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Melton High Wood Farm, Melton High Wood, Ross, Barnetby, Lincolnshire, England DN38 6AA
Associated place: Tom Wood’s Brewery
Founded in 1997 as Highwood, although used the Tom Wood branding from the outset. In 2011 Highwood went into administration and, following a change in ownership, the Tom Wood name was officially adopted. In 2018 another change of management another change of name to Lincolnshire Craft.
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Highwood Ding Dong 3.88/18/2008Rate 2.621
Highwood Landladys Bitter 4.18/18/2008Rate 2.691
Highwood Lincoln Red 5.010/21/2006Rate 3.016
Lincolnshire Craft April Showers 4.04/10/2018Rate 2.921
Lincolnshire Craft Taste of 66 4.37/19/2018Rate 2.811
Lincolnshire Craft Wedding Bells 4.05/23/2018Rate 2.981
Tom Wood's 214 Crimson Valley 5.56/12/2016Rate 3.055
Tom Wood's 216 Saint Clements 5.04/4/2016Rate 3.056
Tom Wood's 511 Hang Town 4.09/11/2016Rate 2.961
Tom Wood's Barn Dance 4.25/5/2004Rate 2.816
Tom Wood's Beach Blonde 4.18/31/2015Rate 2.941
Tom Wood's Best Bitter 3.55/19/2004Rate 2.923918
Tom Wood's Bomber County 4.85/13/2002Rate 3.278854
Tom Wood's Brass Monkey 4.412/13/2015Rate 3.097
Tom Wood's Bunny Hop 4.45/29/2010Rate 3.084
Tom Wood's Christmas Cheers 4.512/8/2003Rate 3.034211
Tom Wood's Comes In Pints Stout 4.56/1/2004Rate 3.173
Tom Wood's Crafty Farmer 4.36/19/2015Rate 3.124
Tom Wood's Dark Mild 3.55/5/2003Rate 2.973630
Tom Wood's Devils T Ale 4.511/9/2009Rate 2.811
Tom Wood's Father's Pride 4.57/23/2002Rate 3.337011
Tom Wood's Fifteen 4.45/21/2010Rate 2.762
Tom Wood's Golden Evening 3.67/19/2006Rate 3.242
Tom Wood's Golden Imp 4.65/26/2014Rate 2.841
Tom Wood's Goldings Jubilee 5.16/10/2002Rate 3.162
Tom Wood's Harvest Bitter 4.35/21/2002Rate 2.862935
Tom Wood's Hop and Glory 3.65/22/2006Rate 3.129115
Tom Wood's IMP Stout 4.83/13/2014Rate 2.913
Tom Wood's Jolly Ploughman 5.07/22/2002Rate 3.144572
Tom Wood's Jolly Snowman 3.612/1/2005Rate 3.18212
Tom Wood's Karma 4.012/22/2017Rate 2.961
Tom Wood's Lincoln Gold 4.01/5/2013Rate 3.086520
Tom Wood's Lincoln Imp 5.15/19/2004Rate 2.994112
Tom Wood's Lincolnshire Legend 4.23/29/2004Rate 2.984917
Tom Wood's Lincolnshire Longwool 4.410/23/2002Rate 3.148
Tom Wood's Magna Carta 6.06/22/2015Rate 2.981
Tom Wood's Mazama 5.511/15/2015Rate 3.021
Tom Wood's Melton Mild 3.55/23/2015Rate 2.871
Tom Wood's Mill Race 4.24/5/2002Rate 2.885
Tom Wood's Old Codger 4.03/21/2015Rate 33
Tom Wood's Old Timber 4.510/20/2002Rate 35523
Tom Wood's Pig Catcher 3.59/7/2017Rate 2.921
Tom Wood's Scarecrow 4.011/5/2009Rate 2.945412
Tom Wood's Scrum-ptious 3.62/4/2017Rate 2.921
Tom Wood's Seaside Special 4.510/20/2010Rate 2.912
Tom Wood's Shepherds Delight 4.03/3/2002Rate 2.874126
Tom Wood's Sozzled Skeleton 4.011/2/2017Rate 2.961
Tom Wood's Springtime 4.24/21/2010Rate 2.761
Tom Wood's Summer Days 4.45/19/2004Rate 2.692312
Tom Wood's Ten 3.66/4/2005Rate 3.111
Tom Wood's The Cardinal's Ale 4.09/13/2015Rate 2.921
Tom Wood's Vanilla Orchid 4.810/23/2010Rate 2.922718
Tom Wood's Wagoner's Ale 4.88/8/2002Rate 2.894
Tom Wood's Winter Woolies 3.612/24/2016Rate 2.952
London Fields Broadway Blond 5.08/5/2014Rate 3.143927
London Fields Hackney Hopster (4.2%) 4.212/5/2012Rate 3.1682121

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