Listermann Wiedemann’s Special Lager 4.77/13/2012Rate 2.774
Wiedemann’s Bock 5.63/2/2013Rate 2.913
Wiedemann’s Bohemian Summer Brew 4.48/19/2014Rate 3.064
Wiedemann’s Mansion Hill Cranberry Lager 5.512/18/2013Rate 2.655
Wiedemann’s Oktoberfest 5.68/1/2013Rate 2.945
Wiedemann’s Pragerbrau 5.712/22/2014Rate 3.034
Wiedemann’s Royal 5.47/23/2013Rate 3859
Cincinnati Beer Week 2016 - Over/Under 6.25/27/2016Rate 3.13919
John Zeller’s SmackDown IPA 6.011/5/2013Rate 3.074
Listermann / Blank Slate Roots Ginger Beer 5.42/27/2016Rate 3.155
Listermann / Cellar Dweller Slide Job -9/3/2013Rate 3.284210
Listermann / Lymestone E.S.Bee 4.96/13/2014Rate 3.126
Listermann / MadTree MadMann Cranberry Gose 4.21/22/2015Rate 3.388
Listermann / Triple Digit Chickow! By Nutcase 1010/10/2015Rate 3.091
Listermann / Triple Digit White Death By Chickow! 8.41/31/2014Rate 3.545
Listermann 186,000 MPS 10.510/3/2008Rate 2.21859
Listermann 562 Lateral Gone Nuts! 6.010/17/2016Rate 3.122
Listermann 562 Lateral Oatmeal Stout 5.012/6/2012Rate 3.498017
Listermann 562 Lateral Oatmeal Stout - Chocolate Raspberry Jam 5.010/17/2016Rate 3.343
Listermann 562 Lateral Oatmeal Stout - Coffee 5.02/23/2016Rate 3.446
Listermann 6th Man 5.21/3/2017Rate 3.123
Listermann 99 Problems But A Beer Ain’t One 7.64/4/2017Rate 3.285
Listermann An Audit Ale MMXIV 8.65/1/2014Rate 3.444812
Listermann Apple Cider 7.91/3/2017Rate 3.022
Listermann Apricot Delight 4.09/12/2012Rate 2.914
Listermann Arnold’s Ziffel 5.010/4/2011Rate 2.951
Listermann Babycat Meowface 8.16/8/2017Rate 3.182
Listermann Barrel Aged Batch 300 - Buffalo Trace 8.011/27/2015Rate 3.446
Listermann Barrel Aged Batch 300 - Smooth Ambler 8.011/27/2015Rate 3.384
Listermann Barrel Aged Batch 300 - Triple Smoked 8.011/27/2015Rate 3.337
Listermann Barrel Aged Carrie Ale 5.56/15/2016Rate 3.093
Listermann Barrel Aged Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter - A. Smith Bowman 6.77/2/2016Rate 3.182
Listermann Barrel Aged Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter - Four Roses 6.77/2/2016Rate 3.192
Listermann Barrel Aged Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter - Heaven Hill 6.77/2/2016Rate 3.33
Listermann Barrel Aged Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter - High West 6.76/26/2016Rate 3.142
Listermann Barrel Aged Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter - Jim Beam 6.76/26/2016Rate 3.163
Listermann Barrel Aged Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter - Smooth Ambler 6.77/2/2016Rate 3.182
Listermann Barrel Aged Horchata 8.05/1/2017Rate 3.424
Listermann Batch 300 American Stout 8.012/3/2014Rate 3.284712
Listermann Batch 400 Blonde Barleywine 8.03/22/2016Rate 3.225
Listermann Batch 500 7.51/14/2017Rate 3.34
Listermann Beagle Belge 6.82/16/2014Rate 3.237
Listermann Beagle In The Rye 6.86/29/2013Rate 3.348
Listermann Beagle India Pale Lager 5.44/16/2016Rate 3.264
Listermann Beagle Of The Corn 6.89/22/2013Rate 3.254310
Listermann Beef Trust Stout 5.06/17/2010Rate 2.497
Listermann Beets Me 5.54/4/2014Rate 3.358811
Listermann Big Dave Pils 6.15/8/2017Rate 3.254
Listermann Biggie 7.611/9/2016Rate 3.294
Listermann Black Beagle 6.812/6/2012Rate 3.14
Listermann Blueberry Lime Tart 4.65/1/2017Rate 3.223
Listermann Bourbon Barrel Friar Bacon Smoked Bock 7.73/8/2015Rate 3.384
Listermann Bourbon Barrel Friar Bacon Smoked Bock - Maple 7.73/26/2016Rate 3.091
