Limestone Brewery and Restaurant

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
12337 Rt. 59, Suite 31, Plainfield, Illinois, USA 60585
Out of business

Operated 2009 to 2013
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Limestone 6450 Red Ale 4.412/20/2010Rate 2.93
Limestone Begotten Blonde Ale -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Bottoms UP Ale -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Brew Monkey 9.063/27/2011Rate 33
Limestone Caton Farm English Ale -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Clan Irish Red Ale -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Craic Stout -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Dolomite Oatmeal Stout 4.02/14/2010Rate 3.223212
Limestone Donndubhan 3.89/18/2011Rate 2.963
Limestone Electric Park Golden Ale 5.623/16/2010Rate 2.858
Limestone Flying Pig 9.02/14/2010Rate 3.32814
Limestone Friends With Benefits 5.649/18/2011Rate 2.632
Limestone Frostbite Spiced Ale 5.911/20/2011Rate 2.984
Limestone Halfway Small Stout 2.76/4/2010Rate 2.975
Limestone Indian Boundary Ale 5.51/5/2010Rate 3.031510
Limestone Light -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Maple Stout 4.3312/20/2010Rate 2.81
Limestone Monkey Wood 9.062/20/2012Rate 0
Limestone Nibulator 6.835/23/2011Rate 3.024
Limestone Oaked Flying Pig 9.05/11/2011Rate 2.932
Limestone Oatmeal Stout 4.01/5/2010Rate 0
Limestone Old Chicago Ale 4.51/5/2010Rate 3.076710
Limestone Pilcher Pale 5.86/4/2010Rate 3.098
Limestone Plow Match Pale Ale 5.918/9/2011Rate 2.741
Limestone Professor Darnell's Berry Ale -6/19/2011Rate 2.791
Limestone ReplicAle 2010 -9/28/2010Rate 2.811
Limestone Ukrainium Krusher 9.846/4/2010Rate 3.297
Limestone Wheatlander Hefeweizen 4.71/5/2010Rate 3.118212
Limestone Willco Wheat Ale -7/12/2009Rate 0
Limestone Wisdom & Wit 3.998/9/2011Rate 0

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