Lompoc / Fort George / Gigantic / Solera Don's Double Down Bitter 5.36/22/2011Rate 3.052
Lompoc / Oproer Brouwerij Resist 8.511/18/2018Rate 31
Lompoc / Pints Legalize Wit -4/12/2012Rate 2.831
Lompoc 1060 EX Taxation Ale 6.05/19/2012Rate 0
Lompoc 4-4-2 Nice Lady 5.52/25/2013Rate 2.861
Lompoc 7 Drunken Monks -4/14/2017Rate 2.961
Lompoc 8 Malty Nights 6.412/11/2009Rate 3.215
Lompoc 8 Malty Nights - Bourbon Barrel 6.511/30/2010Rate 3.246
Lompoc 80 Bob 5.69/1/2015Rate 3.112
Lompoc Ain't Nuthin Ta Hop With Rye IPA 5.912/2/2016Rate 3.041
Lompoc Allons-y IPA 5.95/16/2013Rate 0
Lompoc Amber -8/2/2004Rate 2.782
Lompoc Arctic Blast -2/27/2010Rate 2.861
Lompoc Baird Single Malt Bitter 3.511/14/2010Rate 0
Lompoc Bald Guy Brown 5.09/28/2002Rate 3.156711
Lompoc Batch 69 Baltic Porter 7.72/13/2010Rate 3.567528
Lompoc Batch 69 Baltic Porter - Bourbon Barrel 8.38/1/2013Rate 3.164
Lompoc Bierz Brown 5.39/28/2011Rate 2.881
Lompoc Big Bang Red - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.29/27/2010Rate 3.182220
Lompoc Big Bang Red - Port Barrel Aged 8.04/29/2014Rate 2.933
Lompoc Bitter -10/26/2009Rate 2.841
Lompoc Black Tiger Cascadian Dark 5.99/19/2010Rate 2.931
Lompoc Black Dawn Imperial Coffee Stout 8.91/18/2010Rate 3.135
Lompoc Blitzen 2010 4.911/30/2010Rate 2.881
Lompoc Blitzen Holiday Ale 5.012/7/2007Rate 33
Lompoc Boadicea - Bourbon Barrel 8.45/19/2012Rate 0
Lompoc Bob's Memorial Braggot 7.04/11/2010Rate 2.863
Lompoc 6.06/10/2012Rate 2.922
Lompoc Brewdolph 7.912/5/2007Rate 3.17
Lompoc Brussels Stout 8.14/30/2009Rate 3.013
Lompoc Brutus Winter Warmer 6.47/10/2016Rate 3.061
Lompoc Bry Bri Miss American Pie IPA 6.210/28/2013Rate 2.861
Lompoc C69 Munich Brown 6.32/9/2007Rate 3.264
Lompoc Cacao Cream Ale -11/18/2018Rate 2.941
Lompoc California Steaming (alias) -4/8/2012
Lompoc C-Dog 7.44/30/2011Rate 0
Lompoc Cellar D'Or 4.95/3/2013Rate 2.934
Lompoc Centennial IPA 6.07/21/2005Rate 3.244234
Lompoc Cherry Bomb 6.23/19/2012Rate 2.974
Lompoc Cherry Bomb Smoked Red Ale 3.69/1/2015Rate 2.791
Lompoc Cherry Christmas 5.011/29/2011Rate 3.16
Lompoc Cherry Gold 5.04/23/2015Rate 3.133
Lompoc Cheval de Trait 8.51/23/2015Rate 2.831
Lompoc Cimmerian - Port Barrel 8.01/15/2016Rate 3.283
Lompoc Cluster Fuggles 6.07/1/2012Rate 2.861
Lompoc C-Note 6.99/28/2002Rate 3.5482174
Lompoc Condor Pale Ale 5.27/20/2004Rate 3.073633
Lompoc Cow Tippin Cream Ale 7.16/24/2008Rate 2.841
Lompoc Cranberry Saison 5.010/22/2016Rate 3.072
Lompoc Cranberry Saison - Port Barrel -11/18/2018Rate 3.111
Lompoc Crazy Dave's Imperial Stout 8.01/18/2010Rate 3.043
Lompoc Crazy Dave's Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel -2/24/2011Rate 2.792
Lompoc Crystal Missile -10/15/2006Rate 3.031
Lompoc Crystal Missile Saison 5.010/26/2009Rate 2.761
Lompoc C-Sons Greetings 8.010/19/2004Rate 3.534934
Lompoc C-Sons Greetings - Bourbon Barrel 8.03/15/2012Rate 2.952