Listermann Bourbon Barrel Friar Bacon Smoked Bock - Maple & Coffee 7.73/5/2017Rate 3.151
Listermann Bourbon Barrel Nutcase 6.78/6/2014Rate 3.166
Listermann Bourbon Barrel Shamrock Shake 6.03/12/2015Rate 3.51969
Listermann Bourbon Barrel Shamrock Shake - Coffee 6.03/17/2016Rate 3.232
Listermann Bourbon Barrel White Death 7.012/6/2012Rate 3.619828
Listermann Brass Monkey 7.01/21/2017Rate 3.314
Listermann Brass Monkey Junkie 7.01/21/2017Rate 3.44
Listermann Breakfast Beagle 7.011/27/2015Rate 3.283
Listermann Brewer’s Delight 7.13/15/2017Rate 3.092
Listermann Caeso 9.06/12/2016Rate 3.354
Listermann Carrie Ale 7.08/6/2015Rate 3.125
Listermann Cherry Cincinnatus 9.512/29/2015Rate 3.247
Listermann Chuck’s Regular Ol’ Porter 6.76/25/2016Rate 3.182
Listermann Cincinnati Red Ale 4.82/28/2014Rate 3.178111
Listermann Cincinnatus 9.51/27/2011Rate 3.614672
Listermann Colonel Plug 6.29/22/2013Rate 3.569713
Listermann Da Goodness 6.85/8/2017Rate 3.094
Listermann Dana’s 20th Anniversary Irish Red 4.811/14/2015Rate 3.185
Listermann Dirty Beagle 6.83/15/2013Rate 3.114
Listermann Don’t Talk Sh*t About Norwood 4.25/21/2015Rate 3.347114
Listermann Double Beagle - Amarillo 8.24/10/2015Rate 3.396
Listermann Double Beagle - Citra 8.511/20/2014Rate 3.437
Listermann Double Beagle - Mosaic 8.17/10/2015Rate 3.455
Listermann Double Beagle - Zythos 7.52/9/2015Rate 3.396
Listermann Elusive DIPA - Amarillo 8.03/17/2016Rate 3.325
Listermann Elusive DIPA - Galaxy 8.21/30/2016Rate 3.375
Listermann Elusive DIPA - Mosaic 8.310/31/2015Rate 3.365
Listermann Elusive DIPA - Mosaic 2016 (alias) 8.011/9/2016
Listermann Enter The Beagle IPA 6.81/8/2012Rate 3.197
Listermann Enter The Beagle IPA (Pre-Summer 2012) 6.06/19/2009Rate 3.355814
Listermann Experimental Batch - Barrel Aged Porter 8.011/28/2014Rate 2.861
Listermann Experimental Batch - Belgian Pale Ale 4.71/3/2017Rate 3.142
Listermann Experimental Batch - Blonde Ale 5.57/10/2016Rate 3.023
Listermann Experimental Batch - Cherry Wood Smoked Amber 3.82/28/2014Rate 3.094
Listermann Experimental Batch - Double Black IPA 9.05/17/2012Rate 3.093
Listermann Experimental Batch - Double IPA 9.87/13/2012Rate 3.063
Listermann Experimental Batch - Gin-Rum Barrel Aged Colonel Plug 6.29/28/2013Rate 3.195
Listermann Experimental Batch - Saison 6.36/8/2013Rate 2.933
Listermann Experimental Batch - Sharpsburg Steamer 5.04/26/2013Rate 3.014
Listermann Experimental Batch - Under Consideration (alias) 7.02/11/2015
Listermann Flash 7.01/3/2017Rate 3.344
Listermann Friar Bacon Smoked Bock 7.03/8/2010Rate 3.244439
Listermann Galaxy Beagle 6.89/16/2014Rate 3.165
Listermann Grapefruit Planetary 6.010/13/2014Rate 3.093
Listermann Gravitation (alias) -3/2/2013
Listermann Habits - The Great American Blonde 5.51/3/2017Rate 0
Listermann Hatoraide 4.65/8/2017Rate 3.073
Listermann High Society - Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine With Coffee 9.011/17/2016Rate 3.678511
Listermann High Society - Gin Barrel Aged Belgian Blonde With Honey Dew Melons -11/10/2016Rate 3.264
Listermann Holiday English Summer Ale 3.86/29/2016Rate 3.155
Listermann Honey Beagle Don’t Care 6.87/31/2013Rate 3.15
Listermann Hopical Oasis 7.05/7/2016Rate 3.336
Listermann Idle Mild 3.24/10/2015Rate 3.296
Listermann Imperial Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter 9.52/8/2012Rate 2.941
Listermann Intergalactic 6.08/31/2013Rate 3.417412
