Lang Creek Brewing Co.

(Not In Production)
655 Lang Creek Road, Marion, Montana, USA 59925
Out of business

Operated 1994 to 2009
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Barleys Brewpub Golden Hefeweizen 4.16/5/2008Rate 2.731
Barleys Brewpub Happy Appy Amber Barleys Brewpub 3.56/5/2008Rate 2.921
Barleys Brewpub Palamino Pale Ale 5.06/5/2008Rate 3.031
Barleys Brewpub Pistol Packin Porter 5.26/5/2008Rate 2.731
Barleys Brewpub Stealth Imperial Stout 8.56/5/2008Rate 3.073
Barleys Brewpub Whitetail IPA 5.66/5/2008Rate 3.071
Lang Creek Barley Wine 9.82/12/2008Rate 31
Lang Creek Cherry Porter 4.59/26/2005Rate 2.886823
Lang Creek Fish On! Summer Ale 4.56/11/2008Rate 2.884915
Lang Creek Glacier Pilot Winter Warmer 6.610/2/2000Rate 3.235540
Lang Creek Good Medicine Brown Ale 4.410/1/2000Rate 2.353
Lang Creek Huckleberry N Honey 3.22/17/2004Rate 2.543443
Lang Creek Mandarin Hefeweizen 4.94/5/2006Rate 2.765047
Lang Creek Old Pilot Porter 5.21/7/2007Rate 3.245
Lang Creek Scudrunner Dark 5.110/2/2000Rate 3.412
Lang Creek Silvertip Pale Ale -5/22/2006Rate 3.181
Lang Creek Skydiver Blonde Ale 4.39/20/2000Rate 2.925532
Lang Creek Sopwith Camel London Ale 5.34/10/2005Rate 3.086
Lang Creek Spitfire IPA 5.97/19/2008Rate 3.016
Lang Creek Staggerwing Stout 4.91/5/2007Rate 2.811
Lang Creek Taildragger Honey Wheat 4.910/1/2000Rate 2.333
Lang Creek Tri-Motor Amber Ale 5.19/20/2000Rate 3.117151
Lang Creek Ultralight 3.210/1/2000Rate 0
Lang Creek Windsock Pale Ale 4.910/1/2000Rate 3.018
Lang Creek Wingwalker IPA 5.98/18/2004Rate 3.3498
Lang Creek Zeppelin Imperial Ale 7.712/28/2006Rate 3.242822

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