Magic Hat Brewing Company (Cervecería Costa Rica - FIFCO)

Commercial Brewery
5 Bartlett Bay Road, South Burlington, Vermont, USA 05403

Associated place: Magic Hat Brewing Company

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Black Iron Brew (alias) -7/14/2009
Grizzlys Ale 4.81/25/2005Rate 2.621
Magic Hat #9 5.16/20/2000Rate 3.01132122
Magic Hat / Hermit Thrush Sour #9 5.68/11/2019Rate 3.282
Magic Hat / VT Pub & Brewery Steven Sour 5.612/12/2013Rate 2.944
Magic Hat 60 Winks Ale 5.812/19/2006Rate 2.815465
Magic Hat Ale 4.68/27/2015Rate 2.944021
Magic Hat American Sour Ale (alias) 4.51/22/2008
Magic Hat Anti Oxidant Acid Ale 5.01/8/2005Rate 3.015
Magic Hat Apple Pie Ale 5.87/23/2012Rate 2.811
Magic Hat Art Hop Ale 2015 4.85/4/2015Rate 3.024530
Magic Hat Art Hop Ale 2016 8.06/24/2016Rate 3.247612
Magic Hat Art Hop Ale 2018 5.65/6/2019Rate 3.25
Magic Hat Autumn Mystery Beer (alias) 7.59/18/2007
Magic Hat Barroom Hero 4.22/26/2018Rate 3.256728
Magic Hat Batch 369 -10/9/2004Rate 2.985643
Magic Hat Batch 370 (Hefeweizen) 5.09/4/2004Rate 3.097857
Magic Hat Batch 371 (Dunkelweizen) 5.97/19/2005Rate 3.0148173
Magic Hat Batch 372 (Scottish Ale) 7.010/17/2005Rate 3.134362
Magic Hat Batch 373 (Porter) -1/18/2006Rate 3.265458
Magic Hat Batch 374 (Amber Ale) -3/12/2006Rate 3.238949
Magic Hat Batch 375 (Imperial IPA) 8.07/23/2006Rate 3.319105
Magic Hat Batch 376 (Black Lager) 5.010/24/2006Rate 3.167452
Magic Hat Batch 621 -12/18/2000Rate 3.417
Magic Hat Batch 622 -11/11/2002Rate 3.35014
Magic Hat Belgian Chocolate Stout (alias) 6.94/4/2009
Magic Hat Belgian Dubbel 7.58/26/2007Rate 3.164650
Magic Hat Belgian Sour Red Ale -2/21/2007Rate 2.621
Magic Hat Belgian Wit 5.05/15/2007Rate 3.018
Magic Hat Belgo Sutra 8.212/21/2011Rate 3.417245
Magic Hat Berliner Weisse Odd Notion 3.07/21/2008Rate 3.078
Magic Hat Big 100 IPA 9.01/20/2010Rate 3.393270
Magic Hat Big Hundo IPA (alias) 9.05/22/2014
Magic Hat Black As Night Winter Lager (alias) 4.611/20/2010
Magic Hat Blind Faith 6.212/5/2000Rate 3.2941673
Magic Hat Bobs First Ale (alias) 4.812/18/2000
Magic Hat Braggot 6.010/9/2002Rate 3.246773
Magic Hat Chaotic Chemistry 10.812/25/2002Rate 3.5671152
Magic Hat Circus Boy 4.53/3/2006Rate 2.7625831
Magic Hat CuriouserAle 5.09/4/2004Rate 3.222
Magic Hat Demo 6.01/15/2011Rate 3.16289
Magic Hat deVEILed 5.28/8/2013Rate 3.095048
Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL 5.72/27/2014Rate 3.0719219
Magic Hat Duvine Blanc 7.06/11/2019Rate 31
Magic Hat E Squared 3.510/21/2002Rate 3.13
Magic Hat Elder Betty 5.54/5/2012Rate 2.975330
Magic Hat Electric Peel 6.23/30/2015Rate 3.1119200
Magic Hat Encore (alias) 6.08/15/2010
Magic Hat Envy Rye Ale -9/24/2003Rate 2.913
Magic Hat Fancy Grade 7.81/18/2019Rate 0
Magic Hat Fat Angel 4.812/5/2000Rate 2.9847373
Magic Hat Feast Of Fools (2014) 6.011/25/2014Rate 3.444222
Magic Hat Feast of Fools 5.3% 5.32/2/2005Rate 3.336942
Magic Hat Feast of Fools 7.5% 7.512/18/2000Rate 3.769953
Magic Hat Feast of Fools Raspberry Stout (2015) 6.012/1/2015Rate 3.244211
