13 Church Field Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, England CO10 2YA
Associated place: Brewery Tap (Mauldons)
Commenced brewing in 1982 at Addison Road, Sudbury on the site of a previous Mauldons brewery. In 2000 there was a takeover which prompted a further move. Moved to current site in 2005.
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Mauldons 600th 4.83/7/2002Rate 2.961
Mauldons Bah Humbug 4.912/22/2003Rate 3.034143
Mauldons Bitter 3.69/24/2004Rate 2.958
Mauldons Black Adder 5.31/1/2003Rate 3.549099
Mauldons Blackberry Porter 4.83/21/2011Rate 3.334778
Mauldons Bronze Adder 4.19/21/2014Rate 3.098125
Mauldons Broomstick Bitter 4.011/4/2003Rate 3.04798
Mauldons Christie's Golden Ale 3.97/12/2015Rate 2.874
Mauldons Christmas Reserve 6.612/2/2006Rate 2.986
Mauldons Cuckoo 4.36/18/2002Rate 3.036433
Mauldons Dickens 4.03/9/2004Rate 3.138616
Mauldons Eatanswill Old 4.01/7/2004Rate 3.12214
Mauldons George's Best 4.411/1/2004Rate 2.954
Mauldons Golden Adder 3.98/28/2013Rate 2.771
Mauldons IPA 5.11/2/2008Rate 2.881
Mauldons Lemon Adder 4.02/25/2014Rate 3.179123
Mauldons May Bee 3.76/24/2003Rate 3.057020
Mauldons Micawber's Mild 3.510/6/2004Rate 3.268148
Mauldons Mid Autumn Gold 4.211/4/2003Rate 2.934912
Mauldons Mid Summer Gold 4.07/12/2003Rate 3.035328
Mauldons Mid Winter Gold 4.51/25/2005Rate 35116
Mauldons Miles Better (alias) 3.61/18/2005
Mauldons Mole Trap 3.85/24/2003Rate 3.015336
Mauldons Octoberfest 5.010/21/2007Rate 3.127710
Mauldons Orange Adder 3.66/11/2016Rate 3.021
Mauldons Peggottys Porter 4.13/19/2004Rate 3.12219
Mauldons Pickwick 4.27/16/2003Rate 3.035918
Mauldons Ploughmans 4.37/3/2004Rate 35111
Mauldons Posh Adder 3.89/21/2009Rate 2.671
Mauldons Silver Adder 4.211/19/2007Rate 3.189161
Mauldons Squire's Bitter 4.23/7/2002Rate 3.171
Mauldons Suffolk Comfort 6.611/1/2004Rate 2.944
Mauldons Suffolk Pride 4.84/19/2002Rate 3.115466
Mauldons Thomas' Tipple 4.54/13/2010Rate 2.985220
Mauldons Three Lions 4.47/11/2004Rate 2.982
Mauldons White Adder 5.35/24/2003Rate 3.167944

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