Mashsee Brauerei

Client Brewer
Schlägerstr. 17, Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany 30171
Fr 12-19 Uhr Sa 10-16 Uhr

Associated place: Mashsee Brauerei
The beers are all brewed at Rupp-Brauerei in Lauenau and bottled at Schaumburger Brauerei in Stadthagen. Larger batches brewed in Wiesn.
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Mashsee Citra Pils 5.88/25/2017Rate 0
Mashsee Eisbock 8.08/27/2017Rate 31
Mashsee Hannover IPA 6.49/17/2017Rate 3.052
Mashsee Leicht Athlet 3.85/5/2019Rate 3.077
Mashsee Love & Ace 6.12/17/2018Rate 3.32821
Mashsee Mashine 6.85/8/2019Rate 3.248
Mashsee Oma Lene 6.511/22/2018Rate 3.419422
Mashsee Royal Wheat 5.88/27/2017Rate 3.041
Mashsee Triple 20 6.85/19/2017Rate 3.437628
Hanscraft & Co. / Mashsee Very White Pornstar 4.73/7/2015Rate 3.034736
Mashsee Captain Blaubeer 6.112/30/2015Rate 3.434373
Mashsee Eqiu-Knocks 6.54/2/2016Rate 3.061
Mashsee Hafen Sänger 6.13/11/2015Rate 3.312979
Mashsee Red Ale 5.812/23/2014Rate 2.881
Mashsee Trainings Lager + 5.53/11/2015Rate 3.193
Mashsee XOCO IPA 6.212/13/2014Rate 3.131940
Buddelship / Mashsee Moonshine Imperial Pils 7.09/24/2015Rate 3.358671
Mashsee Beverly Pils 4.75/13/2016Rate 3.488465
Mashsee Trainings Lager 5.55/18/2014Rate 3.437498

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