Lompoc Dagda Irish Red -4/23/2007Rate 3.094
Lompoc Dagda Irish Red - Bourbon Barrel 6.03/19/2011Rate 2.841
Lompoc Danke Belgian IPA 5.85/10/2014Rate 2.91
Lompoc Dark Ages Sour Porter 8.02/8/2015Rate 2.92
Lompoc Dark Side Porter 6.25/26/2013Rate 3.032
Lompoc Dark Side Porter - Bourbon Barrel 7.512/7/2010Rate 3.44799
Lompoc Derail Olde Ale 5.61/9/2017Rate 3.252
Lompoc Dirty Deeds Double IPA 8.58/10/2013Rate 2.81
Lompoc Dr. Hop IPA 5.43/10/2015Rate 2.631
Lompoc El Comandante 4.68/17/2015Rate 2.871
Lompoc Electric Sheep IPA 6.85/16/2013Rate 2.771
Lompoc EleventyOne CDA -7/25/2013Rate 3.054
Lompoc ESP 5.48/23/2008Rate 2.862
Lompoc Fechter Brau Pilsner 4.98/17/2015Rate 2.851
Lompoc Flamingo -5/12/2010Rate 3.147
Lompoc Fleming Red 6.611/22/2012Rate 2.72
Lompoc Flowers of the Gods IPA 5.66/30/2008Rate 3.058
Lompoc Fools Golden Ale 5.09/28/2002Rate 2.863342
Lompoc Forbidden Fruit 5.97/5/2013Rate 3.294
Lompoc Franc'ly Brewdolph 7.612/2/2010Rate 3.227
Lompoc Fresh Hop Harvest Man Red 6.211/22/2012Rate 2.841
Lompoc Gallifrey IPA 7.27/31/2013Rate 2.951
Lompoc Goldfinger IPA 5.88/5/2015Rate 3.041
Lompoc Gueuze It 5.08/19/2017Rate 2.641
Lompoc Gun Moll IPA 5.53/22/2013Rate 2.71
Lompoc Guten Tag'r Lager 5.94/21/2018Rate 2.851
Lompoc Hammerin' Hank IPA 5.511/22/2012Rate 2.811
Lompoc Harvest Moon 7.810/15/2006Rate 3.034
Lompoc Heavens Helles 4.58/8/2008Rate 3.077
Lompoc Hedge House Harvest Ale -11/7/2003Rate 2.841
Lompoc High & Dry Stout 5.13/28/2010Rate 2.871
Lompoc Holiday Cheer 7.512/23/2003Rate 3.27
Lompoc Honey Ryeder Belgian Golden 6.011/18/2018Rate 31
Lompoc Hop Experiment #5 5.85/10/2014Rate 2.871
Lompoc Hoppy Tiger Bitter Dragon 6.87/29/2017Rate 2.961
Lompoc Illegally Blonde Stout 4.52/14/2015Rate 2.853
Lompoc India Pale Ale 6.09/28/2002Rate 3.153215
Lompoc Irish Ale 7.54/4/2006Rate 31
Lompoc It’s Full of Stars 5.37/27/2018Rate 3.131
Lompoc Jitter Brew Stout 6.63/6/2016Rate 3.212
Lompoc John Outhouse Special Bitter 5.48/29/2003Rate 3.095
Lompoc Jolly Bock 7.911/28/2007Rate 2.935
Lompoc JuiceTastic 5.54/13/2018Rate 2.941
Lompoc Kick Axe 5.24/18/2011Rate 3.133731
Lompoc Le Chat Noir 6.66/17/2009Rate 3.072
Lompoc Le Diablesse 7.05/19/2012Rate 0
Lompoc Leeloominai 6.87/5/2013Rate 2.911
Lompoc Leeloominai IPA 6.87/10/2013Rate 0
Lompoc Lemon Rye-zome Pale Ale 6.28/17/2015Rate 3.25
Lompoc Lolampoc Clan 8.08/31/2012Rate 2.952
Lompoc Lompeizer American Ale 5.37/20/2004Rate 2.661911
Lompoc Lompoc "Sour" Draft 6.910/7/2010Rate 2.881
Lompoc Lompocker Hoppy Kolsch 5.36/27/2017Rate 2.813
Lompoc Lomporter 6.48/28/2017Rate 3.315
Lompoc Mea Culpa Winter Warmer 6.512/15/2015Rate 3.041
Lompoc Mixed Maltal -9/20/2009Rate 2.881
Lompoc Monster Mash Porter 7.511/11/2007Rate 3.574837
Lompoc Monster Mash Porter - Bourbon Barrel 8.110/8/2010Rate 3.185
Lompoc Munich 69 8.52/12/2009Rate 3.015
Lompoc North End CDA 6.611/22/2012Rate 3.054
Lompoc NW Pils -10/30/2006Rate 3.057
