Late Knights

(Not In Production)
21 Southey Street., Penge, Greater London, England SE20 7JD
Associated place: Ravensgate Arms (Late Knights)
Seem to be a very secretive Brewery, sharing a premises in Penge with Shamblemoose Brewery. Closed in 2016.
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Honest Brew Riwaka Hop Mule
Brewed by/for Honest Brew
5.311/4/2013Rate 3.47918
Honest Brew Side Project Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Honest Brew
3.13/18/2014Rate 3.083
Honest Brew Stolen
Brewed by/for Honest Brew
7.13/3/2014Rate 2.875
Late Knights / Brockley Max 4.66/26/2016Rate 0
Late Knights / Camberwell BA Illustration The Exhibitionists 4.611/7/2015Rate 3.033
Late Knights / ETM A Darker Shade of Ale 4.81/30/2014Rate 2.952
Late Knights / Good Taste Saison 01 Episode 01 8.012/22/2014Rate 3.155
Late Knights / Honest Brew Mash Monkeys Gyle 1 8.51/11/2014Rate 2.962
Late Knights After Hours #6 Brown Ale 4.53/27/2016Rate 3.042
Late Knights American Pale Ale (alias) 4.011/17/2014
Late Knights Apaaaagh!! 6.012/6/2015Rate 3.022
Late Knights Baby Food 5.05/1/2015Rate 3.021
Late Knights Barley Wine 8.31/9/2016Rate 3.111
Late Knights Beer Rebellion 4.011/21/2014Rate 2.731
Late Knights Beetroot Saison 4.012/21/2014Rate 2.861
Late Knights By the Dawns Early Light 4.08/30/2013Rate 3.265119
Late Knights Crack of Dawn Pale Ale 3.911/2/2012Rate 3.13513
Late Knights Deserter IPA 5.58/1/2015Rate 3.196
Late Knights Dunkelweizen 5.211/12/2014Rate 2.861
Late Knights Frosty Mornings 5.71/14/2014Rate 3.14689
Late Knights Full Moon 6.411/5/2013Rate 3.296
Late Knights Hairy Dog Black IPA 5.511/2/2012Rate 3.454828
Late Knights Halt! 4.810/31/2015Rate 2.851
Late Knights Hefeweizen 4.86/13/2015Rate 2.912
Late Knights Hop Gun 4.03/8/2014Rate 2.61
Late Knights Hop O' The Morning 4.211/2/2012Rate 3.315216
Late Knights Hoppopotamus 4.25/22/2014Rate 2.91
Late Knights Juicy Water 5.49/26/2014Rate 2.91
Late Knights Lager 4.712/6/2014Rate 2.863
Late Knights Lager Not Lager 4.56/13/2015Rate 2.844
Late Knights Little Bitter Beer 4.29/5/2015Rate 2.921
Late Knights Live Brew Leathered Pissed Artists 5.08/1/2015Rate 3.091
Late Knights Live Brew My Boc 6.58/1/2015Rate 3.061
Late Knights Long Winter Knights 5.55/4/2016Rate 3.091
Late Knights Morning Glory 4.410/3/2013Rate 3.057114
Late Knights Oil of Amber 5.712/22/2014Rate 2.881
Late Knights Oktoberfest 6.311/12/2014Rate 2.861
Late Knights Old Red Eyes 4.51/10/2013Rate 3.149215
Late Knights P.IPA 5.42/5/2014Rate 2.73312
Late Knights Palace Pint 4.510/15/2015Rate 2.891
Late Knights Peachy Blinders 4.59/5/2015Rate 2.811
Late Knights Peckham Rye IPA 6.22/1/2015Rate 3.267
Late Knights Penge Porter 4.61/17/2015Rate 3.146
Late Knights RCA IPA 5.11/11/2014Rate 2.92
Late Knights Rebel Lion 4.05/19/2013Rate 2.913
Late Knights Saison 3.88/21/2015Rate 3.041
Late Knights Small Batch Double Rye IPA 6.38/16/2014Rate 3.278
Late Knights Small Batch PIPA (alias) 5.48/16/2014
Late Knights Small Batch Sweet Georgia Brown 5.08/23/2014Rate 2.82
Late Knights Small Batch Zwickel 5.08/16/2014Rate 2.748
Late Knights Smoked Beer 5.811/12/2014Rate 2.731
Late Knights Spring Hefeweizen 4.66/13/2015Rate 2.941
Late Knights Steam 4.59/26/2014Rate 2.811
Late Knights Summer Knights 4.57/23/2013Rate 2.792
Late Knights Super Sour 2.88/21/2015Rate 3.091
Late Knights The Great Exhibition 4.51/11/2014Rate 2.945
Late Knights Unfiltered Lager 5.03/15/2014Rate 2.871
Late Knights US Strong Pale 6.011/12/2014Rate 2.831
Late Knights Worm Catcher IPA 5.011/2/2012Rate 3.314624
Shamblemoose #05 Amber Rye
Brewed by/for Shamblemoose
4.33/1/2014Rate 2.925
Shamblemoose #07 Wyoming Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Shamblemoose
4.06/12/2013Rate 2.916
Shamblemoose #10 Smoked Porter
Brewed by/for Shamblemoose
5.28/9/2013Rate 3.15

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