Listermann Intergalactic Kiwi 6.09/28/2013Rate 3.163
Listermann Julia 6.26/9/2013Rate 3.29299
Listermann Jungle Honey 5.77/13/2012Rate 3.275319
Listermann Keats Beagle Black Rye IPA 6.811/15/2013Rate 3.27
Listermann King Swanky 5.28/16/2014Rate 3.156
Listermann Lateral (alias) 5.012/6/2012
Listermann Lemon Pound Cake 5.510/15/2013Rate 3.339
Listermann Leopold 6.26/4/2012Rate 3.237610
Listermann Losantaville Pre-Prohibition Lager 5.012/22/2011Rate 3.148918
Listermann Maple Friar Bacon Smoked Bock 7.03/26/2016Rate 3.091
Listermann Mashing Pumpkins 6.010/19/2013Rate 3.248
Listermann Mike’s Spiked Punk N’ Ale 7.09/21/2013Rate 3.123
Listermann Ms. E 7.65/8/2017Rate 3.34
Listermann Nelson Beagle 6.81/5/2014Rate 2.81
Listermann Neons Anniversary Coffee Porter 6.74/1/2014Rate 3.053
Listermann Neons Anniversary Vanilla Porter 6.74/3/2014Rate 3.093
Listermann Newton 4.72/5/2015Rate 3.216
Listermann No Sleep ’Til Norwood 6.83/15/2017Rate 3.254
Listermann No. 42 Cream Ale 4.7510/3/2008Rate 2.968
Listermann Norwood Common 5.19/17/2016Rate 3.092
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Blackberry Jam Porter 6.712/3/2014Rate 3.427515
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Chocolate Porter 6.77/22/2016Rate 3.281
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Cocoa Nib Porter 6.710/8/2013Rate 2.871
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Coffee Porter 6.73/28/2015Rate 3.548
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Concord Grape Juice Porter 6.712/25/2013Rate 3.324
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Porter 6.78/3/2013Rate 3.328
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Peach Jam Porter 6.76/2/2016Rate 3.45
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam Porter 6.77/5/2013Rate 3.619620
Listermann Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter 6.71/16/2013Rate 3.629666
Listermann Oktoberfest 5.010/10/2012Rate 3.04709
Listermann Pac 7.02/19/2017Rate 3.183
Listermann Paycor Pilsner 5.010/31/2014Rate 2.948
Listermann Piquant 6.512/12/2014Rate 3.25
Listermann Planetary 6.21/22/2014Rate 3.436717
Listermann Planetary Eclipse 6.010/25/2014Rate 3.313011
Listermann Queen Beagle 6.84/14/2013Rate 3.196
Listermann Rabid Beagle 6.88/5/2012Rate 3.328
Listermann Raspberry Leopold 6.27/1/2013Rate 2.91
Listermann Riveting Rosie 5.44/5/2017Rate 3.041
Listermann Rufus the Roof Beagle 6.86/8/2013Rate 3.114
Listermann Rummy 7.011/18/2013Rate 3.399314
Listermann Run Like Hell Red 4.811/15/2012Rate 3.17
Listermann Runt Beagle 4.65/6/2014Rate 3.196
Listermann Sabotage 6.412/25/2016Rate 3.344
Listermann Serenity Brau! 4.78/18/2015Rate 3.248
Listermann Serpentine Wheat (2013-2014) 5.04/4/2013Rate 3.329514
Listermann Serpentine Wheat (2015-) 5.55/11/2015Rate 3.197
Listermann Shamrock Shake 5.53/17/2013Rate 3.569814
Listermann Simply Cedar Beagle IPA 6.812/20/2013Rate 3.347
Listermann Sparrow 7.12/5/2015Rate 3.336
Listermann Springmann 6.86/8/2017Rate 3.192
Listermann Store Beagle 8.08/27/2016Rate 3.111
Listermann Strawberry Kiwi Tart 3.86/2/2016Rate 3.246
Listermann Team Fiona 6.26/12/2017Rate 3.061
Listermann Tricky 6.74/5/2017Rate 3.094
Listermann U-Can Cherry Cider 5.010/19/2015Rate 2.964
Listermann U-Can Semi-Dry Cider 5.05/9/2016Rate 3.022
Listermann U-Can Spiced Cider 5.011/10/2015Rate 3.13
Listermann U-Can StrawPeary 5.02/27/2016Rate 2.973
