Manayunk Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
4120 Main Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19127
Open 7 days a week 11:00 AM-11:00 PM
Brewery Tours Every Saturday 11:00-1:00

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Manayunk Brewing Company was founded by Harry Renner IV. We tapped our first batch on October 17, 1996. Over the past two decades, and several devastating floods, Manayunk has become considered by many to be one of Philadelphia’s premier breweries. Today we feature not only our staple year round beers, but also limited specialty products both on draft and in 22 ounce bottles. In 2014, the entire brewery was renovated so we could install a new state-of-the-art brew house, outdoor fermenters, more bright tanks and a top of the line glycol cooling system - nearly doubling our brewing capacity. We also began canning several brands, which can be found throughout PA and NJ.
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Manayunk / Local 44 Minor Brett (alias) 5.01/6/2015
Manayunk / Strangelove Minor Brett 5.010/5/2014Rate 3.144
Manayunk 12 Ox Cream Ale 5.14/20/2002Rate 2.743
Manayunk 20th Anniversary Ale 119/24/2016Rate 2.941
Manayunk 21st Anniversary Ale 11.110/24/2017Rate 3.273
Manayunk 3 C's Amber 6.711/1/2008Rate 2.862
Manayunk Abbatia Decem (10) 9.16/28/2013Rate 3.054
Manayunk Abbatia Tempore 5.36/28/2013Rate 2.944
Manayunk ALTercation 5.29/4/2010Rate 3.147
Manayunk Amarillo American Wheat 4.96/13/2004Rate 3.148
Manayunk Amber Nectar -4/24/2004Rate 3.192
Manayunk American Sardine Ale 5.01/11/2013Rate 2.962
Manayunk Antwerp Amber 5.18/13/2010Rate 2.813
Manayunk B.L. (Barley Legal) Barleywine 10.54/4/2013Rate 33
Manayunk Baby Got Hops 7.11/22/2016Rate 3.25399
Manayunk Belly Flop 4.05/8/2016Rate 3.448816
Manayunk Best of This Festivus (2004) 8.312/31/2004Rate 2.962
Manayunk Best of This Festivus (2006) 7.812/31/2006Rate 2.861
Manayunk Best of This Festivus (2007) -12/8/2007Rate 2.791
Manayunk Biere de Mars 7.32/28/2012Rate 3.33849
Manayunk Big Blueberry Nectar 11.712/18/2006Rate 2.841
Manayunk Big Hoppa 9.01/29/2017Rate 3.312010
Manayunk Bill's Elixir (Keller Pils) 5.14/8/2003Rate 38
Manayunk Bill's Pils 5.63/14/2010Rate 2.947217
Manayunk Black Eye P. A. 6.511/26/2009Rate 3.282713
Manayunk Blueberry Wheat 4.76/25/2002Rate 2.795414
Manayunk Bohemian Blonde 4.84/20/2002Rate 2.542643
Manayunk Bourbon Vanilla Yunkin' Pumpkin 5.510/23/2015Rate 3.022
Manayunk Brett The Hitman 6.04/26/2016Rate 3.142
Manayunk Brewerytown Brown 5.95/17/2011Rate 3.084
Manayunk Brian's Bock 6.85/18/2011Rate 2.862
Manayunk Brillant Barstool 5.14/22/2005Rate 3.283
Manayunk Brotherly Love - Black Currant 5.18/10/2018Rate 2.891