Magic Hat Forever Home -9/3/2018Rate 2.771
Magic Hat G-Thing 5.710/21/2013Rate 3.024548
Magic Hat Guitar Face 5.012/22/2018Rate 3.167
Magic Hat Heart of Darkness Stout (-2006) 5.312/18/2000Rate 3.5281234
Magic Hat Heart Of Darkness Stout (2012-) 5.710/3/2012Rate 3.4579361
Magic Hat Hex 5.46/19/2010Rate 2.9444370
Magic Hat Hi #9 I.P.A. 5.98/4/2014Rate 3.041241
Magic Hat Hi.P.A. 6.75/14/2003Rate 3.3346760
Magic Hat HiCü 4.24/19/2013Rate 2.611848
Magic Hat Hocus Pocus 4.512/18/2000Rate 2.8131443
Magic Hat Honey Wheat IPA 6.66/10/2012Rate 3.056
Magic Hat Hop Drip IPA 6.09/11/2014Rate 2.621
Magic Hat Howl 4.69/14/2009Rate 3.2270478
Magic Hat Humble Patience 4.612/5/2000Rate 3.4198257
Magic Hat Humdinger Series - Art Hop Ale 7.211/6/2017Rate 2.622
Magic Hat Humdinger Series - Burn Pile 7.57/23/2012Rate 3.254453
Magic Hat Humdinger Series - Graupel 10.811/24/2012Rate 3.516125
Magic Hat Humdinger Series - Over the Pils 8.14/19/2012Rate 3.138357
Magic Hat Jeezum Jim Ale 4.27/2/2001Rate 2.73
Magic Hat Jinx 6.912/18/2000Rate 3.1838455
Magic Hat Juniper Rye 7.23/28/2012Rate 2.771
Magic Hat Kerouac (alias) -4/13/2004
Magic Hat Laughing Stock 8.28/15/2018Rate 3.264
Magic Hat Lemon-Ginger Hocus Pocus 5.06/29/2002Rate 3.015
Magic Hat Local Rocker 5.74/16/2017Rate 3.211
Magic Hat Low Key Session IPA 4.51/20/2016Rate 2.87675
Magic Hat Lucky Kat 5.82/17/2008Rate 3.0916414
Magic Hat Mad Pale -9/4/2006Rate 2.772
Magic Hat Mad Pater 4.15/9/2019Rate 2.93
Magic Hat Magic+Hat+Brewing+Company+ Mad Pater 4.15/8/2019Rate 2.751
Magic Hat Maple Chocolate Stout 7.24/13/2013Rate 2.874
Magic Hat Mardi Gras (2005 and earlier) -7/17/2001Rate 3.094
Magic Hat Mardi Gras 2006 (alias) 5.63/13/2006
Magic Hat Matty OCohens Dry Stout 3.25/3/2003Rate 2.86615
Magic Hat Meat Whistle 11.27/23/2012Rate 3.536
Magic Hat Miss Bliss 4.512/18/2000Rate 2.82931
Magic Hat Monkey Ale -5/5/2008Rate 2.621
Magic Hat Mother Lager 4.89/24/2003Rate 2.422685
Magic Hat Mr. Soul 4.53/17/2019Rate 2.944
Magic Hat Nail Biter 8.02/17/2003Rate 3.585211
Magic Hat Nerdlinger 7.02/13/2006Rate 3.417
Magic Hat Nold (alias) -9/3/2006
Magic Hat Odd Notion - American Sour Ale (Winter 09) 4.510/17/2009Rate 2.51108
Magic Hat Odd Notion - American Wheat IPA (Spring 10) 6.41/10/2010Rate 3.2430325
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Belgian Blonde (Summer 09) 5.94/2/2009Rate 3.094984
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Braggot (Winter 08) 6.010/19/2008Rate 2.963249
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Brown Rice Lager (Late Summer 09) 5.07/22/2009Rate 2.944
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Chocolate Belgian Stout (Fall 09) 6.24/4/2009Rate 3.4986126
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Dark Wheat Ale (Winter 07) 7.510/8/2007Rate 3.068975
Magic Hat Odd Notion - English Dark Mild (Summer 08) 4.24/22/2008Rate 33079
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Ginger Golden Ale (Summer 10) 5.54/24/2010Rate 3.055279
