Like Minds Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
823 E Hamilton Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA 53202
Tue-Thu: 4 to 11 pm
Fri: 3 to 11:45 pm
Sat: 12 to 11:45 pm
Sun: 12 to 5 pm

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Like Minds Archimedes Brett IPA 6.57/22/2016Rate 3.558618
Like Minds Canneberge 5.53/18/2018Rate 3.111
Like Minds Charred Grapefruit Saison 6.53/16/2016Rate 2.751
Like Minds Citrus Sour Ale 6.74/15/2018Rate 3.041
Like Minds DKong 7.012/12/2017Rate 3.041
Like Minds Doctorow 6.06/17/2017Rate 3.061
Like Minds Ellison 6.26/14/2017Rate 3.363
Like Minds Exiled Saison 6.37/26/2016Rate 3.39559
Like Minds Flora 7.38/13/2016Rate 3.294
Like Minds Holden 8.06/17/2017Rate 3.32
Like Minds Intelligentsia Coffee Stout 9.08/15/2016Rate 3.212
Like Minds L'Horizon 6.71/26/2018Rate 3.035
Like Minds Liberté 6.79/16/2018Rate 3.041
Like Minds Madame 7.15/14/2017Rate 3.131
Like Minds Marron Peche 8.06/14/2017Rate 3.314
Like Minds Neely 5.512/27/2017Rate 3.131
Like Minds Nighthawks Oatmeal Coffee Stout 7.27/26/2016Rate 3.086
Like Minds Quince D'Or 8.51/28/2018Rate 3.395
Like Minds Robuste with Cherry 108/3/2018Rate 3.151
Like Minds Rouge Bruin 5.56/30/2018Rate 3.171
Like Minds Saison Marron 6.02/24/2019Rate 0
Like Minds Saison Peche 7.08/27/2017Rate 3.122
Like Minds Sendak 5.66/17/2017Rate 3.111
Like Minds Sour Saison Aged In Red Wine Barrels On Rhubarb -10/9/2016Rate 3.194
Like Minds Spontane' 4.512/7/2017Rate 3.424
Like Minds Tart Citra 5.05/17/2017Rate 3.253
Like Minds Tart Mosaic 4.59/12/2017Rate 3.061
Like Minds Wilder 6.36/14/2017Rate 3.313
Like Minds Dark Tower 9.22/3/2017Rate 3.136
Like Minds Horehound Double IPA 9.01/15/2016Rate 3.43413
Like Minds Serre Rhubarb Saison -7/8/2014Rate 2.881
Like Minds Ver'Beena 6.911/20/2014Rate 3.042

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