LOC / Borg Brugghús Þrumari 8.57/22/2017Rate 3.428
LOC / Örebro Brygghus You Figure It Out 7.05/24/2017Rate 2.985
LOC / Totem Nipmuck 6.08/20/2017Rate 3.517913
LOC Big Boy Goes Nuts 9.55/13/2017Rate 3.322
LOC Big Boys Goes Nuts (Old Forester) 108/27/2017Rate 3.063
LOC BRAW #1 Hopfenweisse 6.56/25/2017Rate 3.131
LOC Calf 9.59/6/2016Rate 3.666611
LOC Diamond Quadrilateral 9.63/10/2016Rate 3.1189
LOC Don't Judge a Beer By It's Color Mindfuck 7.56/25/2017Rate 3.39419
LOC El Tren De La Fresca 4.75/10/2017Rate 3.023
LOC Hay Charlie 5.63/10/2016Rate 0
LOC Lord Nelson 6.25/19/2015Rate 3.354719
LOC Project Coconut Bogie 10.56/29/2015Rate 3.235
LOC Project Firebox 6.26/29/2015Rate 3.074
LOC Project Le Trein Bleu 7.16/30/2015Rate 2.851
LOC Project Murder on the Orient Express 5.56/29/2015Rate 3.052
LOC Sleeper 6.62/26/2016Rate 3.518241
LOC The Royal 5.06/25/2017Rate 3.111
LOC Thuile 6.01/18/2017Rate 3.184
LOC Thuile (Pinot Noir) 7.08/27/2017Rate 3.092
LOC Train Hopper 8.71/10/2016Rate 3.464341
LOC Trainwreck 156/25/2017Rate 31
LOC When You Know You Are In Some Deep (T)rump! 5.62/15/2017Rate 3.367
LOC 84
Brewed at De 3 Horne
10.52/1/2016Rate 3.685457
LOC Coconut Bogie (8%)
Brewed at De 3 Horne
8.05/18/2016Rate 3.362213
LOC Dinky Citra
Brewed at De 3 Horne
4.76/26/2016Rate 3.447925
LOC Dinky Mosaic
Brewed at De 3 Horne
4.711/16/2015Rate 3.437632
LOC Four Fathers
Brewed at De 3 Horne
5.58/12/2016Rate 3.077
LOC Hogger
Brewed at De 3 Horne
5.76/26/2016Rate 3.478824
LOC Naughty Boy
Brewed at De 3 Horne
5.02/21/2016Rate 3.224116
LOC / All In Brewing I Milk Your Drinkshake 6.02/22/2016Rate 3.385365
LOC / All In Brewing I Milk Your Drinkshake (with coconut) -4/3/2016Rate 3.147

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