Heinrich Heitmanns Craft Beer 5.512/16/2018Rate 2.941
Hopper Bräu / Steamworks Plan B 6.36/17/2017Rate 3.153
Hopper Bräu Heller Wahnsinn (alias) 5.07/13/2015
Hopper Bräu Pineapple Madness 6.110/14/2017Rate 2.851
Hopper Bräu Son of the Gun 7.31/23/2017Rate 2.932
Landgang / Hoppebräu §Hoppe(r) Gose 4.46/15/2018Rate 3.327
Landgang Amerikanischer Traum 6.59/26/2015Rate 3.294281
Landgang Anstich 5.510/7/2016Rate 3.097019
Landgang Der Kapitän 0.55/8/2018Rate 2.929414
Landgang Dunkle Macht Porter 6.61/1/2016Rate 3.448065
Landgang Gold Gräber 5.25/14/2019Rate 3.135
Landgang Hamburger Senatsbock 2019 7.72/1/2019Rate 3.318
Landgang Heisszeit 6.911/12/2018Rate 2.87349
Landgang Helle Aufregung 5.08/7/2016Rate 3.149160
Landgang Hop The Barrel 10.311/12/2018Rate 3.125
Landgang Hopfnung 6.111/25/2017Rate 3.295612
Landgang Hybrid Antrieb 6.211/12/2018Rate 3.227
Landgang Landgang Pils 4.96/17/2017Rate 3.057241
Landgang Nussferatu 5.21/28/2017Rate 2.91815
Landgang Prollbock 6.71/28/2017Rate 3.156617
Landgang Salonsozialist 9.31/11/2017Rate 3.264722
Landgang Schwarzer Iwan 8.73/9/2018Rate 3.187
Landgang Tutti Frutti 5.612/16/2016Rate 3.17
Landgang Tutti Frutti Gurke 5.64/16/2017Rate 3.167
Landgang Tutti Frutti Sour Schwarze Johannisbeere 4.86/19/2019Rate 3.151
Landgang Tutti Frutti Sour Tropische Früchte 4.87/25/2018Rate 3.235
Landgang Weizheit 5.46/18/2016Rate 3.187653
Landgang Wildhopp 6.61/28/2017Rate 2.927
Lütte Höög 4.910/29/2017Rate 3.067414
Motel White Sands (4.7%)
Brewed by/for Motel
4.75/22/2017Rate 3.083114

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