Mad Squirrel Brewing

Unit 24, Boxted Farm, Berkhampstead Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England HP1 2SQ
Places associated: Red Squirrel Brewery, Brewery Shop Chesham (Mad Squirrel), Brewery Shop Berkhamsted (Red Squirrel), Brewery Shop Amersham (Mad Squirrel), Brewery Shop Emporium High Wycombe (Mad Squirrel)
Commenced Brewing 2004 at Mimram Rd, Hertford. Moved in 2011 to Birkampstead Rd, Hemel Hempstead after merging with a local Wine Producer. Rebranded to Mad Squirrel in February/March 2017 with some core range beers being renamed and others simply changing name from Red to Mad.
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Mad Squirrel $umo 4.73/8/2017Rate 3.458547
Mad Squirrel / One Mile End Old Blue Weisse 5.211/15/2018Rate 3.054
Mad Squirrel / Toast Aràn 4.99/23/2018Rate 3.136
Mad Squirrel Ascension 6.02/25/2018Rate 3.385210
Mad Squirrel Berkhopstead 2018 4.29/26/2018Rate 3.117
Mad Squirrel Berkhopsted 2017 (alias) 4.29/28/2017
Mad Squirrel Bijou 2.91/13/2018Rate 3.12259
Mad Squirrel Burning Effigy 6.010/27/2018Rate 3.194
Mad Squirrel Bust Le Nut 8.012/16/2018Rate 3.629312
Mad Squirrel Cyclone 4.53/25/2017Rate 3.395
Mad Squirrel De La Bean 4.011/24/2017Rate 3.063
Mad Squirrel De La Crème Stout 4.03/8/2017Rate 3.476940
Mad Squirrel De La Nut 4.52/25/2018Rate 3.395010
Mad Squirrel De La Pod 4.51/18/2019Rate 3.072
Mad Squirrel Ferrous 4.93/11/2017Rate 3.055
Mad Squirrel Flying Squirrel 4.42/24/2016Rate 3.138319
Mad Squirrel Frogfest Pale Ale 3.85/15/2017Rate 2.961
Mad Squirrel Gold Digger 3.55/15/2017Rate 3.092
Mad Squirrel Gone Troppo 6.05/20/2018Rate 3.314
Mad Squirrel High Score 4.85/20/2018Rate 3.224
Mad Squirrel Hold Your Nerve 8.07/29/2018Rate 3.769212
Mad Squirrel Hoodwink 5.34/2/2018Rate 3.173211
Mad Squirrel HopFest 3.812/31/2011Rate 3.289449
Mad Squirrel In Our Veins 4.52/1/2019Rate 3.283
Mad Squirrel Kodiak 4.92/17/2018Rate 3.256
Mad Squirrel Koha 4.65/3/2018Rate 3.155
Mad Squirrel Kranichbeer 4.712/1/2018Rate 3.017
Mad Squirrel London Porter 5.010/2/2005Rate 3.447690
Mad Squirrel Mister Squirrel 4.310/30/2012Rate 3.097945
Mad Squirrel Native Tastes I 5.010/14/2018Rate 3.16
Mad Squirrel Native Tastes II 6.210/14/2018Rate 3.277
Mad Squirrel Niveous 4.53/17/2018Rate 3.093
Mad Squirrel Peachy 5th 4.27/10/2018Rate 3.086
Mad Squirrel Polar Vortex 4.611/24/2017Rate 3.174
Mad Squirrel Puckerberry 3.96/17/2018Rate 3.25189
Mad Squirrel Quipsters 5.47/28/2018Rate 3.135
Mad Squirrel Resolution 4.22/25/2018Rate 3.086
Mad Squirrel Roadkill 6.53/8/2017Rate 3.699728
Mad Squirrel Small Batch Southern Hemisphere IPA 6.51/6/2019Rate 3.243
Mad Squirrel Sub-Culture 5.211/24/2017Rate 3.14
Mad Squirrel The Other Brew 5.07/4/2018Rate 3.076
Mad Squirrel Triumvirate 6.72/9/2019Rate 3.333
Mad Squirrel Typhoon 4.53/25/2017Rate 3.153
Mad Squirrel Without Fire 5.84/15/2017Rate 3.213
Mad Squirrel Zealous (alias) 4.412/16/2018
Red Squirrel / Baderbrau Mad Squirrel's 1516 5.412/19/2015Rate 3.133
Red Squirrel American 100 8.26/6/2010Rate 2.871
Red Squirrel American Pale Ale (Mad Squirrel's APA) (alias) 4.77/8/2008
Red Squirrel Beckys Brew 4.19/3/2008Rate 2.961
Red Squirrel Black Squirrel 4.58/24/2013Rate 3.26817
Red Squirrel Bog Standard Pale Ale (BSPA) 3.66/18/2009Rate 2.813
Red Squirrel Colombo American IPA 5.411/2/2010Rate 3.024
Red Squirrel Colorado IPA 5.43/19/2007Rate 3.225219
Red Squirrel Conservation Bitter 4.35/18/2004Rate 3.098333
Red Squirrel Dark Ruby Mild 3.710/24/2004Rate 2.973513
Red Squirrel English IPA 5.05/22/2009Rate 3.279410
Red Squirrel English Wheat Beer 4.59/4/2005Rate 2.672
Red Squirrel Erasmus Dry Hopped Saison 4.712/20/2015Rate 3.153
Red Squirrel Erasmus Golden Ale 4.710/26/2014Rate 2.954
Red Squirrel Gold 4.29/17/2004Rate 2.726