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Green Apple Wit (Fall 10) 4.58/11/2010Rate 2.634464
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Hibiscus Red (Winter 10) 6.010/27/2010Rate 34356
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Irish Red Ale (Spring 08) 4.61/28/2008Rate 3.067553
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Participation Lager (Autumn 08) 5.08/13/2008Rate 2.998170
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Poppy Agave Pilsner 5.01/29/2009Rate 2.894984
Magic Hat Odd Notion - Summer Draft (Summer 08) 4.53/8/2008Rate 2.86332
Magic Hat Old Ale 6.952/2/2009Rate 3.242
Magic Hat Ordinary Bitter 3.54/17/2003Rate 2.763
Magic Hat Participation Ale 4.012/5/2000Rate 3.024451
Magic Hat Participation Lager (alias) 5.010/28/2008
Magic Hat Peeled and Naked 6.42/7/2019Rate 3.095
Magic Hat Pistil 4.53/28/2012Rate 2.9238269
Magic Hat Plus Minus (+/-) 4.21/19/2012Rate 33352
Magic Hat Premonition 6.07/21/2003Rate 2.913
Magic Hat Ravell 5.612/18/2000Rate 3.696202
Magic Hat Rousing Root 4.24/13/2013Rate 2.844
Magic Hat Roxy Rolles 5.110/14/2006Rate 3.3693504
Magic Hat S.M.A.S.H. Hits I.P.A. 5.55/6/2016Rate 2.981040
Magic Hat S.M.A.S.H. Hits I.P.A. Volume 2 5.59/10/2016Rate 3.182622
Magic Hat Saint Gootz (alias) -10/21/2005
Magic Hat Saint Saltan Gose 4.61/31/2013Rate 2.89658
Magic Hat Séance 4.48/4/2013Rate 2.935209
Magic Hat Single Chair Ale 5.012/5/2000Rate 2.716246
Magic Hat Snow Roller Hoppy Brown Ale 6.210/12/2014Rate 3.0741165
Magic Hat Sound Check Series Chillswitch 6.41/11/2019Rate 3.182711
Magic Hat Sound Check Series Peeled & Naked 6.41/12/2019Rate 3.066
Magic Hat Sound Check Series Wandering But Not Lost 6.01/11/2019Rate 3.03211
Magic Hat Spaceman Ale 5.05/5/2004Rate 2.945910
Magic Hat Starlit Porter 5.810/25/2014Rate 3.183341
Magic Hat Stealin' Time 5.53/30/2015Rate 2.9341104
Magic Hat Summer Mystery Beer (alias) -4/20/2007
Magic Hat Taken For Granite 6.411/5/2017Rate 3.246
Magic Hat TFG 6.68/23/2017Rate 31035
Magic Hat Thumbsucker Imperial Stout 7.83/3/2003Rate 3.7883160
Magic Hat Ticket To Rye IPA 7.11/27/2013Rate 3.2320161
Magic Hat Un Natural Thirst 6.112/18/2000Rate 3.222
Magic Hat Vamplifier Hoppy Red Ale 5.28/24/2016Rate 3.115655
Magic Hat Vinyl 5.19/19/2009Rate 2.9976352
Magic Hat Wacko 4.54/9/2004Rate 2.4711442
Magic Hat Wee Heavy Champ 8.02/13/2016Rate 3.568819
Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale 5.48/1/2014Rate 3.0517190
Magic Hat Winter Mingle 5.811/23/2015Rate 3.142252
Magic Hat Wooly 4.510/3/2012Rate 2.893458
Magic Hat X 5.65/25/2019Rate 3.074
Magic Hat Y-33 -4/22/2008Rate 2.661
Magic Hat Y-35 -2/28/2010Rate 2.741
Magic Hat YMP -1/2/2001Rate 2.621
Magic Hat Zirkus Boy 4.54/16/2017Rate 2.994616
Mews Brew #69 -12/28/2003Rate 2.82399
Orlio Organic Black Lager 4.58/1/2007Rate 3.166628
Orlio Organic Common Ale 5.04/27/2007Rate 3.014946
Orlio Organic India Pale Ale 5.44/29/2007Rate 2.971450
Virgil's Ale -12/31/2003Rate 2.281

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