Mad Fox / Bluejacket Instigator 7.24/9/2013Rate 3.13810
Mad Fox / Bluejacket Mad Jacket 7.210/13/2012Rate 3.224211
Mad Fox / Right Proper / Gordon Biersch Yeasty Boyz 7.34/8/2017Rate 3.385
Mad Fox / Victory Mutually Assured Deliciousness (M.A.D) Belgo IPA 8.84/13/2017Rate 3.282
Mad Fox 80 Shilling 5.27/14/2010Rate 3.216717
Mad Fox 80 Shilling (Bourbon Barrels) 5.21/24/2013Rate 2.881
Mad Fox 80 Shilling (Cherry & Vanilla) 5.21/20/2017Rate 3.111
Mad Fox 80 Shilling (Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Chocolate) 4.81/20/2018Rate 3.191
Mad Fox Abbaye des Chutes 8.77/6/2012Rate 3.256713
Mad Fox Abbaye des Chutes (Barrel Aged) 9.011/11/2017Rate 3.232
Mad Fox Abbaye des Chutes (Figs) 8.710/15/2013Rate 2.771
Mad Fox Altbier 5.47/25/2010Rate 3.197120
Mad Fox Another Effin IPA 5.310/20/2018Rate 0
Mad Fox Atlas Belgo Imperial IPA (alias) 7.853/21/2013
Mad Fox Autumnus IPA 5.211/11/2010Rate 3.015
Mad Fox Batch 100 Strong Black Ale 1510/27/2011Rate 3.779514
Mad Fox Batch 500 11.857/11/2015Rate 3.448
Mad Fox Batch 500 (Barrel Aged and Soured) 9.07/18/2018Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Batch 700 108/25/2016Rate 3.478
Mad Fox Batch 900 9.65/30/2018Rate 3.49489
Mad Fox Batch 900 (Sagamore Spirits) 10.67/17/2018Rate 3.332
Mad Fox Big Chimney's Porter 6.06/28/2010Rate 3.478424
Mad Fox Big Chimney's Porter (Jalapeño and Serrano Peppers) 6.05/5/2016Rate 3.111
Mad Fox Big Chimney's Porter (Orange Peel & Vanilla) 6.07/6/2017Rate 0
Mad Fox Big Chimney's Porter (Raspberries and Vanilla) 6.08/7/2017Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Blood Orange Berliner Weisse 3.77/31/2017Rate 0
Mad Fox Broad Side of a Barn -10/12/2011Rate 2.91
Mad Fox Broad Street IPA 7.34/22/2011Rate 3.395826
Mad Fox Broad Street IPA (Double Dry Hopped) 7.35/13/2018Rate 0
Mad Fox Camryn's Imperial Wheat 7.59/19/2013Rate 3.277
Mad Fox Caskade (alias) -9/26/2011
Mad Fox Cherry Blonde 4.48/29/2012Rate 2.863
Mad Fox Cherry Hill Saison 6.03/24/2016Rate 3.255
Mad Fox Cherry Lime Rickey Gose 4.59/12/2018Rate 3.262
Mad Fox Chocolate Cherry Blonde 4.49/5/2012Rate 2.771
Mad Fox Crazy Ivan 9.02/10/2012Rate 3.362310
Mad Fox Crazy Ivan (A. Smith Bowman Bourbon Barrels) 8.81/19/2018Rate 3.322
Mad Fox Crazy Ivan (Barrel Aged, Soured) 9.08/15/2015Rate 3.422117
Mad Fox Crazy Ivan (Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Coconut) 1012/14/2017Rate 3.111
Mad Fox Defender American Pale Ale 6.46/28/2010Rate 3.296044
Mad Fox Defender American Pale Ale (Orange, Mango, Habanero) 5.49/22/2018Rate 3.111
Mad Fox Defender American Pale Ale (Peppers) 6.45/5/2016Rate 3.041
Mad Fox Devils Due (alias) 8.86/28/2010
Mad Fox Diabolik Belgian Strong Ale 8.89/4/2010Rate 3.214127
Mad Fox Dingo IPA 5.41/18/2012Rate 3.274516
Mad Fox Double IPA (alias) 9.18/28/2010
Mad Fox Dunkelweizen 5.03/14/2014Rate 2.896
Mad Fox English Blonde -10/19/2011Rate 2.852
Mad Fox English Summer Ale 5.29/3/2010Rate 3.39627
Mad Fox ESB 5.57/6/2017Rate 0
