Commercial Brewery
Shobnall Road , Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England DE14 2BW
Places associated: Malt Shovel (Marston’s), Boot (Marstons), Minster Inn (Marston’s), Tigers Head Inn (Marstons), Mackworth Hotel (Marston’s), Wharf Inn (Marston’s), Magna Carta (Marston’s), Eagle & Child (Marston’s), Hole in The Wall (Marston’s), Watermead (Marston’s), Farmer Johns (Marston’s), Shepherds Arms (Marstons), Wests (Marstons), Crown and Liver (Marstons), Bell (Marstons), Old Irish Harp (Marstons), Swan (Marstons), Tollgate (Marstons), Victoria (Marstons), Barn (Marston’s), Monkfield Arms (Marstons), Kildare Lodge (Marstons), Inn on the Marsh (Marstons), Globe (Marstons), Three Fiddles (Marstons), Pack Horse Inn (Marstons), Black Bull Hotel (Marstons), Waggon Inn (Marstons), Inns of Court Hotel (Marstons), Elleray Hotel (Marston’s), Porter & Sorter (Marston’s), Swan (Marstons), Wicked Witch (Marstons), Swan Hotel (Marstons), Peacock (Marstons), Lion & Snake (Marstons), Classic Ales (Marstons), Brown Hare (Marstons), Gate Inn (Marstons), Black Swan (Marstons), Pepper Mill (Marstons), Locomotive (Marstons), Broughton Arms (Marstons), White Lion Inn (Marston’s), Peacock (Marston’s), Boat Inn (Marston’s), Old Mill (Marston’s), Royal Oak (Marston’s), Cock & Magpie (Marston’s), Cricketts Inn (Marstons), Barton Turns (Marstons), Borough Arms (Marston’s), Wych Elm (Marston’s), Bridge Inn (Marstons), White Lion (Marston’s), Wheatsheaf Inn (Marston’s), Talbot Head Hotel (Marston’s), Snakecatcher (Marston’s), Rose & Crown (Marston’s), Goldies (Marstons), Foundry Arms (Marston’s), Thomas Tripp (Marstons), Old Ship Aground (Marstons), Ship Inn (Marstons), Black Dog (Marston’s), Jinnie Inn (Marston’s), Marquis of Granby (Marston’s), St. Johns Hotel, Green Lodge Hotel (Marstons), Bell & Castle (Marston’s), Wheatsheaf (Marstons), Tal-Y-Don Hotel (Marstons), Last Inn (Marstons), Lighthouse (Marston’s), Merrie Lion, Railway (Marstons), Red Lion, Joiners Arms, Lion, J.T Davies (Marston’s), Golden Lion (Marston's), Beehive Inn, Model T, Crown Hotel, Wheatsheaf Hotel, White Hart
Founded in 1869. Following a merger and takeover by 1905 it was known as its current name. It was taken over by Wolverhampton & Dudley in 1999.
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