Lake Louie Apricot Goddess 5.25/2/2013Rate 3.128
Lake Louie Arena Premium 5.79/5/2001Rate 3.367292
Lake Louie Brother Tims Tripel 9.09/25/2003Rate 3.549342
Lake Louie Chicken Dance 9.04/7/2017Rate 3.254
Lake Louie Coon Rock Cream Ale (alias) 4.89/5/2001
Lake Louie Dark Shadows Series #1: Milk Stout 6.02/28/2002Rate 3.436387
Lake Louie Dark Shadows Series #2: Dinos Dark 6.95/17/2004Rate 3.295748
Lake Louie Dark Shadows Series #3: Maple Surple 5.85/19/2014Rate 3.266
Lake Louie Dark Shadows Series #4: Nudge Nudge 4.94/12/2015Rate 3.137
Lake Louie Dark Traveler 9.2511/12/2017Rate 3.111
Lake Louie Ginger Hipster -6/19/2017Rate 3.091
Lake Louie Hop-A-Louie Series # 1: Mosquito Beach 5.85/9/2011Rate 3.268828
Lake Louie Hop-A-Louie Series # 2: Bunny Green Toe IPA 6.85/19/2014Rate 3.233413
Lake Louie Hop-A-Louie Series # 3: Grade 10 IPA 6.06/3/2014Rate 3.085
Lake Louie Hop-A-Louie Series # 4: Blue Peter Export Beer 5.84/20/2015Rate 2.828
Lake Louie Kiss the Lips IPA 6.010/2/2006Rate 3.3346131
Lake Louie Liquid Reefer Scotch Ale (alias) 7.212/31/2013
Lake Louie Louies Reserve Scotch Ale 9.05/6/2004Rate 3.3449109
Lake Louie Midnight on the Bay 6.09/21/2017Rate 3.112
Lake Louie Mr Mephistos Imperial Stout 122/26/2006Rate 3.5538135
Lake Louie Oktoberfest 6.48/5/2016Rate 3.183
Lake Louie Pant Antler Pilsner 5.012/23/2016Rate 3.176
Lake Louie Prairie Moon Farmhouse Ale 5.08/11/2003Rate 3.385388
Lake Louie Radio Free IBA 7.05/8/2012Rate 3.454816
Lake Louie Scratch the Itch -8/14/2011Rate 2.881
Lake Louie Session Series # 1: Impulse Drive Scottish Ale 4.46/3/2014Rate 3.24769
Lake Louie Session Series # 2: 10-81 IPA 4.86/3/2014Rate 3.26429
Lake Louie Session Series # 3: Golden Booty Cream Ale 4.89/5/2001Rate 2.954690
Lake Louie The Twins Bock Beer 8.04/12/2015Rate 3.178
Lake Louie Tommys Porter 6.46/17/2002Rate 3.5189145
Lake Louie Warped Speed 7.29/5/2001Rate 3.461173
Lake Louie Warped Speed Scotch Ale - Bourbon Barrel Aged 7.28/2/2017Rate 0

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