Manayunk Brotherly Love - Pear 5.212/9/2015Rate 2.941
Manayunk Brown Dog Ale 4.78/2/2005Rate 2.892
Manayunk Burton Ale 5.812/18/2010Rate 2.972
Manayunk Can Opener 4.15/13/2019Rate 3.142
Manayunk Cannon Ball 4.17/29/2017Rate 3.184
Manayunk Charlie Brown 5.811/13/2010Rate 2.841
Manayunk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Porter 6.08/13/2015Rate 3.365943
Manayunk Coco Loco 5.59/25/2006Rate 31
Manayunk Coconut Crunch Porter 6.08/29/2016Rate 3.244011
Manayunk Coffee Crunch Porter 6.01/11/2019Rate 3.294
Manayunk Crunch 6.08/10/2018Rate 3.061
Manayunk Crush 5.47/17/2019Rate 3.061
Manayunk Cuvee de 'Yunk 5.09/9/2015Rate 3.24189
Manayunk Dankster's Paradise 6.71/10/2017Rate 3.041
Manayunk Daydreamin' 4.14/8/2015Rate 2.935
Manayunk Daydreamin' - Grapefruit 4.16/30/2016Rate 3.274
Manayunk Daydreamin' - Mango 4.17/7/2016Rate 3.077
Manayunk Daydreamin' - Passion Fruit 4.14/9/2017Rate 2.8769
Manayunk Deuce Deuce 11.511/16/2018Rate 3.151
Manayunk Dopplevision Inebriator Dubbel -4/24/2004Rate 3.151
Manayunk Double Down Brown 5.312/23/2008Rate 3.065
Manayunk Dr. Drei Brett IPA 7.02/16/2015Rate 3.428
Manayunk Dragonfly 5.16/7/2015Rate 2.993
Manayunk Drain Pour 6.68/20/2016Rate 2.772
Manayunk Dreamin' Double IPA 8.56/24/2004Rate 3.586187
Manayunk Duet 5.04/29/2013Rate 3.218
Manayunk Dunkelweizen 5.06/4/2008Rate 3.111
Manayunk El Rio Mexican Style Lager 4.03/9/2017Rate 2.876
Manayunk Equinox Brotherly Love 5.25/29/2016Rate 3.021
Manayunk Fallen Angel -3/13/2016Rate 3.213
Manayunk Festivus (2008) -1/6/2009Rate 2.551
Manayunk Festivus (2011) 7.012/2/2011Rate 2.972
Manayunk Festivus (2012) 7.012/10/2012Rate 3.358813
Manayunk Festivus (2015) 7.012/25/2015Rate 3.16619
Manayunk Ficus Carica 6.84/20/2016Rate 3.26
Manayunk Flandiddily Red 6.56/16/2017Rate 3.072
Manayunk Flat Rock Saison 4.25/9/2007Rate 2.915
Manayunk Floodwaters 4.77/9/2014Rate 0
Manayunk For peach Sake 7.28/25/2019Rate 2.771
Manayunk French Toast Crunch Porter 6.01/27/2017Rate 3.345215
Manayunk Fresh Hops of Bel Air 7.29/23/2016Rate 3.125
Manayunk Gestaltbier 5.03/30/2008Rate 2.841
Manayunk Golden Goose -6/2/2001Rate 3.023
Manayunk Golden Harvest Ale (alias) 5.511/22/2004
Manayunk Grand Cru 9.112/31/2004Rate 3.041621
Manayunk Have a Good One 5.18/10/2018Rate 2.871
Manayunk Hefeweizen 5.38/8/2011Rate 3.096
Manayunk Helles Belles 6.26/2/2009Rate 2.71
Manayunk Hey Joe 8.011/17/2006Rate 3.095
Manayunk Hidden Lily 4.812/9/2015Rate 3.151
Manayunk Hidden River 4.85/21/2013Rate 2.754
Manayunk Hop Harvest 5.52/1/2006Rate 3.077911
Manayunk Hop Phanatic 8.210/27/2009Rate 3.56423
Manayunk HopGasm 6.98/29/2015Rate 3.192510
Manayunk Hopness Monster Imperial IPA 8.211/22/2015Rate 3.136