Listermann Under Construction Nut Brown 7.06/25/2015Rate 3.144
Listermann Volksfest Dortmunder Lager 5.47/27/2013Rate 2.934
Listermann Wembley IPA 6.03/14/2015Rate 2.861
Listermann Wet Beagle 6.810/18/2012Rate 2.922
Listermann White Death 6.27/13/2012Rate 3.338313
Listermann Whole Hog Hefeweizen 5.06/8/2013Rate 33
Listermann Wild Mild 3.510/3/2008Rate 2.912616
Listermann Wildmann’s Harvest 7.010/17/2016Rate 3.182
Listermann Wit’s Up Doc -5/8/2017Rate 3.213
Listermann WitchBoy 7.66/5/2017Rate 3.192
Listermann Wu East Coast IPA 6.912/25/2016Rate 3.041
Listermann Yoda Potato 8.45/8/2017Rate 3.194
Quaff Bros. Big Kahuna
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
8.05/17/2013Rate 3.454214
Quaff Bros. Broot
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
7.52/20/2014Rate 3.12639
Quaff Bros. Brown Chicken Brown Cow
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
9.52/12/2012Rate 3.313410
Quaff Bros. Even S’more Of What?
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
1511/10/2016Rate 3.44
Quaff Bros. Grand Crow
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
11.510/15/2013Rate 3.181410
Quaff Bros. Jenny
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
6.21/21/2013Rate 3.113
Quaff Bros. Joseph
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
8.511/1/2012Rate 3.345
Quaff Bros. Kaboom!
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
106/4/2014Rate 3.54114
Quaff Bros. Manhattan Project
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
11.23/15/2013Rate 3.283411
Quaff Bros. S’more Of What?
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
9.02/9/2015Rate 3.523713
Quaff Bros. Sour Grapes
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
7.510/4/2012Rate 3.535930
Quaff Bros. What The Wheat?
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
102/23/2012Rate 3.357
Triple Digit / Blank Slate Belgian Imperial IPA (alias)
Brewed by/for Quaff Bros.
Triple Digit / Blank Slate Determination 9.010/4/2012Rate 3.16389
Triple Digit / Hoppin’ Frog Bourbon Barrel Aged Stuff 101/8/2017Rate 3.274
Triple Digit / Hoppin’ Frog Stuff 109/16/2015Rate 3.533616
Triple Digit Aftermath 10.54/12/2012Rate 3.569034
Triple Digit Almond Chickow! 1010/15/2016Rate 3.313
Triple Digit Belsnickel 12.511/10/2016Rate 3.568
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Aftermath 10.52/2/2017Rate 3.333
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Chickow! 102/16/2013Rate 3.799617
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged German Black Forest Cake Aftermath 10.51/9/2017Rate 3.192
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Gravitator 10.53/2/2013Rate 3.346
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Chickow! 102/13/2016Rate 3.576
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Pineapple Upside Down Cake Aftermath 10.52/2/2017Rate 3.393
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Reanimation 1010/27/2015Rate 3.385
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Chickow! 1011/23/2015Rate 3.56
Triple Digit Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Cinnamon Chickow! 1011/13/2016Rate 3.5599
Triple Digit Calumet Whiskey Barrel Aged Chickow! 105/10/2017Rate 3.282
Triple Digit Caramel Chickow! 105/28/2014Rate 3.45
Triple Digit Chai Chickow! 1010/10/2015Rate 3.343711
Triple Digit Cherry Aftermath 10.51/17/2014Rate 2.91
