Mad Hatter

Brewer rating: 99/100 2241 ratings
D22, Parliament Business Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, England L8 7BA

Associated place: Mad Hatter Brewery
Mad Hatter Brewing Company was set up by Gaz and Sue in 2013, with just one grand in their back pockets, and a glorified home brew set up. The brewery has always punched above its weight, and was championed from the start by the brilliant Port St Beer House. They produce weird and wonderful beers alongside some classic pale ales, stouts and IPAs.
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2 Cathedrals Honey Beer 4.210/20/2016Rate 2.961
Mad Hatter / Atom Mad Scientist 7.07/2/2016Rate 3.35869
Mad Hatter / BrewDog Leicester Absolem’s Alt 5.410/31/2015Rate 3.034213
Mad Hatter / Chorlton Northwester Sour 5.412/15/2015Rate 3.322514
Mad Hatter / IMBC Dark Tidings 4.412/31/2015Rate 3.131
Mad Hatter / IMBC Manchester Tart 3.810/11/2014Rate 3.253
Mad Hatter / IMBC Seaweed Gose 5.810/8/2015Rate 3.162520
Mad Hatter / PSBH R&R 5.02/13/2015Rate 2.621
Mad Hatter / Wapping 2015: A Beer Odyssey 5.09/12/2015Rate 3.439324
Mad Hatter A Little Truth 5.53/2/2017Rate 2.961
Mad Hatter A Moment of Clarity 6.03/1/2017Rate 3.178
Mad Hatter A Night Out 6.66/12/2015Rate 3.34321
Mad Hatter A Night Out (Lychee, Ginger & Lemongrass) 6.77/22/2016Rate 3.357
Mad Hatter A Night Out Tropical Chili 6.03/4/2017Rate 3.415
Mad Hatter A Wild Night Out 5.710/28/2016Rate 3.232
Mad Hatter Absence of Apples 6.34/9/2016Rate 3.436515
Mad Hatter Absence of Jamon 4.48/22/2016Rate 3.254412
Mad Hatter Absence Of Melon 6.010/15/2015Rate 3.334514
Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea - Carrot Cake Tripel 9.010/16/2015Rate 3.295413
Mad Hatter Amber Rye 6.05/1/2013Rate 2.881
Mad Hatter American Psycho 6.811/2/2013Rate 3.439224
Mad Hatter Antipodean IPA 6.88/26/2016Rate 3.021
Mad Hatter Autumn Saison 6.810/31/2015Rate 3.273923
Mad Hatter Baltic Porter 8.52/19/2014Rate 3.4499
Mad Hatter Baltic Porter Chocolate Chilli 6.63/31/2015Rate 3.053
Mad Hatter Band Wagon 7.02/24/2017Rate 3.146
Mad Hatter Bavarian Sour 6.47/27/2014Rate 3.174
Mad Hatter Belgian Stout 7.112/23/2015Rate 3.437810
Mad Hatter Big Bad Pale 4.210/7/2016Rate 3.182
Mad Hatter Black Monday 7.410/21/2015Rate 3.375027
Mad Hatter Black Saison 10.510/26/2014Rate 2.871
Mad Hatter Blueberry Pancake & Maple Syrup 6.212/11/2015Rate 3.369115
Mad Hatter Boozy Scotch Ale 10.510/17/2014Rate 3.053
Mad Hatter Breakfast Juice 5.08/13/2015Rate 3.427523
Mad Hatter Breakfast Range Tea & Biscuit Mild 3.21/27/2015Rate 2.831314
Mad Hatter Bretter Than Life 5.57/10/2015Rate 3.11918
Mad Hatter Broken Biscuit 4.62/5/2016Rate 3.117711
