1135 Alt Beer 5.88/12/2017Rate 0
Blue Falcon Hazy Blueberry IPA 6.08/12/2017Rate 0
Legacy (CA) 316 ESB 5.511/3/2013Rate 2.792
Legacy (CA) Chesty Irish Red 5.311/3/2013Rate 3.148419
Legacy (CA) Clan Ross Scotch Ale 8.52/1/2014Rate 3.12111
Legacy (CA) Clan Ross Scotch Ale - Oak Aged 8.511/5/2015Rate 3.092
Legacy (CA) Czarface Russian Imperial Stout 9.05/18/2014Rate 3.24911
Legacy (CA) Czarface Russian Imperial Stout - Oak Aged 9.03/13/2016Rate 31
Legacy (CA) Daily Stout 4.411/3/2013Rate 3.01229
Legacy (CA) Emancipation Hoplimation (alias) 9.05/14/2015
Legacy (CA) Founding Fathers Nut Brown Ale 5.811/3/2013Rate 2.963117
Legacy (CA) Hellfire IPA 6.72/1/2014Rate 3.263722
Legacy (CA) Hellfire Oak Aged IPA 6.711/9/2016Rate 2.972
Legacy (CA) Hop Off '76 IPA 6.6712/19/2013Rate 2.76312
Legacy (CA) Illuminated Blonde 4.911/9/2016Rate 2.961
Legacy (CA) Iron Wharf Lager 5.17/23/2014Rate 2.878
Legacy (CA) Lemon Double IPA 9.06/16/2015Rate 0
Legacy (CA) MOAB Hazy IPA 6.710/8/2017Rate 3.111
Legacy (CA) Monk's Revenge 9.04/3/2015Rate 3.052
Legacy (CA) Old Smoky Scotch Ale 8.012/19/2013Rate 2.632
Legacy (CA) Orange Blossom Hellfire IPA 6.711/9/2016Rate 3.073
Legacy (CA) Rye IPA 4.58/17/2015Rate 3.042
Legacy (CA) Sedition Pale Ale 6.811/3/2013Rate 2.91610
Legacy (CA) Sleighwreck 5.312/19/2013Rate 3.285
Legacy (CA) Sons Of Liberty Porter 5.912/19/2013Rate 3.1279
Legacy (CA) Sons Of Liberty Porter - Raspberry 5.91/12/2015Rate 3.041
Legacy (CA) That Guava Beer 5.57/23/2014Rate 3.197820
Legacy (CA) The Emancipation Hoplimation 9.01/12/2015Rate 2.342
Legacy (CA) The Illuminated Blonde 4.72/1/2014Rate 2.725
Legacy (CA) The Mericle Pils 4.611/5/2015Rate 3.041
Legacy (CA) The Peach Around 5.911/12/2017Rate 2.981
Legacy (CA) Udderless Milk Stout 4.46/22/2014Rate 2.763
Legacy (CA) Zero Bock Thirty Doppelbock 7.01/12/2015Rate 3.232
Legacy, Oceanside Nelson the Barbarian DPA 7.08/12/2017Rate 0

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