Lompoc Oak Aged Doppelbock 8.02/11/2010Rate 3.277
Lompoc Oktoberfest 5.06/24/2008Rate 2.99539
Lompoc Okto-Bock 6.811/18/2008Rate 3.071
Lompoc Old Tavern Mouse 7.99/1/2003Rate 3.157
Lompoc Old Tavern Rat 9.02/24/2002Rate 3.819544
Lompoc Old Tavern Rat - Bourbon Barrel 9.711/10/2011Rate 3.57
Lompoc Oproer Framboos 6.09/20/2018Rate 2.961
Lompoc Organic Brown Ale -7/17/2007Rate 2.961
Lompoc Oriole Orange 5.05/19/2012Rate 0
Lompoc OSI IPA 6.911/14/2014Rate 2.841
Lompoc Pagan Porter 6.410/4/2008Rate 3.033
Lompoc Pale Ryeder -4/4/2009Rate 2.841
Lompoc Pamplemousse Citrus IPA 5.86/2/2014Rate 3.375130
Lompoc Parkway Premium Pilsner. 4.07/29/2018Rate 2.851
Lompoc Peach Wheat - Bourbon Barrel -5/6/2013Rate 33
Lompoc Peachy Keen 4.511/17/2014Rate 3.357
Lompoc Pear'n Kramer 5.02/14/2015Rate 33
Lompoc Piña Wit 5.011/18/2018Rate 3.091
Lompoc Plumed Procession 5.04/16/2015Rate 2.91
Lompoc Portland Parkways Pilsner -11/18/2018Rate 3.041
Lompoc Prime Directive IPA 7.09/20/2014Rate 2.791
Lompoc Proletariat Red 6.29/28/2002Rate 3.38886
Lompoc Proletariat Red Ale - Bourbon Barrel 6.45/13/2009Rate 2.973
Lompoc Punk in Drublick 6.87/25/2017Rate 2.912
Lompoc Red Scare Imperial Red 9.55/19/2012Rate 0
Lompoc Resurrection IPA 6.05/16/2013Rate 0
Lompoc Roar of '84 6.49/6/2012Rate 2.841
Lompoc Ryes Of The Machines IPA 5.43/18/2013Rate 2.871
Lompoc Ryeteous Badger Belgian Style Red 5.25/19/2012Rate 2.831
Lompoc Ryetoberfest 5.59/28/2002Rate 3.221
Lompoc Saazall Pilsner 5.59/1/2015Rate 2.941
Lompoc Saazilla 7.612/29/2008Rate 3.033
Lompoc Saison d'Evolution 5.86/23/2015Rate 3.273911
Lompoc Saison the Beach 5.53/28/2010Rate 3.27429
Lompoc Scarlet Red -2/9/2013Rate 2.841
Lompoc Sockeye Cream Stout 4.99/28/2002Rate 3.214144
Lompoc Son of C-Note 5.87/29/2010Rate 2.741
Lompoc Sour Cherry Porter -8/31/2012Rate 2.91
Lompoc Sour Willy -6/22/2011Rate 3.218
Lompoc Special Draft (alias) -11/27/2010
Lompoc Special Draft (LSD) 6.99/28/2002Rate 3.4752143
Lompoc Special Draft (LSD) - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.52/13/2010Rate 3.384525
Lompoc Spring Bock 8.16/6/2010Rate 3.226
Lompoc Star of India 5.010/6/2007Rate 3.263
Lompoc Steaming California Common 5.06/8/2004Rate 3.015
Lompoc Sticky Wicket ESB 5.411/24/2013Rate 2.881
Lompoc Stout Out Loud 4.911/26/2012Rate 3.28
Lompoc Stout Out Loud (7.5%) 7.54/9/2012Rate 3.014
Lompoc Summer Aid 5.58/5/2007Rate 2.532
Lompoc Summer Sunset Saison 5.85/26/2009Rate 0
Lompoc The Spy Who Dry Hopped Me 5.63/10/2015Rate 2.841
Lompoc Thomas Fawcett Single Malt Bitter -11/14/2010Rate 0
Lompoc Unsettler Belgo Barleywine -3/13/2011Rate 2.861
Lompoc Valley of Hops IPA 5.85/19/2012Rate 0
Lompoc Voignier Saison 5.011/18/2018Rate 2.981
Lompoc Wee Heavy - Bourbon Barrel 7.52/9/2013Rate 32
Lompoc Willy's Wheat 5.811/22/2012Rate 2.792
Lompoc Yankee Clipper IPA 5.68/31/2012Rate 2.841

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