Lighthouse 15 Anniversary Ale 8.07/31/2013Rate 3.02813
Lighthouse 150 Heritage Ale 6.35/11/2017Rate 34310
Lighthouse 20th Anniversary Ale 5.38/28/2018Rate 3.163
Lighthouse 3 Weeds 7.55/15/2013Rate 3.289116
Lighthouse Barnacle Wheat IPA 8.04/4/2013Rate 3.289411
Lighthouse Barque Belgian Golden Strong Ale 8.23/5/2015Rate 3.186
Lighthouse Beacon ESB (formerly India Pale Ale) 5.36/23/2003Rate 31360
Lighthouse Belgian Black 9.01/20/2012Rate 3.689528
Lighthouse Belgian White 7.55/20/2012Rate 3.299216
Lighthouse Berry'd at Sea 7.05/8/2013Rate 2.861
Lighthouse Black Robust Porter 6.57/19/2013Rate 3.275217
Lighthouse Black Sam Licorice Stout 7.210/28/2015Rate 3.458024
Lighthouse Blackberry Black Saison -9/8/2012Rate 2.792
Lighthouse Bowline Pilsner 5.08/27/2014Rate 2.956511
Lighthouse Broadside Northwest Ale 4.36/3/2016Rate 2.976
Lighthouse Bunker B Very Black Ale 9.012/14/2011Rate 0
Lighthouse California Love 4.51/8/2018Rate 3.091
Lighthouse Captain Haddock Belgian Ale 9.09/7/2011Rate 0
Lighthouse Citrus Shore 4.64/8/2017Rate 3.011411
Lighthouse Cream Ale 6.09/3/2011Rate 2.872
Lighthouse Cruel Yule Imperial Winter Ale 8.012/21/2011Rate 0
Lighthouse Currant Event (Sour Black Currant Saison) -8/27/2014Rate 2.931
Lighthouse Dark Chocolate Porter 5.53/7/2012Rate 3.133427
Lighthouse Death Rode a Pale Horse Imperial Belgian Pale Ale -10/2/2013Rate 2.81
Lighthouse Decimation Imperial Chocolate Stout 9.04/2/2014Rate 2.861
Lighthouse Deckhand Belgian Saison 8.01/19/2011Rate 3.417041
Lighthouse Depth Charge - Barrel Aged Scotch Ale 9.011/29/2016Rate 3.54859
Lighthouse Depth Charge - Oak Aged Belgian Quad with Cognac 9.01/3/2018Rate 3.254
Lighthouse Depth Charge - Oak Aged Whiskey Doppelbock 8.711/22/2018Rate 3.133
Lighthouse Desolation Imperial Oyster Stout 9.311/30/2013Rate 3.483624
Lighthouse Discovery Coffee Lager 5.111/28/2015Rate 2.94
Lighthouse Drumbeg -6/28/2015Rate 3.033
Lighthouse Espresso Infused Russian Vodka Imperial Stout 109/11/2010Rate 2.913
Lighthouse Explosions in the Chai 5.05/2/2013Rate 2.811
Lighthouse Fisgard 150 5.04/30/2010Rate 2.938216
Lighthouse Funk Yes, Amber Sour -1/10/2015Rate 2.823
Lighthouse Gorge Point Kolsch 5.19/8/2016Rate 2.961
Lighthouse Groundswell 5.011/7/2017Rate 2.763
Lighthouse Highland Challenge Scottish Ale 4.45/24/2011Rate 2.797
Lighthouse Hop Burst IPA -10/25/2015Rate 2.961
Lighthouse Hop Cross Brun Belgian Brown 7.03/29/2013Rate 2.871
Lighthouse Hopcore Chocolate Orange IPA -4/3/2013Rate 2.771
Lighthouse In Cahoots 5.410/26/2018Rate 2.811
Lighthouse Jackline Rhubarb Grisette 5.54/13/2015Rate 3.142024
Lighthouse Just Here for the Beer 9.112/17/2016Rate 3.274
Lighthouse Kamaraj -9/10/2016Rate 3.142
Lighthouse Keepers Stout 5.13/2/2004Rate 3.193557
Lighthouse Killswitch 7.54/9/2012Rate 3.012
Lighthouse Lager 5.112/30/2004Rate 2.453026
Lighthouse Maibock 6.755/13/2013Rate 3.127710
Lighthouse Navigator Doppelbock 8.512/5/2010Rate 3.255616
Lighthouse Night Watch Coffee Lager 5.112/17/2016Rate 3.118
Lighthouse Night's Watch Coffee Stout 5.16/8/2016Rate 3.021
Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA 9.16/13/2013Rate 3.678241
Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA - Ahtanum 9.11/1/2018Rate 2.985
Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA - Belma 9.12/25/2019Rate 3.155
Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA - Citra 9.19/10/2018Rate 2.941
Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA - El Dorado 9.18/16/2017Rate 3.075
Lighthouse Numbskull Imperial IPA - Motueka 9.13/16/2018Rate 3.061
Lighthouse Oatmeal Stout 7.28/2/2015Rate 3.165
Lighthouse Overboard Imperial Pilsner 8.55/13/2011Rate 3.259020
Lighthouse Pacific Sunset Belgo-American Mild 5.38/29/2015Rate 3.16559
Lighthouse Pilsner 5.03/4/2019Rate 3.042
Lighthouse Plow King Vanilla Stout (alias) 5.012/12/2013
Lighthouse Pumpkin Ale 5.59/28/2012Rate 3449
Lighthouse Quintan Brown ESB 5.07/10/2015Rate 3.061
Lighthouse Race Rocks Ale 5.24/13/2001Rate 3.034667
Lighthouse Rhubie Ale 6.24/12/2014Rate 2.845617
Lighthouse Riptide Pale Ale 5.03/18/2009Rate 2.919
Lighthouse Road Trip Fresh Hopped Dark Ale 6.210/2/2013Rate 3.287520
Lighthouse Sauerteig Farmhouse Ale 7.03/1/2014Rate 3.314516
Lighthouse Sazerac Saison -9/8/2012Rate 2.711
Lighthouse Seaport Vanilla Stout 5.58/27/2014Rate 3.263522
Lighthouse Seaport Vanilla Stout - Rum & Fig -12/18/2014Rate 2.841
Lighthouse Shipwreck IPA (formerly Switchback IPA) 6.52/10/2012Rate 3.6293107
Lighthouse Shipwrecked Triple IPA 1010/9/2010Rate 3.168
Lighthouse Siren Red Ale 8.012/1/2012Rate 3.476133
Lighthouse Skuttle Wheat Strong 8.19/8/2016Rate 2.721
Lighthouse Smoked Hop Bock -1/26/2013Rate 2.791
Lighthouse Strath 100 Pale Ale -3/5/2014Rate 2.793
Lighthouse Tasman Ale 5.08/3/2012Rate 3.022426
Lighthouse Toasted Chocolate Stout -2/13/2012Rate 2.831
Lighthouse Tropical Storm Grapefruit IPA 4.99/9/2016Rate 2.941
Lighthouse Troubled Seas Brown Ale -2/25/2014Rate 0
Lighthouse Uncharted Belgian IPA 7.59/1/2011Rate 3.333229
Lighthouse Up Periscope Imperial Pils 8.83/10/2011Rate 0
Lighthouse Vic's Secret Santa Pale Ale 6.012/5/2013Rate 2.941
Lighthouse Winter Ale (-2010/2011) 6.512/20/2009Rate 2.937
Lighthouse Winter Ale (2013) (alias) 6.510/22/2013
Lighthouse Zombie Red Ale -10/25/2015Rate 0

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