Unit A, Maythorne Mill, Maythorne, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England NG25 0RS
Commenced brewing in Summer 1995 at the brewer’s home address in Carlton, Nottingham. Moved to current location following a change of ownership in 2010.
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Mallard Best Bitter 4.01/3/2004Rate 2.972
Mallard Black & Ducker 4.210/24/2005Rate 2.282
Mallard Christmas Quacker 4.27/3/2015Rate 0
Mallard D.A. 5.86/15/2003Rate 3.352
Mallard Dabblin Duck 4.36/12/2014Rate 2.811
Mallard Drake 4.56/27/2003Rate 2.945
Mallard Duck 'N' Dive 3.76/14/2003Rate 2.955110
Mallard Duck Down Stout 4.68/7/2004Rate 3.234
Mallard Duck N Disorderly 6.08/22/2004Rate 2.93
Mallard Duck Off 7.07/6/2010Rate 2.791
Mallard Duckbillrattedpus 4.58/28/2007Rate 3.022
Mallard Duckling 4.26/24/2003Rate 2.976313
Mallard Ducktile 4.17/11/2005Rate 3.323
Mallard Feather Light 4.16/19/2003Rate 2.976
Mallard Friar Duck 5.07/1/2003Rate 2.912
Mallard Golden Duck 3.912/8/2012Rate 3.073
Mallard Greet Ale 3.77/3/2015Rate 0
Mallard IPA 5.07/3/2015Rate 0
Mallard Owd Duck 4.88/22/2008Rate 2.93
Mallard Quacked It! 4.04/16/2015Rate 0
Mallard Quackerjack 4.111/7/2004Rate 2.942
Mallard Quackpot 4.011/7/2014Rate 31
Mallard Specduckular 4.23/1/2014Rate 2.955
Mallard Spittin' Feathers 4.44/16/2006Rate 2.985
Mallard Union Quack 4.011/4/2014Rate 2.961
Mallard Waddlers Mild 3.73/14/2006Rate 3.2839
Mallard Webbed Wheat 4.32/21/2007Rate 3.015

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