Manayunk Hoppa Smurf Blueberry Rye India Pale Ale 6.710/25/2016Rate 3.447
Manayunk Hoptastic Voyage 4.97/7/2016Rate 3.048
Manayunk I'll Be Bock 7.482/16/2007Rate 3.112
Manayunk India Pale Ale (pre - 2006) 6.85/20/2002Rate 3.194
Manayunk IPA (2013 +) 5.59/14/2013Rate 3.11814
Manayunk IPA House 6.88/10/2018Rate 3.021
Manayunk IP-Yay! 6.23/23/2019Rate 3.142
Manayunk Iron Curtain 9.112/17/2010Rate 3.452810
Manayunk Kaiser Bill's Pils 7.61/10/2011Rate 2.962
Manayunk King Crunch Porter 9.111/11/2017Rate 3.568
Manayunk Knucklebuster 4.57/10/2011Rate 2.861
Manayunk Kolsch 5.24/16/2016Rate 3.052
Manayunk Krook's Mill 5.36/2/2001Rate 3.356964
Manayunk Lager 5.612/22/2003Rate 2.94136
Manayunk Lenape Hoppy Brown Ale 6.78/15/2012Rate 2.923
Manayunk Light Bohemian Blonde 3.45/29/2016Rate 2.832
Manayunk Lock 70 6.31/6/2014Rate 3.13
Manayunk Luck Be A Lady Lager 5.49/6/2008Rate 2.912
Manayunk Madagascar 5.511/28/2015Rate 31
Manayunk Main Piece 7.56/19/2017Rate 31
Manayunk Maized and Confused 5.711/25/2016Rate 3.246
Manayunk Marzen Madness -4/24/2004Rate 2.972
Manayunk McYunk's Scottish Ale 5.95/21/2013Rate 2.963
Manayunk Melissa's Lager 5.34/20/2002Rate 2.964
Manayunk Mint Chocolate Chip Crunch Porter 6.03/11/2018Rate 3.027
Manayunk Mo-Mosaic 7.312/11/2017Rate 3.162
Manayunk Moneyman IPA 7.312/9/2015Rate 3.377
Manayunk Monk from the Yunk 9.112/29/2009Rate 3.458640
Manayunk Morning Fix 4.56/5/2017Rate 3.021
Manayunk Morning Star Ale 10.64/7/2003Rate 2.52
Manayunk Munich Dunkel 5.010/16/2010Rate 2.973
Manayunk Narragansett Lager 5.09/14/2013Rate 3.041
Manayunk Nokdechiloff 12.72/1/2006Rate 3.553812
Manayunk Oktoberfestbier Lager (alias) 6.112/25/2003
Manayunk Old Ebenezer 9.011/26/2009Rate 3.013
Manayunk Orange Julieus 8.411/1/2008Rate 2.52
Manayunk Palisades Golden Ale 4.59/29/2007Rate 2.392
Manayunk Papal Ale 6.79/27/2015Rate 3.093
Manayunk PBG Basil IPA 6.77/4/2012Rate 2.962
Manayunk PBG Grodziskie 3.85/21/2013Rate 33
Manayunk PBJ Crunch Porter 6.03/21/2016Rate 3.213
Manayunk Peach Wheat 5.08/12/2008Rate 2.835
Manayunk Philadelphia Porter 6.011/25/2002Rate 3.58729
Manayunk Poblano Porter 4.87/15/2007Rate 3.135
Manayunk Presidential Pumpkin 7.011/22/2004Rate 2.944616
Manayunk Prohibition Lager 5.34/24/2004Rate 3.074
Manayunk Quaker City Stout 5.63/14/2010Rate 3.013
Manayunk Raspberry Ale (alias) 5.54/8/2013
Manayunk Rauch E. Balboa 5.04/8/2010Rate 3.255
Manayunk Renners Red Ale 6.83/9/2006Rate 2.722
Manayunk Rise & Grind 10.32/2/2016Rate 3.452414
Manayunk Rise & Grind - Chilies 10.33/8/2018Rate 3.122
Manayunk Rise & Grind - Maple 10.311/4/2016Rate 3.314
Manayunk Rise & Grind - Mexicake 10.37/25/2017Rate 3.424
Manayunk Ruby Mild 4.511/25/2002Rate 2.881
Manayunk Rye Ask Rye 7.710/13/2017Rate 3.092