Triple Digit Cherry Almond Chickow! 1010/13/2014Rate 3.252
Triple Digit Cherry, Raspberry, & Chocolate Chickow! 1012/28/2015Rate 3.33210
Triple Digit Chickow! 1010/6/2012Rate 3.769576
Triple Digit Chipotle, Orange Peel, & Honey Chickow! 105/28/2014Rate 3.232
Triple Digit Chocolate Banana Chickow! 102/27/2016Rate 3.234
Triple Digit Chocolate Chickow! 1010/16/2013Rate 3.43
Triple Digit Chocolate Marshmallow Chickow! 102/8/2017Rate 3.456
Triple Digit Chocolate, Coconut, & Orange Chickow! 105/21/2017Rate 3.354
Triple Digit Cincinnati Chili Chickow! 1010/22/2016Rate 3.122
Triple Digit Cinnamon Chickow! 1011/29/2014Rate 3.092
Triple Digit Cinnamon Roll Chickow! 107/5/2013Rate 3.779511
Triple Digit Coconut Chickow! 105/18/2013Rate 3.68013
Triple Digit Coconut Chocolate Chickow! 1010/10/2015Rate 3.395
Triple Digit Coconut Vanilla Chickow! 105/18/2013Rate 3.576
Triple Digit Coffee Chickow! 1010/15/2013Rate 3.395
Triple Digit Cortex 106/20/2015Rate 3.675312
Triple Digit Cranium 11.511/4/2013Rate 3.777631
Triple Digit Cranium - Chocolate 11.52/26/2017Rate 3.131
Triple Digit Cranium - Orange 11.51/30/2016Rate 3.474
Triple Digit Decimation 105/13/2012Rate 3.55814
Triple Digit Espresso Chickow! 105/21/2017Rate 3.555
Triple Digit Gravitator 10.52/8/2013Rate 3.589623
Triple Digit Habanero Chickow! 1010/15/2013Rate 3.112
Triple Digit Irish Cream Chickow! 1010/16/2013Rate 3.414718
Triple Digit Maple Aftermath 10.55/17/2012Rate 2.871
Triple Digit Maple Barrel Aged Chickow! 105/18/2017Rate 3.444
Triple Digit Maple Chickow! 1010/15/2013Rate 3.749425
Triple Digit Maple Rye Barrel Aged Chickow! 105/18/2017Rate 0
Triple Digit Marshmallow Chickow! 1010/15/2016Rate 3.373
Triple Digit Naked Chickow! 1010/13/2014Rate 3.182
Triple Digit Neapolitan Chickow! 105/21/2017Rate 3.384
Triple Digit Nutella Chickow! 105/21/2017Rate 3.264
Triple Digit Nuts On Nuts Chickow! 105/7/2016Rate 3.373
Triple Digit O-H! 11.212/29/2015Rate 3.327
Triple Digit Orange Chickow! 103/14/2014Rate 3.243
Triple Digit Pappy Barrel Aged Aftermath 10.58/21/2014Rate 3.418
Triple Digit Pappy Barrel Aged Chickow! 105/19/2014Rate 3.58779
Triple Digit Peanut Butter Chickow! 1010/16/2013Rate 3.587510
Triple Digit Pecan Caramel Chickow! 1010/25/2016Rate 3.111
Triple Digit Pistachio Chickow! (JStax 5k) 107/19/2016Rate 3.655
Triple Digit Pumpkin Chickow! 1010/15/2013Rate 3.525
Triple Digit Pumpkin Pie Chickow! 1010/15/2016Rate 3.273
Triple Digit Raspberry Chickow! 105/21/2017Rate 3.324
Triple Digit Reanimation 109/23/2014Rate 3.38
Triple Digit Reanimation Chickow! 1010/13/2014Rate 3.283
Triple Digit Red Hot Chickow! 105/7/2016Rate 3.153
Triple Digit Root Beer Chickow! 1010/15/2016Rate 3.192
Triple Digit Rum Barrel Aged Aftermath 10.53/8/2013Rate 3.58516
Triple Digit Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Chickow! 106/2/2015Rate 3.58769
Triple Digit Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coconut Chickow! 106/2/2015Rate 3.58769
Triple Digit Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee Chickow! 106/2/2015Rate 3.578
Triple Digit Tmoney99 Nano Barrel Aged Decimation 10.53/2/2013Rate 3.465412
Triple Digit Triple Smoked Whiskey Barrel Aged Aftermath 10.53/8/2013Rate 3.163
Triple Digit Triple Smoked Whiskey Barrel Aged Chickow! 105/18/2013Rate 3.525
Triple Digit Vanilla Chickow! 1010/15/2013Rate 3.428

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