Mad Fox Fenn-aison 5.08/12/2011Rate 2.871
Mad Fox Fennec Ale 4.011/27/2010Rate 3.068512
Mad Fox Festivus Ale 5.612/11/2010Rate 3.116210
Mad Fox Festivus Ale (Gingerbread Cookies) 5.412/29/2017Rate 3.151
Mad Fox For Fox Sake 7.04/20/2018Rate 3.343
Mad Fox For Fox Sake (El Dorado Double Dry Hopped W/ Strawberries) 6.85/26/2018Rate 3.252
Mad Fox Franconian Kellerbier 5.06/28/2010Rate 0
Mad Fox Frankenbier -6/25/2014Rate 2.911
Mad Fox Funk Cabernet Barrel 6.012/30/2014Rate 3.228
Mad Fox Galactic Funk (alias) 6.010/15/2012
Mad Fox Geordie Brown (Toasted Coconut) 5.08/21/2014Rate 3.014
Mad Fox Geordie Brown (Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Bean) 5.08/21/2014Rate 3.024
Mad Fox Geordie Brown (Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon Sticks) 5.08/21/2014Rate 2.974
Mad Fox Geordie Brown Ale 5.012/18/2011Rate 3.278012
Mad Fox Golden Eye-PA 6.412/23/2016Rate 3.324
Mad Fox Golden IPA 6.47/25/2010Rate 2.922
Mad Fox Great 8 Anniversary Brut IPA 6.57/16/2018Rate 3.282
Mad Fox H Street Belgo IPA 7.853/21/2013Rate 3.29449
Mad Fox H Street Belgo IPA (Cabernet Barrel) 7.851/30/2014Rate 2.963
Mad Fox Hardly Ordinary 4.03/5/2013Rate 3.349912
Mad Fox Hardly Ordinary (Bourbon Soaked Oak Spiral) 4.01/7/2016Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Headcracker Golden Barley Wine 8.01/26/2011Rate 3.252415
Mad Fox Headcracker Golden Barley Wine (Barrel Aged) 8.02/25/2017Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Hitzig Fraü Oktoberfest 5.610/1/2011Rate 3.229213
Mad Fox Humdinger Berliner Weiss 3.79/12/2017Rate 3.112
Mad Fox Imperial Red (alias) -8/29/2012
Mad Fox Irish Red Ale (alias) 5.04/24/2011
Mad Fox iVanilla 9.52/5/2012Rate 2.932
Mad Fox Jack the Ryepper 5.411/23/2010Rate 2.955
Mad Fox Kellerbier Kölsch 4.411/5/2011Rate 3.259134
Mad Fox Kirsche Weiss 4.47/18/2013Rate 3.237
Mad Fox Kolsch 4.46/28/2010Rate 3.188835
Mad Fox Leaded 5.12/19/2013Rate 3.48768
Mad Fox Leaded (Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel) 6.02/13/2017Rate 3.232
Mad Fox Leaded (Jameson Soaked Oak Chips) 6.611/25/2015Rate 3.231
Mad Fox Lemoncracker 8.02/5/2012Rate 2.81
Mad Fox Leonidas - Batch 300 8.05/2/2013Rate 3.345
Mad Fox Leonidas (Bourbon Barrel) 8.06/20/2013Rate 3.175
Mad Fox Lindy's Weiss 4.48/16/2010Rate 3.168216
Mad Fox Love is Love Blood Orange IPA 6.02/13/2017Rate 3.232
Mad Fox Love is Love Blood Orange IPA (Passion Fruit & Pineapple) 6.13/28/2018Rate 3.131
Mad Fox Mad Jacket Weizenbock (alias) 7.710/24/2012
Mad Fox Mason's Dark Mild 3.35/20/2012Rate 3.339126
Mad Fox Mason's Dark Mild (Rum Soaked Oak Spirals, Coconut) 3.32/11/2016Rate 3.212
Mad Fox Mason's Dark Mild (Vanilla Beans, Cacao Nibs) 3.31/21/2016Rate 3.262
Mad Fox Mason's Dark Mild (Vanilla, Cinnamon) 3.32/18/2016Rate 3.262
Mad Fox Molotov Hoptail 9.16/28/2010Rate 3.454241
Mad Fox Nedward -4/20/2018Rate 3.273
Mad Fox Oaked Batch 100 108/4/2012Rate 3.378
Mad Fox Oaked Batch 700 1011/8/2016Rate 3.273
