SUNMAI (Long Sun Brewing)

Brewer rating: 86/100 88 ratings
24158 No.1, ChongGuang Street, SanChong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Daily: 5PM - 2AM

Places associated: Le Blé d’Or, Le Blé d’Or, Sunmai Cube

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Le Blé d’Or Dunkel -11/23/2004Rate 2.87389
Le Blé d’Or Honey Beer 5.01/19/2011Rate 2.885
Le Blé d’Or Lager -11/23/2004Rate 2.498
Le Blé d’Or Smoked Beer -2/14/2013Rate 0
Le Blé d’Or Weissbier -11/23/2004Rate 3.396
SUNMAI (Long Sun), New Taipei City Gulf of Siam 4.65/14/2017Rate 3.214
SUNMAI Amber Lager 5.01/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Bandoh 5.11/23/2017Rate 3.027412
SUNMAI Burning Temple 6.61/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Dark Lager 5.01/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Gangkou 5.31/23/2017Rate 3.151
SUNMAI Gulf of Siam 4.51/23/2017Rate 3.16213
SUNMAI Haiku 5.01/23/2017Rate 2.852419
SUNMAI Honey Lager 5.01/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Kung-Pao 4.61/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Maneki Neko 5.52/6/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Maya Wheat Beer 5.51/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Mosina 5.01/23/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Strawberry Ale 5.52/6/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Sweet Olive Ale 5.02/5/2017Rate 0
SUNMAI Tribute to Wu Gang 4.95/13/2017Rate 3.152211
SUNMAI Wheat Beer 5.51/23/2017Rate 0

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