Manayunk Rye of the Tiger 6.88/15/2010Rate 3.446211
Manayunk Sasquach Maple Brown Ale 6.55/13/2002Rate 2.82
Manayunk Schuylkill Funk 6.04/4/2013Rate 3.177
Manayunk Schuylkill Punch 6.04/20/2002Rate 2.844066
Manayunk Session 4.59/14/2013Rate 2.973416
Manayunk Shore Haüs 3.76/17/2019Rate 2.941
Manayunk Side Piece American-Style Pale Ale 5.84/17/2017Rate 2.975
Manayunk Siembra Saison 5.110/9/2013Rate 3.344
Manayunk Simcoalition 7.112/28/2017Rate 3.227
Manayunk Sir Dank A Lot 10.24/15/2016Rate 3.176
Manayunk Slam Dunkel 5.88/30/2004Rate 3.111
Manayunk Smokehouse Porter 5.53/19/2011Rate 3.176
Manayunk Sofa King 6.55/9/2007Rate 32
Manayunk Sour Is the New Black 7.52/16/2017Rate 3.034
Manayunk Sour Resin Project #1 5.96/20/2016Rate 3.333
Manayunk Sour Resin Project #2 6.712/27/2016Rate 3.47449
Manayunk Sour Resin Project #3 7.41/3/2018Rate 3.224
Manayunk Sour Resin Project #4 7.66/29/2018Rate 3.467
Manayunk St. Alpha 7.92/11/2010Rate 3.25
Manayunk St. Alpha Belgian IPA 8.51/22/2012Rate 3.15
Manayunk Stumbling Monk 6.04/7/2003Rate 3.111
Manayunk Summer Paradise 5.08/12/2008Rate 2.996013
Manayunk Summer Paradise (2015 - ) 3.84/8/2015Rate 3.081810
Manayunk Swan Dive 4.19/11/2017Rate 32
Manayunk The Equalizer -3/13/2016Rate 2.871
Manayunk The Hive 7.14/8/2010Rate 3.324414
Manayunk The Pilgrimage 6.51/10/2018Rate 3.041
Manayunk The Three-Eyed Trout Stout 7.76/2/2004Rate 3.418
Manayunk The Weekender 5.86/13/2017Rate 3.283
Manayunk Thomas Paine Ale 5.93/14/2010Rate 2.862
Manayunk Title Bout Stout 5.01/4/2008Rate 3.017
Manayunk Totally Tubular... Dude 9.58/29/2007Rate 3.383
Manayunk Triple Lindy 9.12/19/2007Rate 3.186
Manayunk Uber Dunkelweizen 6.09/24/2003Rate 3.164
Manayunk Ultra Violet 7.78/10/2018Rate 3.162
Manayunk Upshitz Kriek 8.03/23/2016Rate 3.322610
Manayunk Velvet Warmer 8.53/11/2008Rate 3.315
Manayunk Wandering Wit 4.83/2/2018Rate 2.834
Manayunk Weizenbock 9.08/27/2011Rate 2.861
Manayunk Wet Dreamin' IPA 5.410/23/2015Rate 2.6919
Manayunk Wheat Wallop 10.62/10/2010Rate 2.711
Manayunk Whistle Wetting Wheat 5.04/22/2005Rate 2.81199
Manayunk Wingman - Pink Peppercorn 5.111/20/2016Rate 3.17
Manayunk Wingman - Watermelon 5.36/11/2015Rate 2.842
Manayunk Winter Brotherly Love -3/13/2016Rate 3.061
Manayunk Wit 5.15/26/2010Rate 2.81
Manayunk Wit or Witout 4.211/22/2004Rate 2.942
Manayunk Yueuze Guyz 6.07/9/2014Rate 0
Manayunk Yunk 'O Lantern 8.49/5/2017Rate 3.086
Manayunk Yunkelweizen 5.97/29/2011Rate 3.084
Manayunk Yunkers' Gold Ale 4.78/17/2009Rate 2.732
Manayunk Yunkers' Nocturnum 9.81/30/2010Rate 3.254513
Manayunk Yunkin' Pumpkin Porter 6.012/30/2017Rate 3.041
Manayunk Yunkin' Punkin' 5.510/27/2009Rate 3.064833

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