Mad Fox Oaked Crazy Ivan 9.08/14/2012Rate 3.665210
Mad Fox Oaked Diabolik Ale 9.02/12/2015Rate 3.01523
Mad Fox Orange Whip IPA 7.211/11/2010Rate 3.639338
Mad Fox Orange Whip IPA (Double Dry Hopped) 7.57/17/2018Rate 3.111
Mad Fox Orange Whip IPA (Orange Peel) 7.210/27/2016Rate 3.151
Mad Fox Plum Crazy Saison 6.45/20/2016Rate 2.853
Mad Fox Post Meridian 4.11/25/2013Rate 3.329110
Mad Fox Praha Pils 5.23/7/2012Rate 3.149216
Mad Fox Punkinator 5.46/28/2010Rate 3.125918
Mad Fox Punkinator (Cocoa Nibs) 5.411/29/2013Rate 2.944
Mad Fox Renegade Imperial Red IPA 8.58/29/2012Rate 3.187
Mad Fox Reynard Black Saison 7.011/20/2011Rate 3.34321
Mad Fox Reynard Black Saison (Bourbon Barrel) 8.04/20/2018Rate 3.283
Mad Fox Reynard Black Saison (Cabernet Barrel) 7.06/20/2013Rate 3.375410
Mad Fox Ruby, My Dear Mild Ale 4.59/22/2018Rate 3.151
Mad Fox Rye Baby Pale Ale 6.010/16/2011Rate 3.084
Mad Fox Saison 6.07/14/2010Rate 3.334640
Mad Fox Saison (Dried Cherries & Cocoa Nibs) 6.05/20/2016Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Saison (Hibiscus & Peppercorn) 6.01/4/2013Rate 2.683
Mad Fox Saison (Paul Masson Brandy Barrels) 6.06/25/2014Rate 3.014
Mad Fox Saison DuWha? 7.961/10/2014Rate 3.237
Mad Fox Saison Licht 4.28/18/2014Rate 3.158
Mad Fox Sandy Eggo IPA 7.91/28/2014Rate 3.417416
Mad Fox Scarecrow -11/27/2013Rate 2.91
Mad Fox Senõr Franco’s Especial Mexican Lager 5.55/3/2018Rate 3.212
Mad Fox Senõr Franco’s Especial Mexican Lager - Serrano Peppers, Chocolate 5.55/3/2018Rate 3.111
Mad Fox Shaka Pineapple Saison 6.911/11/2017Rate 3.223
Mad Fox Sir Timothy's IPA 4.79/12/2017Rate 3.254
Mad Fox Slobberknocker 9.04/22/2011Rate 3.373715
Mad Fox Slobberknocker (Bulleit Bourbon Barrels) 9.011/2/2014Rate 3.322
Mad Fox Slobberknocker (Catoctin Creek Rye Barrels) 9.05/24/2011Rate 3.222516
Mad Fox Slobberknocker (Heaven Hill Barrels) 10.16/16/2017Rate 3.464613
Mad Fox Snake Session IPA 5.010/21/2016Rate 3.38
Mad Fox Snake Session IPA (Sweet Orange & Lemon Peel) 5.012/9/2016Rate 3.192
Mad Fox Snap IPA 5.210/28/2010Rate 2.915
Mad Fox Snapped IPA 6.51/8/2011Rate 3.033
Mad Fox Snowbird Saison 5.83/21/2017Rate 0
Mad Fox Snowquester 6.02/6/2014Rate 3.25
Mad Fox Sour Cracker 8.05/16/2014Rate 2.922
Mad Fox Sour Kirsch 8.05/16/2014Rate 2.993
Mad Fox St. James Irish Dry Stout 4.22/26/2011Rate 3.398621
Mad Fox St. James Irish Dry Stout (Cinnamon, Cocoa Nibs) 4.24/20/2017Rate 3.151
Mad Fox St. James Irish Dry Stout (Coffee) 4.23/31/2016Rate 3.243
Mad Fox St. James Irish Dry Stout (Jameson Soaked Oak Spiral) 4.23/24/2016Rate 3.384
Mad Fox St. Swithin's E.S.B. 5.06/28/2010Rate 3.074723
Mad Fox St. Swithin's E.S.B. (Barrel Aged with Figs & Honey) 5.07/25/2013Rate 2.813
Mad Fox State Theatre Box Office SMaSH IPA 5.211/18/2017Rate 3.373
Mad Fox State Theatre V.I.P.A. 4.86/11/2016Rate 3.285
Mad Fox Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Saison 5.89/15/2015Rate 3.157
Mad Fox Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Saison (Coffee) 5.811/17/2016Rate 3.041
