Mad Swede Brewing Company

2772 S Cole Road, Suite 140, Boise, Idaho, USA 83709
Wed & Thu: 4pm - 10pm
Fri: 3pm - 11pm
Sat: 2pm - 11pm
Sun: 2pm - 8pm

Associated place: Mad Swede Brewing Company Taproom

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Mad Swede Brynhildr 6.010/22/2017Rate 3.294
Mad Swede Caber Toss This - Bourbon Barrel Aged 103/3/2019Rate 3.283
Mad Swede Caber Toss This Yee Wee Lad 7.21/6/2017Rate 3.162410
Mad Swede Danegeld 4.77/30/2017Rate 3.137610
Mad Swede First King of a Kiev 8.012/9/2016Rate 3.422210
Mad Swede First King of Kalimotxo -8/15/2017 U  0
Mad Swede First King of Kiev - Bourbon Barrel Aged 10.53/3/2019Rate 3.286
Mad Swede Freya's Pale From Exertion Fresh Hop Ale 5.510/1/2016Rate 3.224612
Mad Swede Helm of Awe 6.010/6/2019Rate 3.162
Mad Swede Karve IPA 5.510/1/2016Rate 3.25
Mad Swede King Charles the Simple 5.211/27/2018Rate 3.123
Mad Swede Kuyt 6.57/13/2019Rate 3.145
Mad Swede Lollygagger 4.97/13/2019Rate 3.125
Mad Swede Longship IPA 6.210/21/2016Rate 3.182714
Mad Swede Longship IPA - Coconut 6.23/3/2018Rate 2.941
Mad Swede Lost Viking 7.87/18/2018Rate 3.142
Mad Swede Loven 890 6.53/22/2017Rate 3.27449
Mad Swede Loven 890 - Chipotle 6.58/19/2018Rate 3.061
Mad Swede Mimisbrunnr Hazy 6.410/21/2018Rate 3.063
Mad Swede Naked Sunbather Nut Brown Ale 5.510/21/2016Rate 3.154812
Mad Swede Night Watch 6.02/25/2018Rate 3.223
Mad Swede Nocturne Ale -11/20/2018Rate 3.133
Mad Swede Piña Colada Cream Ale -6/24/2017Rate 3.041
Mad Swede Red Rob 5.510/22/2017Rate 3.052
Mad Swede Rowboat 5.27/30/2017Rate 3.036
Mad Swede Sage Saison 6.57/29/2017Rate 3.34
Mad Swede Shield Maiden 7.03/25/2017Rate 3.348
Mad Swede Sköll & Hati Dunkel 5.58/21/2017Rate 3.264
Mad Swede Skullbanger 9.49/30/2017Rate 3.253
Mad Swede Sun Stone 6.52/5/2019Rate 3.085
Mad Swede Varangian Nectar Stout 5.79/30/2016Rate 3.255
Mad Swede Viking Funeral 5.67/26/2017Rate 3.036
Mad Swede Voler ton Couer 6.37/14/2018Rate 2.981
Mad Swede We Found the Village Burning 6.010/21/2016Rate 3.134710

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