Mad Hatter Brunch Club 5.411/15/2015Rate 3.468814
Mad Hatter Bunny From the Black Lagoon (alias) 5.811/10/2015
Mad Hatter Cascara Cooler 2.85/5/2016Rate 3.161110
Mad Hatter Chamomile Tea Wit 4.09/5/2016Rate 3.215
Mad Hatter Cherry Scotch Ale 8.22/12/2015Rate 3.162614
Mad Hatter Chipotle Porter 6.21/17/2016Rate 3.47013
Mad Hatter Christingle Porter 6.312/2/2016Rate 3.34
Mad Hatter Classic Tripel 9.09/12/2015Rate 3.428318
Mad Hatter Club Tropicana 5.15/10/2015Rate 3.294022
Mad Hatter Cold Dead Eyes 1111/6/2014Rate 3.125
Mad Hatter Colder Deader Eyes 117/11/2015Rate 3.327
Mad Hatter Columbus Necktie 7.11/5/2015Rate 2.911
Mad Hatter Cranberry Rye 5.99/12/2015Rate 3.24669
Mad Hatter Cranberry Sauce 2.612/2/2016Rate 3.18
Mad Hatter Cutting Edge IPA 7.28/14/2015Rate 3.375219
Mad Hatter Dapper Wheat 6.53/21/2014Rate 2.831
Mad Hatter Doozy Porter 6.31/12/2015Rate 3.224019
Mad Hatter Double Nightmare on Bold Street 9.52/4/2016Rate 3.746925
Mad Hatter Double Penny Lane Pale 7.410/30/2016Rate 3.558512
Mad Hatter Down The Rabbit Hole 1010/25/2013Rate 3.56123
Mad Hatter Down The Rabbit Hole (8.1%) 8.14/17/2015Rate 3.426910
Mad Hatter Drink Me Apricot Sour Saison 8.58/25/2013Rate 2.792
Mad Hatter Drink Me Cranberry and Beetroot Wit 5.61/15/2015Rate 3.076612
Mad Hatter Drink Me Dunkel Weizen 6.35/17/2015Rate 3.23869
Mad Hatter Drink Me Lychee and Coconut Wit 5.011/26/2014Rate 3.065
Mad Hatter Drink Me Membrillo Tripel 8.02/4/2015Rate 3.274917
Mad Hatter Drink Me Panettone Tripel 8.712/9/2013Rate 2.864
Mad Hatter Drink Me Pimiento And Rosemary 5.04/12/2015Rate 3.112
Mad Hatter Drink Me Raspberry and Basil Wit 7.03/12/2014Rate 3.274
Mad Hatter Drink Me Raspberry Sour 6.07/27/2014Rate 3.032
Mad Hatter Drink Me Rye Pale Ale 5.811/11/2013Rate 3.175
Mad Hatter Drink Me Rye Saison 6.74/30/2016Rate 3.34211
Mad Hatter Drink Me Rye Weizen 5.06/28/2015Rate 3.01529
Mad Hatter Drink Me Smoky Bacon Banana 5.69/7/2015Rate 3.264528
Mad Hatter Drink Me Strawberry & Black Peppercorn Wit 4.07/3/2014Rate 2.911
Mad Hatter Drink Me The Absence of Strawberries 5.57/30/2015Rate 3.364915
Mad Hatter Drink My Peach 6.83/12/2015Rate 3.174
Mad Hatter E.S.B (4.6%) 4.61/22/2015Rate 2.956
Mad Hatter E.S.B. 6.04/26/2013Rate 2.951
Mad Hatter Easy Imbiber 4.31/22/2017Rate 3.38
Mad Hatter Eat My Apricot 6.09/6/2015Rate 3.185
Mad Hatter Eminent IPA 6.27/12/2016Rate 3.397
Mad Hatter Farmhouse Saison 7.04/18/2013Rate 3.416129
Mad Hatter Farmhouse Saison (2016) 5.710/24/2016Rate 3.37
Mad Hatter Farmhouse Saison Burgundy Barrel Conditioned 6.011/29/2015Rate 3.45816
Mad Hatter Fat Stout 6.55/13/2014Rate 3.376422
Mad Hatter Fatter Stout 9.52/27/2014Rate 3.568
Mad Hatter Fattest Stout 1110/11/2014Rate 3.624628