Red Squirrel Hanbury Ale 4.49/14/2016Rate 2.998
Red Squirrel Hertfordshire Hop 4.510/28/2009Rate 3.025
Red Squirrel Hertfordshire Old Ale 5.02/2/2010Rate 2.944
Red Squirrel Hopfest Pale Ale 4.26/15/2014Rate 3.174225
Red Squirrel Hoppy Horatio 3.87/27/2012Rate 3.036
Red Squirrel IPA in the USA 4.59/20/2004Rate 2.877
Red Squirrel Jack Black 4.83/20/2013Rate 3.32926
Red Squirrel Key To The Door 8.011/2/2014Rate 0
Red Squirrel Legally Blonde 4.08/19/2012Rate 3.168610
Red Squirrel Liquorice Irish Stout 4.510/4/2005Rate 2.984
Red Squirrel London Irish 6.26/6/2010Rate 2.871
Red Squirrel Munich Beer 4.14/30/2006Rate 3.088710
Red Squirrel New Mild 3.64/24/2009Rate 3.319010
Red Squirrel Number One Bitter 4.19/17/2004Rate 2.731
Red Squirrel Oatmeal Stout 5.012/30/2006Rate 3.192
Red Squirrel Organic Blonde 4.13/9/2007Rate 33
Red Squirrel Prohibition Bitter 4.55/10/2008Rate 3.178
Red Squirrel Red Dawn 3.75/23/2012Rate 3.27227
Red Squirrel Red Rascal 5.59/25/2013Rate 3.055
Red Squirrel Red Tail 3.63/8/2011Rate 3.076910
Red Squirrel Redtail Citra (Bottle) (alias) 4.67/26/2015
Red Squirrel Redtail Citra (Cask) 4.27/8/2011Rate 3.249129
Red Squirrel Redwood American IPA 5.49/19/2008Rate 3.377632
Red Squirrel Rose Gold Summer Ale 4.57/16/2005Rate 2.921
Red Squirrel RSB (Red Squirrel Bitter) 4.08/13/2008Rate 3.054
Red Squirrel RSX Ale 3.911/26/2009Rate 35912
Red Squirrel RSX Brown 3.88/9/2011Rate 2.987
Red Squirrel Scottish Ale 4.33/30/2006Rate 2.975711
Red Squirrel SeasonAles American Mild 3.75/14/2016Rate 3.073
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Berkhopstead 2016 4.29/28/2016Rate 3.084
Red Squirrel SeasonAles D.A.P.A 7.89/16/2016Rate 3.312114
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Ebernezer Rouge 4.612/11/2016Rate 3.13
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Long Nights 3.61/30/2017Rate 3.123
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Raspbeery 4.59/28/2016Rate 3.127210
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Short Days 5.22/1/2017Rate 3.022
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Slam Dunk 5.212/11/2016Rate 2.864
Red Squirrel SeasonAles Super Session Pale Ale 3.09/17/2016Rate 3.09219
Red Squirrel SeasonAles The Nutcracker 5.512/15/2016Rate 2.961
Red Squirrel Springfield IPA 5.44/21/2008Rate 3.286
Red Squirrel Stout 4.96/4/2004Rate 2.944
Red Squirrel Summer Daze 4.59/1/2011Rate 3.038
Red Squirrel Super Session Pale Ale (alias) 3.06/29/2016
Red Squirrel Sweet Stout 6.66/17/2007Rate 3.234
Red Squirrel Test Brew 2 3.910/14/2009Rate 2.871
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrel American Pale Ale (alias) 4.76/22/2015
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrel European IPA 5.25/13/2016Rate 3.071916
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrel's Father Squirrel 5.012/19/2015Rate 3.365
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrel's Milk Stout (alias) 4.012/1/2014
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrel's Mister Squirrel 4.71/16/2015Rate 3.024011
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrel's Redtail Citra 4.61/16/2015Rate 3.046225
Red Squirrel The Mad Squirrels Czech Pilsner 4.98/10/2014Rate 2.955424
Red Squirrel Weiss Beer 5.012/2/2007Rate 3.014
Red Squirrel West Coast Stout 4.32/22/2009Rate 3.357324
Red Squirrel White Mountain American IPA 5.47/22/2009Rate 3.236217
Red Squirrel Winter's Tail 5.01/30/2013Rate 3.147
Red Squirrel WW1 Centenary Beer 3.911/5/2015Rate 31
Red Squirrel Xmas Chaos 4.312/24/2016Rate 2.961
Red Squirrel Ye Olde Black 1 5.21/4/2016Rate 3.2169
Mad Squirrel Old Man Hicky 5.25/28/2017Rate 2.935
Mad Squirrel Pulp Fiction 4.65/28/2017Rate 3.136

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