J-17 Pale Ale 6.911/25/2013Rate 32
La Cumbre Jenny's Cream Ale 5.47/10/2014Rate 2.91
La Cumbre Kettle Bell 6.94/1/2014Rate 2.951
La Cumbre La Llorona 8.92/2/2015Rate 2.881
La Cumbre La Negra 10.53/11/2014Rate 3.78768
La Cumbre La Roja 7.21/29/2014Rate 2.971
La Cumbre La Roja Grande 8.17/16/2011Rate 3.65879
La Cumbre Lazy River Pale Ale 4.57/5/2011Rate 2.881
La Cumbre Lazy Sunday 4.53/21/2014Rate 3.325
La Cumbre Levitated Pilsner 8.09/24/2014Rate 3.333
La Cumbre Like Mother Like Daughter 4.711/21/2013Rate 3.032
La Cumbre Male Stripper 6.99/18/2015Rate 3.111
La Cumbre Malpais Stout 7.511/8/2010Rate 3.8398115
La Cumbre Meridian Pale Ale 5.410/6/2014Rate 3.082
La Cumbre Meridian SMASH IPA 7.11/26/2018Rate 3.041
La Cumbre Miles from Cologne 4.85/17/2012Rate 3.226
La Cumbre Mind Phoq 6.012/4/2014Rate 3.567
La Cumbre Monzon Wet Hopped Pale Ale 6.09/21/2016Rate 3.357
La Cumbre Munchener Dunkel 5.312/3/2011Rate 3.164
La Cumbre New Mexico State Fair Cream Ale -11/12/2015Rate 3.092
La Cumbre No, You're a Dort! 5.66/27/2012Rate 3.313
La Cumbre Noche De Paz 6.812/24/2011Rate 3.093
La Cumbre Notty Pale Ale 6.19/17/2011Rate 2.881
La Cumbre Oktoberfest 5.49/19/2017Rate 3.131
La Cumbre Old Hop, New Hop 5.48/13/2013Rate 3.336
La Cumbre Ooh Baby, I'm Common 6.06/5/2013Rate 2.861
La Cumbre Pale 32 4.75/30/2012Rate 3.042
La Cumbre Pater's Pale Ale 4.51/3/2013Rate 3.253
La Cumbre Pecos Porter 6.310/17/2011Rate 3.418
La Cumbre Peek-A-Boob Porter 5.310/22/2014Rate 32
La Cumbre Persica Quercus 7.39/24/2017Rate 3.32
La Cumbre Pogue Mahone 5.02/26/2014Rate 0
La Cumbre Project Dank 7.63/21/2013Rate 3.89100142
La Cumbre Proprietary Pale Ale 5.64/16/2013Rate 3.012
La Cumbre Pyramid Rock Amber Ale 5.811/8/2010Rate 3.510026
La Cumbre Red Red Rye 6.81/7/2012Rate 3.123
La Cumbre Red Ryeot 6.52/5/2014Rate 3.689953
La Cumbre Retro Pale Ale 5.05/20/2014Rate 3.043
La Cumbre Ryeot On Rye 11.510/16/2016Rate 3.283
La Cumbre Saison d'Hommel 7.28/2/2013Rate 3.538612
La Cumbre Siberian Silk 8.011/3/2011Rate 3.628216
La Cumbre Simcoe Pale Ale 5.82/11/2012Rate 3.335
La Cumbre Simcoe SMASH IPA 7.29/19/2017Rate 3.171
La Cumbre Simcoe's Daughter 5.75/25/2013Rate 3.133
La Cumbre Smoking Goat -3/18/2017Rate 0
La Cumbre South Peak Pilsner 5.011/8/2010Rate 3.499937
La Cumbre Southern Cross Pale Ale 5.32/6/2014Rate 2.973
La Cumbre Southern Star Pale Ale 5.612/12/2013Rate 2.951
La Cumbre Square Root of Elevated 5.01/7/2012Rate 3.134
La Cumbre Strawberry Gose 5.06/26/2015Rate 3.517
La Cumbre Super Pils 6.88/31/2011Rate 2.81
La Cumbre Tank 10 Red 6.89/7/2014Rate 3.093
La Cumbre Three Legged Dog IPA 112/23/2011Rate 0
La Cumbre Tres Padres 8.82/12/2015Rate 3.298
La Cumbre Trout 5.511/2/2012Rate 3.034
La Cumbre Vanilla Bean Mal Pais Stout 7.08/7/2011Rate 3.347
La Cumbre VMO #1 5.47/3/2011Rate 3.143
La Cumbre VMO #2 5.33/21/2012Rate 3.234
La Cumbre VMO #3 5.79/17/2011Rate 3.073
La Cumbre Weizenbock 7.111/25/2013Rate 0
La Cumbre Wet Hopped Elevated IPA 7.210/22/2017Rate 3.262
La Cumbre What's the ALTernative 5.77/3/2014Rate 0
La Cumbre Where in the Helles Beer? 4.63/10/2013Rate 3.032
La Cumbre Whirlpool Pale Ale 4.21/4/2013Rate 3.133
La Cumbre Who Gose There? 3.87/19/2013Rate 33
La Cumbre Witches' Lit 8.010/9/2011Rate 3.399111
La Cumbre Zythos Pale Ale 6.34/30/2012Rate 3.053
La Cumbre, Albuquerque Seven Luminaries 9.32/9/2018Rate 3.091

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