Mad Hatter Fear Of Eating Words 6.010/25/2015Rate 3.37121
Mad Hatter Felicia 6.512/15/2015Rate 3.379213
Mad Hatter Figgy Bastard 137/7/2016Rate 3.422315
Mad Hatter Foam Bananas 5.32/19/2017Rate 3.163
Mad Hatter Follow the Tiny White Bunny 2.27/24/2016Rate 3.061
Mad Hatter Follow the White Bunny 2.710/16/2015Rate 3.044
Mad Hatter Follow The White Rabbit 6.78/10/2014Rate 3.45631
Mad Hatter Funk Town 4.78/16/2016Rate 3.021
Mad Hatter Further Down The Rabbit Hole 107/11/2015Rate 3.393618
Mad Hatter Gingerbread 7.29/9/2016Rate 3.2689
Mad Hatter Golden Oak 9.02/12/2016Rate 3.467711
Mad Hatter Gooseberry Grisette 5.37/22/2016Rate 3.137
Mad Hatter Grenadine Sour 4.28/29/2015Rate 3.21412
Mad Hatter Hare Of Darkness 8.03/2/2014Rate 3.669138
Mad Hatter Hare-aunged 8.07/9/2013Rate 2.831
Mad Hatter Harvest Saison 7.410/24/2016Rate 3.364910
Mad Hatter Heavy Summer Belgian Style IPA 9.09/10/2014Rate 3.022
Mad Hatter Hold Your Plums 5.311/7/2015Rate 3.312527
Mad Hatter Hop Hoarder 6.44/16/2016Rate 3.479713
Mad Hatter Hope St. Hop 4.53/31/2015Rate 2.841
Mad Hatter Hoppy Spring 6.07/4/2014Rate 3.488010
Mad Hatter Imperious IPA 11.74/18/2013Rate 3.555734
Mad Hatter IP AAA 7.14/7/2016Rate 3.041
Mad Hatter IPA 7.06/1/2013Rate 2.994
Mad Hatter Jarg 7.210/7/2016Rate 3.123
Mad Hatter Krampus 4.61/18/2016Rate 3.158410
Mad Hatter Lick Face 4.010/7/2016Rate 3.244822
Mad Hatter Liverpool Tart 4.24/26/2015Rate 3.385824
Mad Hatter Lost Beach 4.710/10/2016Rate 3.142411
Mad Hatter Mad Gaz’s Hot Toddy 6.61/9/2016Rate 3.426815
Mad Hatter Mad Hat Mild 7.06/9/2015Rate 3.347
Mad Hatter Mad Hat Pale 4.03/18/2014Rate 3.183
Mad Hatter Mad House 5.51/29/2017Rate 3.273
Mad Hatter Mad Yeti Honey & Mustard Braggot 7.011/7/2015Rate 3.316013
Mad Hatter Manchester Tart 4.03/18/2015Rate 3.548125
Mad Hatter Mandarin Amber 8.111/10/2015Rate 3.459720
Mad Hatter Mandarin IPA 6.010/28/2016Rate 3.336
Mad Hatter March Hare 5.53/13/2016Rate 3.379010
Mad Hatter Marmalade Cake 6.85/27/2016Rate 3.446
Mad Hatter Mild But Never Conservative 7.47/14/2015Rate 3.246
Mad Hatter Mild Life Crisis 6.82/22/2016Rate 3.489814
Mad Hatter Mint Choc Chip 7.411/28/2016Rate 3.193
Mad Hatter Miracle Refresher 4.02/8/2017Rate 3.235
Mad Hatter Mojito Saison 7.49/12/2015Rate 3.23011
Mad Hatter Moment of Sanity 5.19/9/2016Rate 3.074
Mad Hatter Nightmare On Bold Street 5.312/1/2014Rate 3.45547
Mad Hatter Noble IPA 6.57/11/2016Rate 3.228
Mad Hatter Occultation 6.84/26/2015Rate 3.44327
Mad Hatter Occultation Dark 5.93/23/2017Rate 3.192
Mad Hatter Occultation Nova 5.910/20/2016Rate 3.438512
Mad Hatter Old Brown 7.25/25/2017Rate 3.38
Mad Hatter Peach Melba 5.310/24/2016Rate 3.098
Mad Hatter Penny Lane Pale 6.03/28/2014Rate 3.194433
