Leeds (Carlsberg UK)

(Not In Production)
Commercial Brewery
PO Box 142, Hunslet Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England LS1 1QG
Founded in 1792. Acquired by Joshua Tetley in 1822. Became Tetley Walker in 1960 following a merger with Walker Cains of Warrington. A further merger with Ansells and Ind Coope in 1961 led to the formation of Allied Breweries. In 1992 Allied merged with Carlsberg to form Carlsberg-Tetley. In 1997 Carlsberg acquired full ownership and the name was changed to Carlsberg UK in 2003. The brewery was closed on 17 June 2011. All administrative functions of Carlsberg UK were relocated to their Northampton premises. It is not yet entirely clear which beers formerly brewed in Leeds have been retained and where they are brewed.
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ABC Best Bitter 3.74/19/2004Rate 2.562
Benskins Bitter 3.79/18/2002Rate 2.541
Benskins Colne Spring 9.05/17/2003Rate 2.912
Double Diamond (UK) 3.13/24/2003Rate 2.372
Double Diamond Original Burton Ale (Export) 5.06/18/2000Rate 2.7717207
Tetley Brown Ale 2.71/12/2006Rate 2.661
Tetleys Festival Ale 4.47/22/2002Rate 2.727
Tetleys Green Shoots 4.03/18/2010Rate 2.727
Tetleys Headless Huntsman 4.210/31/2010Rate 2.695
Tetleys Imperial (Cask) 4.33/26/2003Rate 2.751811
Tetleys Mad Trumpet 4.03/16/2011Rate 2.725
Tetleys Midsummer Madness 3.86/9/2010Rate 2.71169
Tetleys Northern Cracker 4.312/14/2009Rate 2.924610
Tetleys World Champion Ale 4.02/28/2004Rate 2.82
Wem Special 4.411/22/2003Rate 2.852
Ansells Bitter / Best Bitter
Brewed at J.W. Lees
3.76/11/2002Rate 2.71149
Sainsbury's Basics Bitter
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
2.19/1/2010Rate 1.93026
Sainsbury's Parkins Bitter
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
3.012/12/2004Rate 2.33137

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