Magners GB / Shepton Mallet Cider Mill (C&C Group)

The Shepton Mallet Cider Mill, Kilver Street , Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England BA4 5ND
There is a complicated corporate history to this “producer”. In short, these products/brands were made by/for Matthew Clark Cider plc, latterly jointly owned by Constellation Group and Punch Taverns. In 2009 the production side of the business was sold to C & C Group (owners of Bulmer Ireland & the Magners brand) and is now operated by Magners GB Limited using the trading name Shepton Mallet Cider Mill. Matthew Clark is now purely a wholesale & distribution company under different ownership.
Note: Information about the products is not easy to co-ordinate because it is scattered around a number of brand-specific websites.

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Babycham Sparkling Perry
Brewed by/for Accolade Wines
6.011/4/2002Rate 2.111594
Black Star Cider 7.56/19/2016Rate 2.554
Diamond White Cider 7.54/8/2002Rate 1.29050
Ice Dragon 7.52/13/2005Rate 2.21
White Star Cider 7.512/9/2004Rate 2.02226
Chaumet Premium Sparkling Perry - Brut 5.56/8/2012Rate 2.444
Chaumet Premium Sparkling Perry - Demi Sec 5.57/25/2013Rate 2.652
Chaumet Premium Sparkling Perry - Rose 5.510/12/2015Rate 2.771
Lambrini 7.51/7/2007Rate 2.121625
Woodgate Dry Cider
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
5.35/30/2013Rate 2.29510
Woodgate Original Cider
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
4.57/19/2015Rate 2.661911
Woodgate Pear Cider
Brewed by/for Lidl UK
5.35/30/2013Rate 2.483114
Londis Somerset Dry Cider Strong
Brewed by/for Londis
6.09/24/2012Rate 2.811
Londis Somerset White Cider Extra Strong
Brewed by/for Londis
7.59/24/2012Rate 0
Addlestones Cask Conditioned Draught Cider 5.29/2/2004Rate 2.793742
Addlestones Cloudy Premium Cider 5.05/30/2006Rate 3.054796
Blackthorn Black 'n Black Cider 4.08/29/2014Rate 0
Blackthorn Cider (6.0% Export Version) 6.09/5/2001Rate 2.428271
Blackthorn Cidermaster 6.06/11/2005Rate 2.471
Blackthorn Dry Cider 5.08/29/2014Rate 2.06327
Blackthorn Gold 4.712/20/2008Rate 2.44942
Blackthorn Reserve 5.58/31/2016Rate 2.834
Blackthorn Super 7.512/22/2016Rate 2.842
Chaplin & Cork's Somerset Gold Cider 5.28/29/2014Rate 3.15615
Chaplin & Cork's Somerset Reserve Cider 6.88/29/2014Rate 3.054726
Chaplin & Cork's Somerset Vintage Cider 8.210/16/2015Rate 3.349024
Diamond Red 5.49/5/2017Rate 2.61
Dry Blackthorn Cider (alias) 5.08/29/2014
Gaymers Crisp Apple Cider 4.58/29/2014Rate 2.82912
Gaymers Devon Medium Cider 5.85/28/2009Rate 3.016214
Gaymers Juicy Pear Cider 4.58/29/2014Rate 2.641
Gaymers K Cider (UK Version) 8.48/1/2009Rate 2.25547
Gaymers K Cider (US version) 6.94/30/2001Rate 2.9842164
Gaymers K6 Cider 6.03/20/2003Rate 2.913
Gaymers Olde English Cider (6%) (alias) 6.012/19/2007
Gaymers Olde English Cyder (alias) 4.58/21/2001
Gaymers Original Cider 4.58/1/2006Rate 2.21476
Gaymers Pear Cider 4.55/26/2008Rate 2.262235
Gaymers Pear Cider with Cherry & Apple 4.09/15/2013Rate 0
Gaymers Pear Cider with Raspberry 4.08/29/2014Rate 2.771
Gaymers Single Orchard Newtons Vale Medium Cider 6.88/7/2006Rate 3.217325
Gaymers Single Orchard Stewley Medium Dry Cider 6.82/13/2006Rate 2.853920
Gaymers Single Orchard Stonesbrook Dry Cider 6.17/28/2006Rate 2.74
Gaymers Somerset Medium Dry Cider 5.88/11/2008Rate 2.874015
Hornsby's Crisp Apple Cider (UK) 4.56/11/2014Rate 2.86
Hornsby's Crisp Pear Cider With Strawberry & Lime (UK) 4.02/17/2016Rate 2.771
Magners Alcohol Free 0.057/27/2019Rate 2.411
Magners Selections: Berry with a taste of Peach 4.011/2/2014Rate 0
Magners with Irish Whiskey 5.54/22/2015Rate 2.722414
Mallets Cider Dark Fruit 4.08/11/2018Rate 2.831
Montano Sidro Italiano 5.07/12/2014Rate 3.014917
Natch Cider 5.28/6/2006Rate 2.458
Natch Special 6.08/29/2014Rate 0
Orchard Mill Medium Dry Cider 5.01/25/2007Rate 2.541
Somerset Fruit Forager 4.06/30/2015Rate 3.258
Somerset Snuffler Cider (Draught) 4.88/29/2014Rate 2.864
Somerset Tree Shaker Cider (Draught) 7.08/29/2014Rate 2.792
Special VAT Cider 6.08/11/2006Rate 2.321
Steeplewood Premium Original Cider 4.510/6/2013Rate 2.69279
Steeplewood Premium Pear Cider 4.510/6/2013Rate 2.597
Stonesbrook Cider (alias) 6.17/24/2006
Taunton Old Somerset 5.08/6/2004Rate 2.3898
Taunton Red C 4.010/2/2005Rate 2.655
Taunton Traditional Cider (Draught) 5.23/2/2013Rate 2.774
White Ace 7.51/9/2001Rate 1.94124
William's Dragon's Breath 6.05/16/2014Rate 3.187112
William's Excalibur 6.01/29/2013Rate 2.964215
William's Sir Perry 6.06/9/2001Rate 2.5636170
William's Sir Perry Berry 6.01/1/2014Rate 2.676
XK Limited Edition Cider 8.411/18/2003Rate 2.76
Ye Olde English 1770 Premium Cyder 6.08/29/2014Rate 2.32649
Ye Olde English Medium Dry Cyder 4.58/29/2014Rate 2.04366

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