Mad Hatter Penny Lane Pale (3.9%) 3.92/24/2015Rate 3.498833
Mad Hatter Pitchfunk 4.34/12/2015Rate 3.322718
Mad Hatter Ponderosa IPA 6.412/30/2015Rate 3.334615
Mad Hatter Presence of Strawberries 5.57/23/2016Rate 3.124
Mad Hatter Rabbit Rye 7.11/14/2015Rate 3.195815
Mad Hatter Raspberry & Basil Wit 5.54/26/2015Rate 3.329124
Mad Hatter Raspberry Tipple 5.53/15/2017Rate 3.243
Mad Hatter Red Right Hand 5.910/7/2016Rate 3.28279
Mad Hatter Red X Funk 5.43/7/2017Rate 3.215
Mad Hatter Redrum 7.45/24/2014Rate 3.49126
Mad Hatter RedXRum 7.212/7/2016Rate 3.278
Mad Hatter Return To Madness 1110/7/2016Rate 3.046
Mad Hatter Rhubarb & Custard 7.03/7/2015Rate 3.446828
Mad Hatter Rumble In The Crumble 6.31/5/2015Rate 2.743
Mad Hatter Saison Psycho 9.05/16/2015Rate 3.354823
Mad Hatter Salted Caramel Quadrupel 136/26/2015Rate 3.54929
Mad Hatter Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (2016) 7.210/24/2016Rate 3.457
Mad Hatter Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte Porter 1011/11/2015Rate 3.577634
Mad Hatter Scotch Ale 8.03/12/2014Rate 0
Mad Hatter Sichuan Saison 5.57/4/2016Rate 3.37
Mad Hatter Sir Peter Blake 4.93/9/2016Rate 3.127710
Mad Hatter Smoky Bacon Banana (alias) 5.66/1/2015
Mad Hatter Soleil De Glace 9.52/12/2016Rate 3.566014
Mad Hatter Sorachi Face Hugger 6.34/26/2015Rate 3.477322
Mad Hatter Sorachi Saison 6.39/18/2014Rate 3.073
Mad Hatter Sprung Spring 4.95/2/2016Rate 3.042
Mad Hatter Stocky Stout 5.33/25/2016Rate 3.264420
Mad Hatter Summer Pale 6.09/12/2015Rate 3.224721
Mad Hatter Superlative 7.14/6/2016Rate 3.395712
Mad Hatter Te Punca 6.57/20/2016Rate 3.538218
Mad Hatter The Void and The Event 128/25/2016Rate 3.536015
Mad Hatter Through A Stout Darkly 9.72/26/2016Rate 3.685714
Mad Hatter Through The Oak Darkly 108/28/2016Rate 3.526
Mad Hatter Toncoco Loco 5.311/16/2016Rate 3.41729
Mad Hatter Toxteth IPA 6.55/24/2014Rate 3.629274
Mad Hatter Toxteth IPA With Peaches 6.59/12/2015Rate 3.023
Mad Hatter Treacle Tart 7.44/30/2016Rate 3.49012
Mad Hatter Triple Penny Lane Pale 10.46/11/2017Rate 3.243
Mad Hatter Truffle Tripel 8.72/2/2014Rate 3.245
Mad Hatter Tzatziki Sour 4.59/12/2015Rate 3.527757
Mad Hatter Ultra One 11.911/12/2016Rate 3.246
Mad Hatter Unhinged Amber Ale 7.05/19/2014Rate 3.479738
Mad Hatter Unhinged Pale Ale 5.53/22/2014Rate 2.861
Mad Hatter Vasily Petrenko 10 Anniversary Ale 4.010/15/2016Rate 2.954
Mad Hatter Vasily Petrenko Ale 5.02/1/2016Rate 3.31629
Mad Hatter Wapping Mad 4.22/21/2014Rate 3.398
Mad Hatter Wee Buns 5.79/25/2016Rate 2.725
Mad Hatter Who Loves The Sun 5.07/11/2015Rate 3.54969
Mad Hatter Zingy Thingy! 2.85/20/2017Rate 3.266

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