Mad Fox Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Saison (Cranberries) 5.811/27/2017Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Stir-About Oatmeal Stout 5.06/28/2010Rate 3.438022
Mad Fox Stir-About Oatmeal Stout (Cocoa Nibs) 5.09/19/2013Rate 2.912
Mad Fox Stir-About Oatmeal Stout (Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel Aged) 5.54/9/2017Rate 3.223
Mad Fox Stir-About Oatmeal Stout (Irish Coffee Extract) 5.02/13/2017Rate 3.252
Mad Fox Stir-About Oatmeal Stout (Vanilla Beans) 5.02/7/2017Rate 3.091
Mad Fox Strawberry Blonde 4.47/21/2011Rate 3.015
Mad Fox Swaynard Dark Saison 8.46/17/2012Rate 2.91
Mad Fox The Ambassador (2013-2014) 4.38/27/2013Rate 3.08209
Mad Fox The Ambassador (2015- ) 5.71/5/2016Rate 3.375
Mad Fox The Ambassador (Blood Orange) 5.37/6/2017Rate 3.151
Mad Fox The Elixir Maibock 6.55/24/2011Rate 3.248116
Mad Fox The Feasting Horn 4.210/31/2015Rate 3.254
Mad Fox The Funk (alias) 6.01/15/2013
Mad Fox The Maneuver 4.95/19/2014Rate 3.437520
Mad Fox The Nickel Tour Amber Ale 5.37/27/2017Rate 3.142
Mad Fox The Rye't Stuff RyePA 6.511/25/2015Rate 3.535
Mad Fox The Yambag 8.010/2/2014Rate 3.198
Mad Fox The Yambag (Bulleit Bourbon) 8.111/22/2014Rate 3.474
Mad Fox Tinner Hill IPA 5.54/9/2012Rate 3.235
Mad Fox Tori's Rockstar Irish Red Ale 5.04/24/2011Rate 3.138113
Mad Fox Tori's Rockstar Irish Red Ale (Cocoa Nibs) 5.05/26/2017Rate 3.041
Mad Fox Tupper's India Ink 7.21/6/2011Rate 3.178
Mad Fox Two Hemispheres IPA 6.810/12/2011Rate 3.58618
Mad Fox Unleaded Stout 5.12/14/2013Rate 32
Mad Fox Wee Heavy 9.06/28/2010Rate 3.396149
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (A. Smith Bowman Bourbon Barrels) 8.611/27/2017Rate 3.332
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Brandy Barrels) 8.610/28/2013Rate 3.085
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Catoctin Creek Rye Barrels) 9.04/14/2011Rate 3.659525
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla) -1/2/2015Rate 2.881
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Falls Church Distillery Bourbon Barrels) 9.07/18/2018Rate 3.111
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Scotch Soaked Oak Spiral) 8.69/29/2016Rate 3.151
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Tahitian) 8.55/2/2012Rate 2.91
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Vanilla Beans) 8.69/15/2016Rate 3.192
Mad Fox Wee Heavy (Vanilla Beans, Scotch Soaked Oak Spiral) 8.68/25/2016Rate 3.212
Mad Fox Wee Heavy 2015 (Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrels) 8.65/29/2015Rate 3.313
Mad Fox Wee Heavy 2016 (Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels) 9.011/8/2016Rate 3.33
Mad Fox What the Fox NEIPA 6.28/1/2018Rate 3.332
Mad Fox Wheat Whacker Wheatwine 8.01/6/2011Rate 3.1119
Mad Fox Winter Warmer 5.62/10/2015Rate 0
Mad Fox Witte Vos 4.87/30/2012Rate 2.913
Mad Fox Yakima Project IPA 6.01/1/2013Rate 3.26409

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